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Santa stories December 16, 2004

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Copy_of_santa_2005 We got to the mall and got a terrific spot right in front of the door.  Owen danced down the aisle of Lord & Taylor.  We were second on line for Santa and Owen did pretty well–he didn’t smile but he sat and looked at the camera.  We went to the Food Court for McDonalds and he fell apart.  Owen hasn’t eaten at the Food Court in a mall since he was stroller bound.  I guess it was too much for his senses.  He didn’t run away, just gripped my hand for dear life.  We left, much to Cameron and Gracie’s disappointment, food in hand.  We passed Santa and entered Lord & Taylor to leave.  I guess he saw the escalator.  I would have willingly rode the escalator.  I think they are fun too but he was on the floor.  He kicked the glass in the jewelry department.  Thankfully nothing broke and no one even passed a glance.  However, in the fancy dress department some older woman was staring.  I mean really staring.  I had food in my hands, so Owen’s teacher was trying to handle it.  I said to the woman, "It’s not polite to stare.  He has autism." 

Honestly, it’s not like me to drop the A-bomb.  But this lady was so freaking annoying.  I kind of felt bad saying something but I am getting a little tired of the  stares and looks.  Because Owen "looks" normal people don’t understand.  His noises that he makes…I swear, you have to know.  Anyway, when he quieted down and walked nicely, we rode the escalator and went to the car.  As we neared home, he started to cry.  My heart broke.

Now what.  How do I make the mall a reinforcing experience for Owen?  Does it really matter?  If McDonald’s isn’t reinforcing enough–what is?  KB Toys?  His teacher and I brainstormed…he doesn’t do those rides for change…The pet store!  We are going next week. 


4 scarves done (although 2 need blocking).  2, possibly, another to be done.  Kevin and I are going to a Christmas party at a coworkers in the city tomorrow.  And spending the night!  Woohoo!  Knitting on the train. 


16 Responses to “Santa stories”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I like the Santa picture! My kids are still afraid of Santa.

  2. I don’t blame Owen, I want to kick and scream at the Mall, too! Too much noise, the lights, the people, the decorations. Sensory overload indeed. Thinking of you!

  3. Norma Says:

    OMG, I bet Kerstin didn’t INTEND to leave that “peter’s heater” thing up there…or maybe she did!!! That was in response to my entry, and I bet the Typepad system did the cookie thing and remembered it. Too funny. But I’m with her…I’m with Owen about the mall. I have all *I* can do not to kick the glass.

  4. Christy Says:

    Sending calming thoughts to you and your little O-man!

  5. Jackie Says:

    How incredibly rude! I am always amazed when people act like that woman – good for you, sticking up for your little sweetie. I can imagine how complete overwhelmed he must’ve been. You are such a great mommy…and he (and the others, too!) are so beautiful.

  6. Sharon Says:

    Don’t worry about dropping the A-bomb, you were right. I’m always amazed that anyone can juggle multiple children. O-man will be fine, your kids will be fine, you will be fine. It is life and it happens. Just focus on the Santa part and hold that memory. As for the rest, let it drop. Don’t dwell on it. Just like knitting, every once in a while we have to tink back a couple of rows and make it better.

    Go back to the mall when it is January and everything is as quiet as a church mouse and not so bright. He’ll be fine. Walk through the food court but don’t stop to eat. When you have walked through, ask him if he would like to go back and eat.


  7. Melissa Says:

    That’s a wonderful picture…and I agree – you were right to tell off that lady (politely). I’m like Sharon – impressed by anyone dealing with 3 kids in the mall (scary place, esp. just before Christmas). There are reasons my kids are 8 years apart….

  8. margene Says:

    Maybe more people should drop A-bombs on people like that…time for some sensativity training.
    Have a super fun night in the city and knit up a storm (for yourself!)

  9. Jean Says:

    I feel your pain, Katy. My Daniel has Asperger’s Syndrome (High Functioning Autism). Things are much better as he gets older and learns more about how he’s “supposed” to act in public, but we still get the stares and rudeness when he has the occasional melt down. The picture is beautiful!!

  10. Cindy Says:

    What a great picture! Wonderful group of kids : )
    You say anything your heart desires to protect Master Owen. Have a wonderful time!

  11. Mary Beth Says:

    The mall is MEANT to cause sensory overload. I never take my kids there, because I get too nuts! I think you handled the situation fine. Maybe even taught that lady something! I wouldn’t worry about making it a good experience for him – it’s just not a healthy environment all the way around. (You got a GREAT Santa shot!)

  12. Collette Says:

    Katy, sorry about that rude lady. Perhaps you should have kicked her! The picture is great and it’s wonderful that Owen sat on his lap and looked at the camera. I can’t stand the mall now either. Hang in there and I hope you have a great party. (We’re going to Joe’s attorney party tonight too and spending the night. All blah, blah and I don’t get a train on which to knit!)

  13. Vicki Says:

    What they all said!! I hope you have an extra-great time at the party.

  14. Wendy Says:

    It sounds like kids like Owen aren’t the only ones who need to have experiences reinforced. Kudos for you, hopefully that woman will be more sensitive in the future!

  15. Orli Says:

    Nice photo! your kids all look similar to each other, especialy Owen and Cameron. I understand your furstration with people that stare, it is rude.
    Though my husband tells me I tend to stare, I guess I don’t notice it. I know that a few month back my son’s day care had a parant’s meeting. My husband and I walked in last, with our son (as we didn’t have an arrangment for him, so he was already in pyjamas) and on of the woman went bogged eye on me. That really annoyed me. I braced my self but I really wanted to say “What are you looking at!” “we don’t all have grandmothers to help us out”…

  16. Laurie Says:

    Empathy, girlfriend–you know I got it.

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