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St. Brigid swatch August 15, 2004

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Well I finally got around to swatching for St. Brigid. My gauge is off a bit. AS calls for 21 st and 27 rows over 10cm. I got 19 st and 28 rows. I am seldom under in my gauge. I seem to get looser and looser as I go. However, I was holding the yarn with a good bit of tension in hopes that I wouldn’t have to go down a needle size. I think if I hold the needle without the death grip, I should be in good shape. I am still not thrilled with the color but I am stuck with it as it was a special order. I guess I could try to unload it on eBay but I do like the photo in the book. It definately seems brighter than the book. But maybe I need a little more brightness in my life.

Sue, from Sereknitty, has put up the St. Brigid blog and I started a Yahoo group.


9 Responses to “St. Brigid swatch”

  1. Margene Says:

    I do love the color. It should be a great project! Wish I didn’t have too many things going on or I’d join you! LYS is doing a gansey class this fall that I don’t want to miss. If you don’t think you’ll grow to love the color you should do it in something else. It is very, very pretty! IMHO.

  2. Uli Says:

    I do love the colour so you can always knit it for me. :-))))

  3. Uli Says:

    I do love the colour so you can always knit it for me. :-))))

  4. Annie Says:

    I love the color, too! I think it will look great on you. The swatch is making me wish I could join you all, but I’m like Margene~ too many things going on already.

  5. chelsea Says:

    On my monitor that color is gorgeous! Perfectly periwinkle. 🙂 I think it will be just the thing to lift your spirits come fall… plus, it looks like it would be a very good color for you.

    But I am with Margene, if you don’t love the color, you are signing yourself up to look at it quite a bit!

    I liked my burnt orange cardi a lot more before several months of staring at it…

    (Also, love those matching buckets!)

  6. Chris Says:

    Yes, I am going to do St Brigid. Now to swatch and see what I have that might work, or what I need to buy at Stitches Midwest!

  7. Renada Says:

    I’m not knitting St. Bridget, but I have some PF in the same color I will be knitting for the Peggy pattern in the Jaeger 25 book–maybe I should join you guys for encouragement in knitting in this *fabulous* color! Ditto on the bucket hats…is the pattern officially retired now?

  8. Sarah C. Says:

    I agree with absolutely everyone else – it is a lovely and luscious shade! I will enjoy watching St. Brigid manifest itself over the weeks. 🙂

  9. Amy Says:

    Am lusting after St. Brigid, have been for years, too bad I can’t do cables!

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