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November 2, 2004

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Election Day coincides with Parent-Teacher Conferences. And what conferences they were! 2 kids and 6 conferences. 2 for Gracie and 4 for Cameron. The good news is that all of the news is good! Everyone agrees that Gracie no longer needs special education services. And everyone loves Cameron. Academically, he is doing fabulous. He needs all of his supports–but with them, he is progressing beautifully. His teacher says she isn’t letting him go anywhere. We love her. And the Resource Room teacher says it is okay to let Gracie go ’cause she has Cameron and we need to keep ’em coming. Kevin and I floated home.

Cameron and Gracie are home today. I will see how the lines are and either bring them to vote or go later, when Kevin gets home. We have been under a bit of construction. Just 4 new windows but it was a three day ordeal. It set Owen off on some behaviors but we are getting through them. Daylight Savings is always difficult for Owen. Thankfully, there was no increase in biting as there usually is at this time of year. Yippee!

Halloween was okay. I think it was too long for Owen. He did terrific last year–knocking on doors and ringing bells. He even picked candy when given a choice. I think between the construction, the time change and the length of the actual day–it was too much. He melted down. Cameron had an okay time. And Gracie went out trick or treating with her friends–no parents. Gulp. She did fine. Cameron and I actually ran into her motley crew. Owen_as_woodyPumkinTeenage_turtle_cam

Knitting. Who’s knitting? Not me. I wound the yarn for the Fiesta shawl. It’s done on US 17 needles. I assume it will go quickly. I want to wear it next Friday to the Gala run by the organization that funds Owen’s school.

I suppose I better go hang pictures and sort through piles. Ugh. And we have to paint.