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October 16, 2004

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Gracie and I are going to the Sheep and Wool Festival tomorrow. A mother-daughter day out. She is so excited to see the angora bunnies, the border collies (we used to have one) and get some yarn to make her friend a felted cat bed for Christmas. I just finished my cat bed for Petfinders. I used Lopi and a skein of Katia Nutria. I am disappointed with the eyelash. It was a bit short and looks more like 5 o’clock shadow. The kitties probably won’t mind.

I have been working on Devan in my spare time. My mom gave me some seaming pointers, as I found it difficult to seam the sleeve caps using mattress stitch–so I used a back stitch. I am really going to miss her and her expertise while she is in Florida.


I had a blast at the yarn shop today. It was packed and the time flew. Granny even called Kevin at 4:30 (I should have been home by then and said she was sorry for keeping me). Granny had a rep for Swedish Yarns, Baabajoes, and Fiesta there. What fun picking colors. I have 2 skeins of La Boehme that I have done nothing with. It is fiddly to wind and I hated it in garter on those big ‘ole needles. But I had Granny get a couple of skeins of Gelato for me in the African Violet colorway. There was a sample of a beautiful shawl that I would love to wear to this year’s dinner dance. Oh, and she is also the rep for Jamieson and Smith…for my next aran.

Kevin had dinner almost ready when I got home and my parents on the couch. My sister, her husband and kids came over for cake and goodbyes. And inbetween blogging, I am mapping out my route to Rhinebeck.


Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 12, 2004

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was 8 the first time my mother got breast cancer and in 3rd grade. My mom was 39 years old. While I don’t remember much, I do remember teachers and parents asking how my mother was and not knowing what they were talking about. Fifteen years later, she got it again. I was in Alaska at the time volunteering for the year at a domestic violence shelter. As I was older and better able to understand, I researched it as best I could and decided I needed to come home to be there for my mom and family. The prognosis didn’t look good. I truly feared she might die. When my parents met me at JFK airport, the first thing my mom said to me was, “I’m fine. Go back to Alaska.”

I know she didn’t want me changing my life because of her. I loved Alaska. I had been offered a job at the shelter as Education and Outreach Coordinator and I was contemplating another year of volunteering as a Legal Advocate in Bethel, Alaska. But I knew I should be at home. Of course, I did nothing but drive my mother crazy. Maybe she needed a bit of that too—something to live for and argue about. My mother is a remarkably strong woman. Sometimes too strong…

She had radiation and five years of Tamoxifen. She had undergone surgery and chemotherapy the first time. As I said, my mother is a very strong woman. I am so grateful for all that I have learned from her. We have certainly had our fair share of disagreements—as mothers and daughters do. But I am so grateful that she did her self exams. Please remember to do your self exams and have your mammograms.

And Mom, I love you.


Shark Tale, part 2 October 11, 2004

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Owen did pretty well, initially, at Shark Tale. Forgive my misspelling earlier. He even seemed excited to be at the theater. I came prepared with a bagel, juice and Cheetos. Unfortunately, the theater was much more crowded than last time. For Scooby Doo 2, about 12 or so families showed up. The president of our local Autism Society of America said 50 families RSVP’d and he expected 25. I would say at least 30 or more families showed. It was very crowded with people upon people. Owen had a hard time staying in his seat. The mother in front of us yelled at Owen to sit down. Sigh. I apologized as Owen was accidentally touching her son’s chair. While I tried to prevent him from doing so, I also tried to keep this a somewhat reinforcing experience for Owen. The mother snapped at me, “Well my son has it too.” I don’t remember telling her my son has autism and yours doesn’t. So, I just said, “Sorry.” And she repeated herself again. And again. I felt like just saying, “Thank you.” Perhaps that would have worked like those silly commercials on TV.

Well, I promised myself I wouldn’t complain. I have been almost complaint free for some time. Needless to say, we left shortly after that. Owen’s teacher and I agreed that Owen would be better off at a regular screening of a movie with less behaviors to observe or mimic.

I think I screwed up the 3 needle bind off on the shoulders of Devan—at least 4 times. I was trying to do it quickly during a moment when all children were entertained. Ha. I should have just waited to bedtime. Theirs—not mine.


And the winner is…

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Thanks everyone for commenting and emailing. A special thank you to Donna for her answer. We knew it was a ruler and a needle sizer. My mom suspected it was a row counter but she could not guess the last function. Donna pointed out it was a magnifier! Uli and Donna please send me your snail mail addresses.

I blocked Devan this weekend and can finish the buttonbands this week. The kids are home today for Columbus Day. We are going to see Sharktales this morning with our local chapter of the Autism Society of America. Keep your fingers crossed for Owen. He lasted 45 minutes at Scooby Doo 2. However, friends of ours say Sharktales should be renamed Sucktales. We’ll see…Have a great day.


Judge not, lest ye be judged October 8, 2004

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I wonder what kind of righteous Google hits I might get with a title like that? Judging was fun. It was difficult too in that people put a lot of hard work into their knitting and crocheting and it’s hard to choose one over another or 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention. There were a few goregous Aran sweaters I would like to have brought home. And there was a really fab "Mile a Minute" afghan with football shapes. Then there were some really ‘not-so-nice’ items that were dirty and pilled. Overall, I would say the entries were pretty impressive. There were, however, alot of aghans but with 12 categories for afghans that is no surprise. I should have brought my camera–blog fodder and all but I wasn’t sure what the protocol was. Maybe next year? If you are in the area though, you should check out the Long Island Fair. It is sweet and wholesome. I saw these young teenage boys, as we were leaving, walking in with their entries–pound cakes. The flowers–the Dahlias–with humongous blooms. And the $5 first prize isn’t bad either.

I am nearing completion on the Vegan Fox. I really need to get started on this poncho for the Nurse’s daughter but my parents are leaving for Florida next week and I want to knit this for Isabella before she goes. Isabella had a very bad cut from the groomer. Don’t get my mother started! They hacked the poor girl’s hair off. It is hard to know what this groomer was thinking–winter is coming and they shaved the dog. So, she needs her Noro jacket very soon. I am using stash yarn. Yippee! I bought it off eBay a few years ago.


In other news, I wanted to share about Owen. He is having tremendous success at school with his new teacher and team of assistants. I feel a resurgence in hope for Owen’s future–both near and far. He is flying through programs that have been stalled in his book. His rate of acquisition is at least equal to, if not exceeding, what it was 18 months ago. He really likes his bus driver–or at least how his bus driver looks–he wears a cap and has glasses similar to my Dad. Owen adores my dad. I think this sets the tone for the whole entire day. A couple of Owen’s old teacher’s have worked with him this week and have been amazed by the difference. He is coming home–days in a row–with no behaviors! No tantrums, no self-injury, no aggression. It is phenomenal. I am so proud of him and just so elated.

Last, today is the final day for entries to Katyknits contest. Comment on my October 4th entry or email me. Off to work. Still makes me laugh–even if it is feel more like work these days.


St. Brigid October 6, 2004

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I made a mistake. I am not sure when, maybe yesterday, after my morning with Ann. I vowed to knit St. Brigid during the day only. This way no mistakes would be made. But I had a meeting at Owen’s school last night, the debates were on and the call to knit cables was strong. There I am–admiring my work–when what do my eyes see? Not a miscrossed cable but a miscrossed yarn. One particular cable calls for 3 stitches to be held at the back, k2: slip a purl stitch back to the left needle, purl it and then knit the other two stitches off the cable needle. I guess I twisted the working yarn the wrong way. Thus it caused this ugly cross over. As my mom likes to say, "if you can’t see it from the Brooklyn Bridge…" but it was only 5 rows back. I didn’t want to rip it so I figured I would drop it down. Inspired by Vicki I let ’em fall. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t as hard as I thought either. On Na Craga, I would have ripped but with St. Brigid, a far more complex cable project, I dropped. I blocked off with my magnets the section of 5 stitches and 5 rows and just worked it. And I did it! I was very proud. Kevin was not so impressed.

Kim has moved into her new home and is ready to start a saddle for her sleeve. Go on over and wish her well in her new home.


I have gotten some very funny answers in my first ever Katyknits blog contest and some really informative answers too. Thanks everyone for participating. If you are interested in entering, please email me at katykevATyahooDOTcom or comment on this post.

I am off to work shortly. I have to give the booties over to Granny. I think I will be coming home with a few more colors. Molly, Kevin’s niece, would look adorable in some hot pink ones. They will match the poncho I am knitting her. (More on that another time).

Last bit of exciting news, I am judging at the Long Island Fair tomorrow with my mom. Have a terrific day and stay warm. Brrrr…I put the heat on last night.


The Reader’s Digest version October 5, 2004

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I really hate when I lose posts by hitting the wrong key. UGG! Yup, I was talking about the Ugg booties I knit. I used one color of Berroco Suede and a skein of Geisha as Granny has discontinued her line of Plush. They were fun to knit.


I have also started another Vegan Fox. This silver fox is for Cameron’s tutor who was a tremendous help at his IEP meeting.

I am meeting Ann from Purling Swine today. And last, Kristi has progressed on her second sleeve but has discovered she has to respin some of her yarn. GASP!