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Drive by post December 3, 2004

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Lantern_love Ritratto_drop_scarf Mulitdirectional For_gracies_teacher

These are my fab Lantern Moon needles from Granny.  Aren’t they goregous?  Next to that is a scarf to be knit for Miss G.  Cam’s Resource Room teacher (and Gracie’s old Rescource Room teacher).  I am using Stacy Charles Ritratto and basing it on a scarf I saw online.  Next is the multidirectional scarf in the clearance Silk Garden.  The yarn is kind of funky with odd bits in it.  Is this the first time I have knit with Silk Garden?  Hmmm….  Last we have the yarn Gracie chose for her teacher.  It’s a muppet scarf but Gracie picked it–Firenze.  At least it is soft. 

I have to get Cameron and Gracie to school and go to work.  I went in to the shop yesterday to inventory the Encore.  I really need to get my Christmas shopping done!  Ugh.  I have never let it go this long with next to nothing done!  I have really enjoyed reading the 100 things lists.  I want to do one too but am not sure I want to think that much about my life right now. 


3 Responses to “Drive by post”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Beautiful needles, Katy! What a nice treat for you.

    Ack. Shopping. I hope I get with it soon, too!

  2. Margene Says:

    I love my LM needles, too. Broke a point last weekend but Smith fixed it right up.
    I’d love to read your 100 list but it takes some soul searching to come up with a list that long. Once started it’s hard to stop.
    I’m avoiding shopping right now. I’ll head out to a couple of small shops and hope to find the right thing for those few on my list.
    Have a great weekend, Katy!

  3. Orli Says:

    I really enjoyed the Silk Garden, love seeing all the various colors form. I also enjoyed the verigated weight…the only problem I had, is that in two out of 5 skiens I got, I had knots. I did not appreciate that.

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