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The letter August 19, 2004

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The letter arrived today. It said that Owen would have a new teacher. Mind you, it is the teacher I wanted if he couldn’t have Raine. But still, my heart is breaking. I love this woman. All the work I do with the Parent’s Foundation and the school–it is an attempt to reflect the level of committment and work she puts into Owen, the program…autism. If Owen learned nothing at school, I would be thrilled for him to be in the company of this remarkable person. But he has learned so much. And I am not ready to move on…will he be ready?

I remember the first time I visited the school with Owen. Owen was jumping on the trampoline in Raine’s classroom and she rested her foot on the trampoline–her trampoline. Owen pushed it off. She said she knew she was going to like him. When he and I drove home, it was the first time I felt actual hope for Owen’s future. I didn’t know if he was going to "recover" but I knew he would learn and get better.

Owen’s new teacher is a man. That’s different and one of the things I like about the change. Owen likes men and there are so few in the field of Special Education. He has just one week of school left. Who knows? A new set of eyes can be good. It will be good.

St. Brigid

The blog is no longer online. For now, please join the Yahoo Group. I was hoping to start a sleeve tonight but I think I will work on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s instead.


4 Responses to “The letter”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Special Ed is a roller coaster within a maze! You find a program and a teacher that works for your child and its time to move on… I hope this transition is smooth for both you and Owen.

  2. Vicki Says:

    Mmmm, what flavor??

    I hope Owen likes his new teacher — good wishes to all of you.

    Yarn for St. Brigid is all but ordered — woohoo!

  3. Nancy Says:

    Great teachers are a gift. Avery’s K/1 teacher was amazing. She was loving and kind but able to teach him the things he needed to grow (easy on the academics and heavier on the social things). I was very worried the next year when he got his 3rd grade teacher. She wasn’t who I would have picked, but she turned out to be wonderful as well, in completely different ways.

    Unfortuntely the K/1 teacher died suddenly this year, but I’m so glad he had the opportunity to learn from her because it has contibuted so much to the person he is becoming and it will be the same with Owen.

    Amazing teachers touch our children so profoundly that our children are forever changed by the experience.

  4. Margene Says:

    Did the Ben and Jerry’s help? Sometimes it’s the only way to cope. Things will be fine…don’t worry about things before you know how it will work out.
    Keep your chin up.

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