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September 11th September 11, 2004

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I couldn’t let this day go by without a post. My heart is with those who have lost family and friends. Kevin was there that day. Although we lived in Boston at the time, he was working in NY that day, as he often did. My mom and I were on the phone and both had the Today Show on. I will never forget watching that interrupted broadcast. Kevin beeped in while we were talking and wanted to know what the big crash was–he worked across the street from the Towers. His company told their employees to stay put. When the second plane hit Kevin and his coworkers cleared out of there. What he witnessed that day is hard for him to talk about. He gets together with his coworkers every year. They remember…they remember friends and coworkers who were working at the Trade Center that day…they remember those who have died.

For many hours, I couldn’t get in touch with Kevin. Thankfully, he was among those who had wireless email. He emailed a friend from college and told him to call me. Relief can’t even begin to describe what I was feeling. Gracie remembers the principal coming into her classroom and telling her Kevin was alright. She also knew he was in NY that day. I don’t even remember calling the school. My neighbors even knew. On mornings Kevin went to NY, he always left the light on when he left the house at 4:45am. That day the light was on and neighbors were at my door asking about Kevin and offering support and prayers.

Three years…Kevin says it feels like 20. Take care everyone and again, my heart and prayers to those who have lost.


4 Responses to “September 11th”

  1. Donna Says:

    I might be on the other side of the world – it was 11.15pm here, and normally I would have been in bed, but for whatever reason, I was still up and it came on the TV as breaking news. We were up until 4am, crying and praying and in total disbelief. And even from the other side of the world, I still can’t look at the footage 😦

  2. Orli Says:

    WOW. What a beautiful post. I live in Israel…but during 9/11 I was in Canada on vacation, at Niagra Falls to be precise. My husband is American, we were scheduled to fly to America on the 14th, but that was delayed a furthur 3 days due to the caos…his whole family lives in the USA (CA and MA). Needless to say we were all horrified by the events that unfolded.

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    It’s still so close to home, isn’t it? So glad your family survived this terrible event!

  4. Cathy Says:

    That was a day like no other. My daughter’s friend from high school, lost his mother’s fiance (who was the only ‘dad’ he’d known) and his business partner on the first plane. On the list is a name that we think is a shirt tail relative to my kids, but I’ve not bothered his family to find out. It’s too invasive. At my house that day, was a young Marine, who we call my ‘adoptive son’- the son of a classmate from back in high school. He was waiting for me to drive him down to Camp Pendleton that day. His next level of training in the USMC was waiting for him. 1/2 the group that was to check in never made it that day. My oldest daughter was up at UCLA, living near the Federal Building. I wouldn’t leave the house to go to the base that day until she was safely deposited at home with long hugs, compliments of her roommate’s dad who drove lickety split to get to the girls. He noticed the same as I did that day…the dealthly quietness of the freeways in Los Angeles. He near LAX to get the girls, and OC for me on the way to the base. Normally we’ve laughed about ducking low as the planes are landing from overhead. That day, there wasn’t a single thing in the air. Far too much quiet and stillness in the air for the Los Angeles area. All that was felt in that thick, heavy air, BEFORE the list of names was released. So many on their way home to California that day. Seems everyone out here had a connection to someone on a plane. So many broken hearts from their families. So many lives changed in the beat of one heart (or 4, really). So many ripples out from that event. So many military families then sent home while their loved ones were deployed quickly. It will always be a day to remember that you don’t want to…the shapshots in my head and heart…are still too hard to deal with. The families without their loved ones to bury. It’s such an empty feeling there is no way to describe it. So many still waiting for their loved ones to come home again…just waiting. Frozen in time.

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