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Weekend update September 20, 2004

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My sister-in-law loved the poncho and wore it right away. And why not? Kevin says 2 or 3 of her friends were wearing them at the party too. (I didn’t go to the party–late notice/no babysitter). I worked on Devan and watched bad TV. The last piece of Devan is knitting at a snails pace. I want it to be finished.

I started the second Unikat poncho for my sister. Liz wants longer fringe. I hope I can squeak it out of the skein. She might just have to get more Brown Sheep in hers than my SIL. As far as the other poncho goes, I appreciate all of your input. I have, however, decided to stop knitting it. I asked Granny to call Berroco. I am really annoyed about the dye lot mistake. I know Berroco will just offer to replace the yarn but that is fine. Thinking back on the knitting, I remember a wonky looking join in the skein. It wasn’t a knot–I wasn’t sure what it was–it kind of looked like a snarl. As it looked impossible to untie and I didn’t have a scissor handy, I just kept knitting. Sure enough, that is where the color changed. Sigh. I must pay more attention when knitting.

I would like to devote some time to St. Brigid but I am not sure this is the week. Owen has an icky sounding cough. I sent him to school anyway. Ugh, I hate making that decision. He was eating and drinking and running around. He was even jumping on the trampoline (indoor). His surgery is scheduled for Friday. The doctor put him on a prophylactic antibiotic–just in case.

I worked at Granny’s on Saturday. I missed not working there over the week. The poncho craze seems to have died down a bit. The scarf knitters were out again. That cost of novelty yarn really adds up. I forgot to mention about last Saturday…there was a stressful moment in the shop, someone wanted something and the price–I was clueless–I told the customer I would ask Granny and I shouted across the store, "Grandma!" She wanted to kill me. And she called me the next day to make fun of me a little more, "It’s Grandma…" I really love Granny. She puts on this great crotchety act. And now she calls me "Kathaleeniee."

You know, I am no Grammar Avenger but I notice that my grammar is really screwed up, as is my spelling between the UK and the USA. I specifically remember a coloring book I received from my stepmother, as a child, that was from the UK. I got "colour" wrong on spelling test in elementary school. Add that to dyslexia and I am a bit of a disaster.

Back to St. Brigid. Kim started her sleeve and it looks terrific. Karen from Beatknits has joined the knitalong. Karen is using Cascade 220. I love that yarn and have been dreaming about wearing Na Craga.


3 Responses to “Weekend update”

  1. I’m Canadian…”colour”…is correct to me, no matter how many times spellcheck flashes it’s finger at me!!!

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    I got a kick out of the Granny story! Sorry about your Kersti sleeves. I have so been there. I tried to swatch 220 and couldn’t come close to gauge for Inish-whatever. I think I’ll try again.

  3. Orli Says:

    A few month ago I took an online quiz (the link is in my blogs archive) and it said I was very good in grammar. Yet clearly if someone would read my emails or my blog they would think I was positively dreadful. Life isn’t a grammar quiz and when I type, I type fast and I let all my thoughts purge…I do try to go over my writing before I hit the send or upload key, but still things go a miss. So I wouldn’t worry about it. And judging by your blog, I don’t see any problem. I’m very familiar with dyslexia, my older brother is the poster boy for it =) I my self used to have spelling problems but that went away as I got older and remembered more…some words still get me. Yeah the English and US spelling is a nuisance…I try to stick to English my self because of my parentage.

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