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Let’s knit a deal September 27, 2004

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I promised myself if I knit for 30 minutes on Devan I could work on St. Brigid. Well…a trip to Target and Costco got in the way of knitting. Devan has seen no action today and St. Brigid remains neglected. I did, however, finish fringing my sister’s poncho. Yup, another Unikat poncho. This one seems a bit shorter but my sister is shorter than my SIL–so I am not stressing. Besides, I cut the fringe 3" longer. I also started a kitty bed for the Petfinder knitalong. I am using Lopi and some Katia Nutria. It’s all from the stash and things I have acquired from Granny’s sale bins over the years. Those are the gerbils, Luna and Fluffy. We still miss Sirius Black–Luna and Fluffy aren’t very nice. Cameron has given them that little fishtank with hope that it will improve their disposition.
Owen_post_opOwen went back to school today. Once again thank you for all of your well wishes. He seems to be feeling a lot better. Although, I wasn’t sure at 1:30am last night. UGH! But he woke up happily and ate his bagel. He eagerly got onto the bus–he really loves his new teacher. The staff at the hospital was so understanding and patient and accomodating. Not only did they do everything they could to make Owen comfortable but they went out of their way to reassure Kevin and I that Owen was doing great–even better than some "typical" kids. Little things make me happy, like Owen tolerating the hospital gown and the staff all singing Toy Story songs and saying, "To infinity and beyond". He was exhausted Friday afternoon but couldn’t get comfortable to fall asleep. He led me by the hand to our basement playroom and wanted to play on the computer. I played a few games of Bob the Builder and he was sleeping. He’s such a cutie. We go to the ENT tomorrow for his post op check up and Cameron is seeing him regarding possible sleep apnea. Thank you all again.


13 Responses to “Let’s knit a deal”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I love to see little ones sleeping. Great looking Poncho : )

  2. Margene Says:

    Well, it looks like lots of knitting is getting done. I’ll take door number one! It’s beautiful.
    And what a sweet thing your boy is.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I’m so glad he’s getting through this well. He’s such a sweet looking kiddo…

  4. Mary Beth Says:

    I can’t imagine getting any knitting done with all you’ve had going on. My youngest had his tonsils out at two. After that, we used to worry because we had grown accustomed to hearing his snoring and we could no longer hear him sleeping! Took some getting used to – but it was sheer joy to see him in deep, quiet sleep!

  5. Cyndy Says:

    What is it with Buzz Lightyear and boys with autism? When my son was about four, he would only wear shirts with Buzz on them. My neice had impressive sleep apnea related to large tonsils. He is a cutie!!!

  6. Annie Says:

    He is a cutie! What an exhausting week all of you have had. I’m so glad that everything went well.

  7. I “heart” hospital staff, especially nurses who all seem to go out of their way to hold your hand, reassure the sick and their loved ones, and even add songs from Toy Story to their resume just to make a little one’s surgery easier! Kudos to them!!!

  8. Amy Says:

    The yarn will always be there, being able to hold little men when they need you most, that lasts only a few minutes. How is the rest of your family coping?

  9. Vicki Says:

    Aw, isn’t he a sweetie? I’m so happy that everything went well for all of you with the surgery and that you were treated so well. The knitting time will come.

  10. Collette Says:

    I love that picture of him–all zonked out and slumped over. That poncho looks great–and actually, I think Devan does too. I hope this week goes well for you and that things are calmer.

  11. lillium Says:

    Adorable pic of Owen! So glad to hear he’s doing well and also that he likes his new teacher. Good looking poncho.
    Amazing how “store trips” get in the way of our plans!

  12. Orli Says:

    What is sleep apena?
    I love Unikat poncho you made your sis even more than the one you made your sil…becaues I think the colors really *rock* well, I am biased towards blue =).

  13. jane ogg-steele Says:

    Did you use the Unikat for your poncho or substitute any other yarn? My LYS was out of it so I used Noro to obtain gauge. I like the Noro fine, have used it before but not too happy w/my poncho. The neck is sooo huge I am having to “unbind-off” and add more rows of ribbing to keep it from falling off my body! She has the Unikat now and I don’t mind making another poncho but just hate to waste all the time and $$$s put into this one. Are you pleased w/ your finished product? Thanks, janiebug@charter.net

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