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Post Christmas news December 28, 2004

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I meant to post before Christmas but I guess holiday festivities got in the way.  I hope all those who celebrate had a happy holiday.  Christmas Eve was spent with Kevin’s family.  While it was a bit overwhelming for Owen, he survived and we were home around 8pm.  Gracie enjoyed the preparations and Cameron was so cute with his anticipation.  Kevin gifted me with some lovely short Lantern Moon needles and a Crystal Palace circular needle.  I was a bit annoyed with Seaport Yarns for selling him a 35" needle for "knitting in the round".  But it’s his thought that counts.  Practically speaking, I needed gloves and he gave me beautiful Coach gloves.  His mom gave me a gift certificate for Granny’s.  I am considering buying the yarn for Lara.  I still love that design.  While I haven’t received it yet, Kevin’s family does a Secret Santa thing and I will be getting a Spaceboard from Knitpicks.

Today I met up with Jody.  We visited Purl–which was very crowded.  I just picked up some more Koigu to feed my mother’s addiction.  I need to knit through some more stash before I buy more yarn.  We had lunch at this really fab Thai place.  YUM!  I will find the card later–’cause it was really good.  Then we found a coffee shop and sit and knit for a bit and had a nice chin wag. 

I can’t believe 2005 is around the corner.  The rep from Knitting Fever is coming on Friday so I will go in for half a day.  Sometimes Granny needs a little help saying no.  It’s really fun though seeing all the yarns and patterns.  Granny gave me a lovely Lantern Moon Twisted Palm basket for Christmas.  I love it. 


6 Responses to “Post Christmas news”

  1. Orli Says:

    That bag is cute. My husbands uncle is coming for a visit next week, so i’ll have a couple of days off that exctend in to the weekend. =) We will be spending one night at a fancy hotel in Tiberias.

  2. Kevin from NY Says:

    hey ……you got a knitting book too. As for Seaport Yarns, I have to admit I was trying to pull the gift trifecta – yarn, gloves, and golf stuff all within 45 minutes before i had to go catch a train home.

    what no pics from your trip????

  3. ann Says:

    yeah ….. where are the pictures?

  4. Angi Says:

    It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! The Lara sweater is really pretty.

  5. Kim Says:

    Happy New Year, Kathleen!

  6. Happy New Year Katy!

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