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Finally pictures September 14, 2004

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The laptop has been recovered. Finally. It’s not the same again but I am rotten at dealing with any sort of change. So, what’s been happening? I worked on Saturday. Kevin did fine with all of the kids. Although, he did sign Gracie up for a local swim team. Anyone else think 4 practices a week for a 10 year old is a bit much? And last night, they advanced her–on her first night of practice–to the next team. 5 practices. Now one of them is on Saturday–so Kevin thinks this is great. He has to take her to one and I have to take her to four. Is the sarcasm noted?

Work on Saturday was entertaining, as usual. Before the shop officially opened a woman walks in. Granny knows her because she knits a lot of scarfs. She tells us she is knitting them for the teachers and administration at her school. So, as I am stocking, I ask what school? Well, it’s the high school I would have attended had I not gone to Catholic High School. I continue to stock. She is picking stuff up and dropping yarn. I assure her I will pick it up and casually ask what subject she teachers. English she tells me. It’s a long shot but I ask her if she knows Ms. H. (my hated and then beloved English teacher in 8th grade). I am Ms. H. HOLY COW! I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t have recognized her. And she didn’t recall who I was. Once I told her though, she nearly dropped all of her yarn. She is retiring at the end of the year. She told me I said one of the funniest things in all of her teaching career. I guess I came up to her in the hallway and said, "Ms. H., it isn’t easy being single." She said she had to keep a straight face but laughed about it a lot later. Did I notice the Ms? Oh, and I was 13.

Ms. H. wanted a recap of my life. Interesting to tell. I went to Catholic High School. I went to Manhattan College and double majored in Sociology and Theology with Feminist concentrations. I volunteered for a year in Alaska. Got married, had kids, moved to London and then Boston. My 3rd child has autism so we moved back to NY. And now I work at a yarn shop.


Enough about me, how about my knitting. (Oh, Ms. H has a nephew with autism). Back to knitting. I have still been working on Devan. I have the left front to do and then the button bands. Yippee! I knit a Meathead. Cameron thought he looked like Harry Potter wearing the Sorting Hat–thus the glasses. I finished the first of two Unikat ponchos. I started another poncho for the nurse’s daughter at Owen’s school. I don’t want to talk about St. Brigid. I want my obligatory knitting to be finished so I can get back to it again.

St. Brigid Update

Kim just got her yarn and the color is terrific. Vicki has made some great progress on her sleeves and I love her method of charting.


4 Responses to “Finally pictures”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Oh, I love Cameron wearing the “sorting hat”!! I think it was Ali’s comment about the meathead looking so nice and soft that inspired my weekend hat-knitting.

  2. Kerstin Says:

    I love the Ms. H story! I went back for my 20th reunion and walked up to a prominent member of the school community. I didn’t think he’d recognize me, but he knew who I was in an instant. I want to work at a yarn shop!!!

  3. Collette Says:

    Wow, great pictures, although Gracie doesn’t look quite happy about it. That’s a really cute little tank and I LOVE the poncho. (What yarn? What pattern? I must know.) My favorite picture however has to be Cameron in the meathead/sorting hat. I’ve seen quite a few pictures of people modeling the meathead hats this past week as they are getting finished up. Cameron’s is my favorite. The glasses truly make the picture.

  4. Eklectika Says:

    Oh – I LOVE the poncho!

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