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Saturday night November 13, 2004

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The Gala was fun.  At least Kevin thoroughly enjoyed himself.  Roy Scheider was a guest speaker.  Kevin shook his hand and claimed he would never wash it again…he loves Jaws.  Fiesta_shawl_1 Kevin also won a baby basket in the Chinese Auction.  This was quite a plus for him as someone walked off with his baby basket from last year’s dance.  Kevin also shook hands with some WWF wrestler.  Who knew he could be so easily amused?  I wore my Fiesta shawl.  No one believed it was handknit.  Could it get any easier than garter stitch on a US17?  Of course, there was the usual "you could sell that" stuff.   No thanks but I will knit another and donate for Owen’s fundraiser.

This week’s paycheck, be that as it may, went right back to Granny.  I bought yarn for Owen’s sweater and for Kevin’s godson.  I’ll post pics next time. 

Owen and I had a terrific day on Friday.  We met his friend for a playdate at a play type of place.  You pay one price–$6.50–and the kids just play.  They have various little sections like a beauty parlor, store, car center and kitchen.  Owen and his friend had a blast.  The played so beautifully.  He left nicely too–always a plus.  However, when we got home, he told me, "I want infinity and beyond."  They had a couple of Woody and Buzz toys.  He is obsessed with all things Toy Story.  I hope we go back again soon. 


11 Responses to “Saturday night”

  1. chris Says:

    You look marvelous, but where’s that smiling face? I guess I can’t say anything since I am posting a pic of my new self made earrings without my face! 🙂

  2. Laurie Says:

    Lovely shawl. I’m shawling lately, too. Mindless knitting is all I’m up for these days.

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    What a great look! A silky blouse and a shawl – I always think I am going to pull that together but it never happens! Always nice to hear about good times with Owen.

  4. margene Says:

    You do look marvelous (sans head?). The shawl is very elegant and sounds like a nice evening out. And good for Owen! It’s so wonderful to hear that he is growing and learning.

  5. Kevin from NY Says:

    we’re going to need a bigger boat…..I mean it was chief brody! in fact i had to grab two of the kids and watch jaws the next night – came away still thinking it’s an all time favorite. the wrestler dude was mick foley – normally i would have no clue, but i remembered this guy because he wrote 2 books that both were on the bestseller list. shawl looked nice – agree on face.

  6. Susan Wallace Says:

    Glam shawl!
    Still no stuff from TB, I think I shoulda took more from stashaster,like the Lorna’s laces sock wool lying on the floor.
    Missing you, Mom

  7. The shawl looks fabulous darling!

  8. lillium Says:

    Now that’s a fine looking shawl! Jaws – boy does that bring back memories. Hubby jumped a couple feet in the air on that one – LOL! It is good to read that Owen is doing well. Sounds like a neat play place.

  9. ann Says:

    you’re looking good! – even if you have sold your soul to Granny – guess there are much worse places to be an indentured servant! I have to get down there to visit you sometime!

  10. Orli Says:

    The shawl is very pretty. I really like the colors. Yes, leaving nicely is always a plus.
    Yeah, I’m with Kevin it’s always nice to shake hands with those you admire.
    (I got to meet BonJovi)

  11. Kim Says:

    What a beautiful shawl! I’ll bet you were the belle of the ball, with that beautiful smile of yours.

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