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Ponchos, a brag and St. Brigid September 29, 2004

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I still have to knit this poncho for the nurses daughter at Owen’s school. I am going to use the Knitting Pure and Simple pattern for a child’s poncho. Po, with it’s mismatched dyelots is scrapped. Now, what yarn? I think something machine washable would be best. Granny keeps trying to push me over to the Encore wall but I wanted to avoid acrylic. Am I being an impractical snob? I purchased some KFI Gaelic Aran in a nice shade of pink. It is a relic, I think, but it is 100% machine washable wool. In the stash, I had some Schaefer Laurel. I am assuming that is not machine washable. The colors are lovely and it has been languishing for at least 2-3 years. How would cotton fringe? The poncho has to have have fringe. Any thoughts? My other idea, kind of the last resort, would be to hit Three Black Sheep and get some Mission Falls 1824 wool. That is a much nicer machine washable wool. It is just a schlep to get there.

I worked the book fair at Owen’s school yesterday. It was fun and Owen did a terrific job leaving the gym and me. It was much better than last year. He did try to wrap his leg around the teachers and take her down…but she was prepared. And I think it was a half-hearted attempt–just to let me know he cared. We went to the ENT and his ears look great. The hearing test didn’t go all that well but they think he is within normal range. Yea. The doctor thought Owen did great the day of the surgery. Yippee! Cameron was the lucky recipient of a camera up the nose. The same camera Gracie has had in the ear. Poor kids. The snoring is all allergy related. So, we will press on with the weekly allergy shots. Immunotherapy, the allergist says, can take up to 3 years.

And let me end with a little brag–before I go to work. Ha, that still gives me a giggle. The principal called from Cameron’s school the other day. Just to say how terrific Cameron is doing. He was one of the biggest naysayers about Cameron’s return to mainstream first grade. Cameron had his first spelling test last Friday and got 102! You go Cam! Yup, he got the bonus word right too.

St. Brigid

Kristi finished a sleeve with her handspun. It is an amazing shade of purple. I am in awe. Vicki is starting sleeve #2. Tomorrow is my day with St. Brigid. Row 3, here I come.


13 Responses to “Ponchos, a brag and St. Brigid”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    So much going on! I’m not sure how old the poncho recipient is. I know it is hard to go to acrylic, but Encore is a terrific yarn and kids love SOFT. I think it’s gotta be the right colors though. Not to keen on the cotton for a kid – I just think the washing wouldn’t go well.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Yea Cameron! Wow allergy’s cause snoring? My 15 yr shakes down the house and his tonsils and adenoids are long gone.

  3. Michelle Says:

    Way to go Cameron! I’m so glad to read that school is going so well for him. Your persistence at getting him into that class is paying off.

  4. You brag all you want…your kids sound wonderful!

  5. Margene Says:

    Hurray for Cameron and you, too!
    It’s ok to be a yarn snob! Only the best when you are a classy knitter.

  6. Uli Says:

    I’m going to make that KP&S child’s poncho for Erika this season. I’m going to use a slightly bulkier yarn that I purchased at Elann a while ago. It’s handpainted 100% wool…….. am I nuts for not being able to machine wash it? Hmmm, don’t know. It’s just a poncho – I bet you I won’t wash it all that frequently. I’m just going to have to re-calculate the pattern but I don’t think it will be too hard.

    Glad to hear about Cameron.

  7. jody Says:

    i have to say i’m not a big fan of acrylic but i don’t think the encore is too bad. i’m using it for some house socks and i could see it in a poncho.

    btw, i’m considering restarting st brigid (the scandal!). i don’t like the way the single knit sts are looking and someone else in the KAL suggesting ktbl’ing them and i liked hers alot better. while i’m at it i think i will change up the yarn too. i keep thinking the silky wool – while it’s gorgeous – is lighter weight than i expected for st b.

    ps – nice going cameron!

  8. Rachael Says:

    Hooray for both you AND Cameron! Go, girl!

  9. Annie Says:

    Yea for Cameron, Owen & Katy! I’m with Granny (chuckle!), I love the Encore yarn, and I think it would be very practical for a kid- pretty colors too.

  10. Donna Says:

    Brag away all you want, it’s worth bragging about! Yay! Well done Cameron 🙂

  11. ann Says:

    of course you should brag!!! that’s what it’s about, bragging and bitching

  12. lillium Says:

    You sure do have a nice range of colors with the Encore. I read something somewhere about the acrylics and stretching though – would it drape correctly for a poncho or be too heavy and stretch out of shape? Three cheers for Cameron and his principal. It is big of them to call you, give you a great report, and essentially admit their mistake.

  13. Orli Says:

    Well, No, you arn’t an impractical snob…perhaps though you can consider a blend. I use 100% acrylic for when I knit toys.
    Kudos to Cam. Is he dysgraphic? my brothers still can’t spell right, they are 34 and 22…one has dyslexia and dysgraphia…the younger one just had dysgraphia…one is an excellent student has an MSc the other, not so.

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