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Ponchos and pets November 29, 2004

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Gracie_sirdar_pocho Gracie’s collarboration poncho is finished and could use some blocking along the edges.  I thought the fringe would weigh the bottom down.  I’ll get the iron out one of these days.  Gracie is quite pleased.  Thanks mom for doing the majority of it.  This was knit on size US 10 needles using Sirdar Denim Chunky.  My mom and I agree we would go up to a US10.5 if we were to do it again.  And we wouldn’t!  It was based on several patterns including the Yarn Harlot, Barbara Walker and a pattern from a LYS. 

Debbie_bliss_soho_mitt I also finished a Debbie Bliss fingerless mitt in her new yarn Soho.  Granny and I each knit one for the shop.  I think they are more like detachable sleeves than fingerless mitts–they are super long.  The pattern said it called for just 2 balls.  Granny and I had to share a 3rd.  The yarn is pretty nice and I would easily knit these again…just a wee bit shorter.

Thanksgiving went well enough.  My MIL was ill so it was moved from the North Shore of Long Island to the South Shore at my SIL’s.  Our dessert turned out horribly.  Kevin and I were both a bit queasy.  Oh well…there is always Christmas to look forward to.

The camera is a bit broken.  The connectors, where I usually hook up the cord to the computer, are bent.  Boohoo.  We now have to use the card and insert it into the laptop.  I think this is even more reason why I need a camera phone!

Oh!  We went to the animal shelter on Saturday to get a cat.  We almost fell in love with a sweet Maine Coon cat but she and four other sweet cats had been "rescued" by an organization and were no longer available for adoption.  Sigh.  We are considering a dog again.  I think Ann at Purling Swine put me over the edge.  I love her little Poe.  We are considering sucking it up and paying for a Goldendoodle again.  I want a pet too!


Happy Thanksgiving November 24, 2004

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Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate.  Tomorrow we will spend the day with Kevin’s family.  Thankfully, I just have to bring a dessert. 

Today was a great day at work and I was thankful for Granny’s delivery of Lantern Moon products.  I bought the classic Folding Basket for myself for Christmas.  Lantern_moon I had seen it at Rhinebeck but resisted it’s tempation as I was afraid Owen would crush it…but I love it.  I ordered some needles as well but they haven’t arrived.  My mom just got some straights off eBay and she says they are fabulous.  I know she likes their dpns.

I am nearly finished with my MIL’s silk/merino scarf.  I called Tess Designer Yarns about ordering more.  I have to say, the person I spoke with on the phone was not very pleasant.  It’s a shame but I won’t be ordering yarn.  Gracie’s poncho is finished and she loves it.  I plan to start a few more Christmas gifts this week–including a Gigi cardigan for my niece/god daughter. 

Kevin is at a basketball game tonight but promises to come home with a new camera cord.  Cameron and I have a date to watch the latest Harry Potter movie after Owen goes to bed.  Gracie is at a sleepover and I appear to be rambling.

St. Brigid

I haven’t posted updates in a while.  I think ’cause I’m not knitting her so much I have neglected everyone else’s.  Jody says third time’s a charm.  And I would have to agree–her new color is gorgeous!  I will post a better update next week. 

Again, have a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend.


Monday is no picture day November 22, 2004

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Thanks so much for all of your kind comments regarding the kids and our anniversary.  Owen and I had a terrific weekend.  We started with the Polar Express on Friday.  He was so cute.  This is the first movie we have gone to not sponsored by our local Austism Society.  Owen swaggered in like he owned the place.  We lasted an hour.  He doesn’t have any idea who Santa Claus is and he doesn’t really like to open presents…yet!  But the train scenes kept him entertained.

I wanted to start my Christmas knitting this weekend.  Friday night I wound yarn.  It took me one hour to wind the Microfiber Ribbon from Tess Designer Yarns.  It is lovely yarn though.  If my camera cord wasn’t broken, I’d post some pictures.  The scarf for my MIL is a simple double seed stitch with a garter stitch microfiber edge and the Cultivated Silk and Merino yarn.  All that seed stitch made me pine for St. Brigid.  But I have a few more scarves and hats  to get through and one baby poncho. 

Saturday Owen and I visited Granny at the shop.  He kind of ran around like a wild man but it is kind of boring for a kid.  Granny gave him a few butterscotch DumDum lollipops–which only contributed to the running.  And we went to the playground.  It was a rainy weekend, unfortunately, so much of the rest of the weekend was spent inside with some TV, tickles and trains. 

Cameron, Gracie and Kevin had a great weekend in Maryland.  He claims we were missed but it was a long drive and I don’t think Owen would have enjoyed it.  Gracie chose some cufflinks for Kevin for our anniversary and his birthday.  I have to say I was really pleased with the service from Tiffany’s website.  We got a cute baby rattle for Kevin’s niece.  Shipping was flat rate and came in 2 days. 

Well, I guess that’s enough for now.  I am off to order tea…I ran out.  Boohoo!  This is my favorite place to order my favorite tea!  And the Hula Hoops aren’t bad either. 


A mother’s pride November 18, 2004

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I had Gracie and Cameron’s educational IEP meetings yesterday morning.  This was the first meeting for Cameron that we didn’t need a parent member or a tape recorder!  The principal said they are "cautiously optimistic".  Owen’s home teacher said the principal just couldn’t admit they were wrong.  Cameron, with his supports–speech, reading and resource room–is holding his own.  Go Cam!  His teacher is fabulous.  She is bubbly and positive and supportive.  She freely admits she adores Cam…I love that. 

Gracie.  Well, Gracie has been declassified from special education.  I was holding out for a 504 plan to keep test modifications, such as extended time and a quiet place but they said she doesn’t need them and doesn’t use them when offered.  I don’t think it quite hit me at first.  I have had 3 kids on an IEP of sorts for a while.  This morning, I was overwhelmed with pride.

We are coming up on our anniversary on Saturday.  Gracie was a bit of a surprise…she is an unbelievable child.  I thought raising children would be so easy.  My mom calls it the ignorance of youth.  I certainly didn’t expect 3 children with such intense educational needs.  For a long time, perhaps even to this day, I blamed myself for somehow failing them.  Kevin and I are both college educated, intelligent people.  Heck, we scored in the same range on the SATs (I was just a little bit higher).  My kids work so hard for what comes pretty easily for others and came easily for Kevin and I.  Some people say that Kevin and I were given this because we could handle it.  I am not sure I believe that.  It certainly has tested our marriage. 

So, this weekend is our anniversary and Kevin’s birthday.  The same day.  He’s kinda cute wanting to get married on his birthday.  Perhaps because he is a twin he figured what was one more person to share the day with?  He will be with his brother rather than me.  It is his neice’s christening.  Kevin is going down to MD with Gracie and Cameron.  Owen and I have a mommy/son weekend planned.  This weekend includes a visit to see Granny on Saturday.  She hasn’t met Owen yet.

I will miss Kevin and the other two this weekend.  But I will surely enjoy–or at least try to enjoy–my weekend with the O-man.  I have no regrets asking Kevin to marry me that chilly night on Boylston Street.  Sure, it was more than I bargained for…but it goes both ways! 


Why shop vac your toilet? November 15, 2004

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Thanks for all of the nice compliments on my shawl.  As for the faceless picture…well, there wasn’t much to smile about.  Kevin got home late so we had our "photo shoot" when we got home–around midnight–after his mom left.  However, there were more pressing matters!  The toilet had overflowed.  I had seen Owen drop a little toy fish in the toilet on Friday but I "fished" it out.  I guess he got something else in there.  Kevin and I plunged to no avail.  Kevin snaked with no success.  A little help from Google and I found you could shop vac the toilet.  Kevin did so on Sunday and, it seems, Owen flushed a little Fisher Price dog and a bar of soap.  Never a dull moment.  Plus I have some wicked split ends.  I had no idea my hair looked so icky.  I need a trim desperately.  When will it be long enough to donate to Locks of Love??

I am working on St. Brigid today.  I definately feel out of the loop and not too motivated.  I am still working on Gracie’s poncho and need to start some holiday knitting. The pressure…Here is what I bought at the shop on Saturday.  Rosario_aran_1 The cream colored yarn is for Owen_aran_denim_1 Kevin’s nephew/godson and the dark blue is for the O-man.  Ugh, Owen has chapped lips.  This is a first and he will not let us put chapstick on.  I thought I had him outsmarted by putting it on me and giving him a balmy kiss but he will not let me kiss him anymore.  Smart little bugger.

Soho_mitt Last, I am working on some fingerless mittens.  Granny and I are each knitting one for the shop with the Debbie Bliss Soho.  Granny and I are both running short on yarn. 

Well, everyone needs a good laugh once in a while…here is a silly picture of me in the shawl.Fiesta_shawl_003


Saturday night November 13, 2004

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The Gala was fun.  At least Kevin thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Roy Scheider was a guest speaker.  Kevin shook his hand and claimed he would never wash it again…he loves Jaws.  Fiesta_shawl_1 Kevin also won a baby basket in the Chinese Auction.  This was quite a plus for him as someone walked off with his baby basket from last year’s dance.  Kevin also shook hands with some WWF wrestler.  Who knew he could be so easily amused?  I wore my Fiesta shawl.  No one believed it was handknit.  Could it get any easier than garter stitch on a US17?  Of course, there was the usual "you could sell that" stuff.   No thanks but I will knit another and donate for Owen’s fundraiser.

This week’s paycheck, be that as it may, went right back to Granny.  I bought yarn for Owen’s sweater and for Kevin’s godson.  I’ll post pics next time. 

Owen and I had a terrific day on Friday.  We met his friend for a playdate at a play type of place.  You pay one price–$6.50–and the kids just play.  They have various little sections like a beauty parlor, store, car center and kitchen.  Owen and his friend had a blast.  The played so beautifully.  He left nicely too–always a plus.  However, when we got home, he told me, "I want infinity and beyond."  They had a couple of Woody and Buzz toys.  He is obsessed with all things Toy Story.  I hope we go back again soon. 


More than you wanted to know… November 9, 2004

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Thank you all for your kind thoughts and well wishes regarding my last post.  It’s a bit of a new lease on life…so I am going to try to get back into shape and lose weight.  I have regained everything, I think, that I lost the last time I dieted.  We have joined the local YMCA and they have some neat classes.  I would love to get back into Yoga and Pilates.  I used to do aerobics when Gracie was a baby but I can’t keep up anymore.  Last time(s) I tried, I was huffing and puffing in the back afraid I was going to have a heart attack.  I do like to lift weights though.  It will be good to get back into that.


Knitting…I seem to be out of the habit.  I finished the Vegan Fox for Cameron’s tutor and she loves it!  I don’t wear mine–it is hung over the window in my bedroom.  His tutor loves hers and plans to wear it–she thinks her highschool kids will get a kick out of it.  I finished knitting the Fiesta Yarns scarf/shawl thing.  I just have to attach the tassels and run the ends.  I actually like it–a lot.  It is very simple, being all garter stitch, but the colors are lovely.  I am wearing it on Friday to the Gala.  Why do they have to call it a Gala?  I am wearing the same black skirt I wore to the Dinner Dance in March.  I think I paid $25 at the Talbots outlet.  And I am wearing a gold wrinkly shirt I got at Kohls.  Gold is not really my first color choice but it will match the shawly thing so well.  I also hate to spend money on clothes–especially clothes I won’t wear often.  The shoes…love the shoes.  I ordered them from Zappos on Saturday night.  They got here yesterday.  I love Zappos. 

Gracie_poncho My mom sent me this poncho to finish for Gracie.  It is knit with Sirdar Denim Chunky and is based on a few patterns, including a LYS, Barbara Walker and The Yarn Harlot.  I learned I was doing my YO’s wrong.  It’s nice to learn something new.  And I have decided to buy more of this yarn to knit a raglan for Owen.  I am giving up on the Mission Falls–for now.  I am not happy with any of the choices I have left myself with that yarn.  So…time to buy new yarn–and get it DONE!

The_window Last, here is a picture of one of our new windows.  We have to paint.  Sigh.  We are going to paint the room yellow.  We just have to find the right yellow.  Any suggestions?  I got a few chips from Benjamin Moore.  I am off to Owen’s school today.  I have a parent training with he and his teacher today.  He is flying through his nail clipping program.  The hair buzzer is next on board.  He’s still doing great.  He is a bit resistant to getting on the bus in the morning but he has a new attendent on the bus and she’s a bit odd.  Sigh.  Maybe she will quit soon.