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And the repeats go on October 26, 2004

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St. Brigid gets minimal attention these days. I am on a finishing frenzy and, at this rate, I won’t be finished with St. Brigid anytime soon. Terri, however, has finished the back of her sweater and is beginning the fronts. Note the "s" in fronts! Terri is making hers a cardigan. Vicki has started the body and says it is going quickly. Kristi has respun more yarn and believes she has enough to finish and is thinking ahead to her next project. Wow. I can’t even imagine how long this sweater will take me to knit…at least a year…

I am still thinking about Owen’s Mission Falls sweater. I don’t have enough yarn to knit it in solid colors. I don’t want to do stripes. I thought of a duplicate stitch fish on the chest…I don’t know. Just this morning my mom offered to do a fair isle thing on the bottom and sleeves. That could be nice. I guess I need to gather up the yarn I do have, assess yardage and go from there.


7 Responses to “And the repeats go on”

  1. Vicki Says:

    I’d would just like to tell you what a great Knit-Along Mom you are! I usually keep up with all of them, anyway, but it’s really nice to have a weekly update, too! Thanks Katy!

    Are you liking the color of your St. Brigid better? It sure looks pretty…

  2. Christy Says:

    Gorgeous cable work, Katy!

    I love it!

  3. jody Says:

    it’s looking beautiful! how do you feel about the color now that it’s coming together?

  4. Orli Says:

    WOW, what you ahve so far from St. Brigid is really lovely.
    Reading what you need to do for Owen’s Mission Falls sounds over whelming to me right now…maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep well last night and I really have to much to do at the office so I want to go home. =)
    I really like that St. Brigid…I wonder when I’ll get to try and make cables. Never have before. Though I did do something that is similar I suppose.

  5. Karen Says:

    What a gorgeous color for your St. Brigid. Lovely. I’m not making much progress on mine either. *sigh* Every time I work on it, I enjoy it but it seems like it requires too much concentration and getting out all those charts makes me tired (am I lazy or what??)

  6. greta Says:

    wow, those are some gorgeous repeats you got going on there….lovely color, too.
    Thanks ever so much for the sweet words about the kiddos…it means the world to me from someone who walks the walk.

  7. Sarah C. Says:

    I’m so impressed by all of those cables! An attempt at a simple scarf scared me away from cables (at least for now), and look at the work of art you’ve started! Bravo!

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