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Computer problems August 26, 2004

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Well, the Dell laptop bit the dust again yesterday. At least it was polite and profusely apologised. Seriously, it was stuck in some loop and continuously apologised till I pulled the plug and the battery and gave up. Technical assistance has changed. I was using screwdrivers yesterday. And, I do believe we stumped the Tech. He is going to "look into it" and call back in a few days. This is the second problem we have had with our Inspiron. The hard drive died in the first couple of months after we bought it.

The eMachine is having problems too. It just froze up in the middle of FastForword yesterday. Hopefully it behaves better today. Thankfully, Kevin has a little Latitude laptop. It is just strange to use–it’s 8×11.

The kids had a great time fishing with Grandpa. And my mom and I found out the yarn shop was closed on Wednesday. Luckily, my mom is fast on her feet when it comes to yarn shop localities and we hit the Knitting Corner in Huntington. It has a bit of a crowded feeling as they make use of every inch of space in the store. No photos but I didn’t buy much. I bought a skein of Fiesta Pebbles to make a shawl for an autism organizations Gala. I have to make two more somethings for a couple of other fundraisers–including Owen’s school. Not quite sure what to do yet but I am considering a Colinette afghan for Owen’s school. Knitting is even cooler this year than it was last year perhaps the Committee will be more supportive.

My mom bought yarn to make Gracie a poncho. What a good grandma. I bought Gracie a poncho. It will be knit in Sirdar Denim. Very cute. I cast on for my new poncho which my sister has asked for. I hadn’t read the pattern very well and it seems the yardage doesn’t include the fringe. ARGH! Garter in the round is annoying but on US 15’s won’t bother me for long.


7 Responses to “Computer problems”

  1. Rachael Says:

    Oh, no, sending good positive get-well vibes to the computer. I HATE that…..

  2. ann Says:

    we need to teach your sister to knit!

  3. Anita Says:

    You know, I had to do the same thing to my inspiron last night–the screen was black, the ‘puter was on, and I was getting no reply at all when I tried to just turn it off or reboot. So I popped out the battery after unplugging the beast and voila. All was well again.

    I’d be interested to hear what you hear from the Dell folk. I suppose I should probably send them a wee note too. Good luck!

  4. Renada Says:

    It’s good to hear that the committee is being supportive of knitwear now. You knit such wonderful things, I hope they all know how much attention is given to each handknit item!

    I need a new computer and was thinking about a Dell, good to see that the tech support is still trying to be suportive!

  5. Joanne Says:

    I have a LAtitude D600 and so far, it’s been pretty good, except the onboard modem won’t dial for the one client that I need to connect with via dialup. I got NOWHERE with tech support, some incoherent foreigner sent lengthy email responses with instructions that made no sense. (I’m a tech writer, I know good and bad instructions when I see them).

    My last latitude was one of the mini models, which was terrific when i commuted into manhattan regularly.

    Lately, I just hate being around computers at all. I really think a six month hiatus in a log cabin with no electronics is my dream vacation at present.

  6. greta Says:

    YES. It gets better at the barber shop (not at the grocery store, for us, but hey, we pick our battles.) It took about 12 years before he could let the clippers come near his ears without a major anxiety, but now he just hangs out and says *NICE and SHORT, please*. sigh.
    Life is sweet.
    They never wanted my knitting for the autism auctions (VBG), so glad it is kewler now. I did make a quilt one year with all of the kids drawings and THAT was a big hit…although my neck aches just remembering what it took to put that together after midnight every night when the kiddos were in bed….
    I WISH you could see the daughter bird on campus. It is SO amazing. I wish for you the same kind of joy, dearie. Never, EVER, give up!

  7. Sarah C. Says:

    Ouch – bummer about the computer. Yes, at least it crashed “politely”! 🙂 Our Dell is giving us a bit of trouble right now, too. Hmm…
    My in-laws live in Huntington, and I’ve always wanted to check out Knitting Corner…you beat me to it!

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