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September 23, 2004

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Don’t know why this posted itself twice.


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Don’t know why this posted itself twice.


Weekend update September 20, 2004

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My sister-in-law loved the poncho and wore it right away. And why not? Kevin says 2 or 3 of her friends were wearing them at the party too. (I didn’t go to the party–late notice/no babysitter). I worked on Devan and watched bad TV. The last piece of Devan is knitting at a snails pace. I want it to be finished.

I started the second Unikat poncho for my sister. Liz wants longer fringe. I hope I can squeak it out of the skein. She might just have to get more Brown Sheep in hers than my SIL. As far as the other poncho goes, I appreciate all of your input. I have, however, decided to stop knitting it. I asked Granny to call Berroco. I am really annoyed about the dye lot mistake. I know Berroco will just offer to replace the yarn but that is fine. Thinking back on the knitting, I remember a wonky looking join in the skein. It wasn’t a knot–I wasn’t sure what it was–it kind of looked like a snarl. As it looked impossible to untie and I didn’t have a scissor handy, I just kept knitting. Sure enough, that is where the color changed. Sigh. I must pay more attention when knitting.

I would like to devote some time to St. Brigid but I am not sure this is the week. Owen has an icky sounding cough. I sent him to school anyway. Ugh, I hate making that decision. He was eating and drinking and running around. He was even jumping on the trampoline (indoor). His surgery is scheduled for Friday. The doctor put him on a prophylactic antibiotic–just in case.

I worked at Granny’s on Saturday. I missed not working there over the week. The poncho craze seems to have died down a bit. The scarf knitters were out again. That cost of novelty yarn really adds up. I forgot to mention about last Saturday…there was a stressful moment in the shop, someone wanted something and the price–I was clueless–I told the customer I would ask Granny and I shouted across the store, "Grandma!" She wanted to kill me. And she called me the next day to make fun of me a little more, "It’s Grandma…" I really love Granny. She puts on this great crotchety act. And now she calls me "Kathaleeniee."

You know, I am no Grammar Avenger but I notice that my grammar is really screwed up, as is my spelling between the UK and the USA. I specifically remember a coloring book I received from my stepmother, as a child, that was from the UK. I got "colour" wrong on spelling test in elementary school. Add that to dyslexia and I am a bit of a disaster.

Back to St. Brigid. Kim started her sleeve and it looks terrific. Karen from Beatknits has joined the knitalong. Karen is using Cascade 220. I love that yarn and have been dreaming about wearing Na Craga.


a little later… September 16, 2004

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I am not liking the color of this poncho. The recipient’s daughter is supposedly dressed "girly girl". This is what my SIL said of her friend. This thing doesn’t look girly. It looks like an acid trip. Also, the second skein is a much more muted acidic nightmare. The labels say they are the same dyelot but the same person who makes up names and pattern numbers at Berroco must also put the labels on the skein. Sigh. I am not frogging it. I think I will finish it and donate it to one of the autism fundraisers.

And don’t think Granny won’t be hearing about this!


Knitting along

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Faith_poncho_9_16_3Since I sorted out the corrections for the Berroco poncho, I have been knitting along on it. I hope it will be finished by early next week. More fringe cutting is in store for me. WAH! It looks a little brighter in the picture than it does in actuality–I think. This may be a case of denial. It wasn’t my first color choice but selections were limited and this gift is well overdue.

I think someone at Berroco is in size denial! You cast on the same number of stitches for all three sizes–ranging from 2 to 8–and just increase down the front and back. There is no way a child of 2 and a child of 8 have the same size head! How about those stitch markers though? Aren’t they lovely? Thanks again Chris.

In other exciting knitting news, the new Woolgathering arrived. The new EZ book, The Opinionated Knitter, Newsletters from 1958 to 1968, will be coming out in the Spring–hopefully. My mom will probably have two ancient sweaters photographed in the book. Way to go Mom. My mom has also been mentioned or thanked in some other books: BBR Knitting Ganseys, Mostly Mittens by Charlene Schurch and Beverly Royce’s Notes on Double Knitting. She also had an article in the very first issue of Knitters. Mom brag finished.

And in exciting news for me–I was a winner, along side Wendy, in Becky’s Bucketalong. Wendy and I both knit 2 hats for both the Spring and Summer bucket along. It is not often I can keep company with Wendy.

St. Brigid

Kim swatched in her terrific Briggs and Little. She hasn’t measured her gauge yet but I am anxious to know. Vicki had another "frickin’ misscrossed cable." But her sleeve is looking great. And me, well I just finished row 4 on the front. Whoopee. Next week all the kids will be back to school for the whole week–hopefully I will have some uninterrupted knitting time.


IKEA and ponchos September 15, 2004

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Yesterday I met up with Ann from Purling Swine and her friend Peggy. Ann was in the market for the Oppala chair to knit the lovely Aran cover from IK. I warned her it was uncomfortable but for Ann, feeling is believing. I bought it last time I went to IKEA because the kids liked it. It is almost unbearably uncomfortable. I don’t know if I will knit the cover. It seems like a lot of work for an uncomfortable chair. Which may be difficult to keep clean–thanks to three kids. Anyway, it was good company and tasty swedish meatballs.

I started knitting Po from Berroco’s Kid’s Stuff #227. If you are making this or plan to make it–be sure to check out the pattern corrections. I was going a little mad trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. I brought it by my mom’s after IKEA for her to take a look. She didn’t get it either so we decided to check the website. Erratas are not very easy to find on the Berroco site. Interesting though…I assumed it must have been me and not the pattern. The yarn is an interesting texture. I am not sure how I feel about it. I am using the Lullaby in Down Dilly. Anyone know who is deciding on the names for these patterns and colors? Maybe I could hire them for blog titles.

While my confuser was not working, I didn’t get the chance to post a picture of the Cameron and Gracie’s first day of school. Kids_school
Unfortunately, no picture of Owen’s first day of school but it was a wee bit stressful. Unikat_poncho_9_14
And can you believe this is the best picture I could come up with for the finished Unikat poncho. This is going to be a gift for my sister-in-law. I have enough yarn to knit a second–for my sister–if she still likes it. And the fringe required an extra skein. At $25/skein I am splitting the Unikat between the two ponchos and mixing in some Brown Sheep Top of the Lamb.


Finally pictures September 14, 2004

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The laptop has been recovered. Finally. It’s not the same again but I am rotten at dealing with any sort of change. So, what’s been happening? I worked on Saturday. Kevin did fine with all of the kids. Although, he did sign Gracie up for a local swim team. Anyone else think 4 practices a week for a 10 year old is a bit much? And last night, they advanced her–on her first night of practice–to the next team. 5 practices. Now one of them is on Saturday–so Kevin thinks this is great. He has to take her to one and I have to take her to four. Is the sarcasm noted?

Work on Saturday was entertaining, as usual. Before the shop officially opened a woman walks in. Granny knows her because she knits a lot of scarfs. She tells us she is knitting them for the teachers and administration at her school. So, as I am stocking, I ask what school? Well, it’s the high school I would have attended had I not gone to Catholic High School. I continue to stock. She is picking stuff up and dropping yarn. I assure her I will pick it up and casually ask what subject she teachers. English she tells me. It’s a long shot but I ask her if she knows Ms. H. (my hated and then beloved English teacher in 8th grade). I am Ms. H. HOLY COW! I couldn’t believe it. I wouldn’t have recognized her. And she didn’t recall who I was. Once I told her though, she nearly dropped all of her yarn. She is retiring at the end of the year. She told me I said one of the funniest things in all of her teaching career. I guess I came up to her in the hallway and said, "Ms. H., it isn’t easy being single." She said she had to keep a straight face but laughed about it a lot later. Did I notice the Ms? Oh, and I was 13.

Ms. H. wanted a recap of my life. Interesting to tell. I went to Catholic High School. I went to Manhattan College and double majored in Sociology and Theology with Feminist concentrations. I volunteered for a year in Alaska. Got married, had kids, moved to London and then Boston. My 3rd child has autism so we moved back to NY. And now I work at a yarn shop.


Enough about me, how about my knitting. (Oh, Ms. H has a nephew with autism). Back to knitting. I have still been working on Devan. I have the left front to do and then the button bands. Yippee! I knit a Meathead. Cameron thought he looked like Harry Potter wearing the Sorting Hat–thus the glasses. I finished the first of two Unikat ponchos. I started another poncho for the nurse’s daughter at Owen’s school. I don’t want to talk about St. Brigid. I want my obligatory knitting to be finished so I can get back to it again.

St. Brigid Update

Kim just got her yarn and the color is terrific. Vicki has made some great progress on her sleeves and I love her method of charting.