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October 16, 2004

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Gracie and I are going to the Sheep and Wool Festival tomorrow. A mother-daughter day out. She is so excited to see the angora bunnies, the border collies (we used to have one) and get some yarn to make her friend a felted cat bed for Christmas. I just finished my cat bed for Petfinders. I used Lopi and a skein of Katia Nutria. I am disappointed with the eyelash. It was a bit short and looks more like 5 o’clock shadow. The kitties probably won’t mind.

I have been working on Devan in my spare time. My mom gave me some seaming pointers, as I found it difficult to seam the sleeve caps using mattress stitch–so I used a back stitch. I am really going to miss her and her expertise while she is in Florida.


I had a blast at the yarn shop today. It was packed and the time flew. Granny even called Kevin at 4:30 (I should have been home by then and said she was sorry for keeping me). Granny had a rep for Swedish Yarns, Baabajoes, and Fiesta there. What fun picking colors. I have 2 skeins of La Boehme that I have done nothing with. It is fiddly to wind and I hated it in garter on those big ‘ole needles. But I had Granny get a couple of skeins of Gelato for me in the African Violet colorway. There was a sample of a beautiful shawl that I would love to wear to this year’s dinner dance. Oh, and she is also the rep for Jamieson and Smith…for my next aran.

Kevin had dinner almost ready when I got home and my parents on the couch. My sister, her husband and kids came over for cake and goodbyes. And inbetween blogging, I am mapping out my route to Rhinebeck.