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All fun all the time August 23, 2004

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That’s our motto around here. Cameron, Gracie and I went to Atlantis Marine World. This is Owen’s last week of school so we are trying to fit in a few fun activities that we can’t do with Owen. Owen has been to the aquarium before but he isn’t interested in the fish–just the elevator. And since he was 2–he can find it from any place in and out of the whole building.

Gracie enjoyed the interactive marsh exhibit. Although I got chased by a spider crab. Really. Cam was too chicken to come in–as he has been the past two summers. You can see him in the background of the picture of Gracie. We also fed the sharks and the rays.

I was quite taken by the snow monkey. While I was trying to take its picture, s/he was absolutely fascinated with my camera. I showed him/her it’s picture in the viewer and it was mesmerized then it climbed all the way up to the top of the cage and freaked out.

And because Owen needs a little fun too we are off to Sesame Place this weekend. Kevin is taking some time off during Owen’s vacation and because of the Republican National Convention. All fun all the time.

I have finished the sleeves on Devan and have cast on for the fronts. And I am nearing completion on my second Kersti sleeve–I just have to work the decreases and figure out my miscalculations. I think–actually I know–I am going to knit a poncho. I bought the pattern and kit at Granny’s on Friday. It uses Skacel Unikat. I am using the bottom turquoise.

St. Brigid

has decided what yarn she is using. Her yarn choice is suprisingly beautiful. I cast on but have only knit two rows. The color is growing on me.


2 Responses to “All fun all the time”

  1. Margene Says:

    What a fun time. Have a great time on the next adventure (I know you will!)
    I’m not getting into the poncho craze. Had ponchos in the 70’s and I’m too young to be retro!!

  2. Orli Says:

    Well, I only have the one child right now, he is 19 mos. old and would love to go to Seasme Place I’m sure, if only to meet Elmo. But…we live in the wrong country. I did take him to the “Safari” a few weeks ago and he did have some fun, only I think it was too much of a long day for him..last weekend we did the seaside, again fun for a while but than he had enough. At long last, my husband and I have have a week off to just be a family. DS day care will start again on Sept. 1st. I’m on the lookout for fun things to do whilst we are off.

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