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Finally Owen January 24, 2005

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I finally started Owen’s sweater.  This is overdue by about 3 years!  I started one based on a Debbie Bliss design when he was 2 in Mission Falls cotton.  With thFinally_owene help of my LYS owner in MA, I converted it to the round and screwed it up.  It was too big in some spots and too small in others.  Gauge issues. 

This is a KP&S top down pullover knit in Sirdar Denim Sport Aran.  My mom and I were laughing.  Yes, we think we are yarn snobs but we both love this yarn.  Together, we knit a pullover for Cameron in this yarn.  And we knit, together, Gracie’s poncho in the chunky.  I have more of it to knit a cable pullover for my nephew.  You can really feel the cotton in the yarn. 

We survived the blizzard.  Granny closed the shop early on Saturday.  Although it was busy in the morning and that whole week–people stocking up for the big one!  Clapotis has been neglected while I work on Owen’s sweater.  I love top down patterns.  They seem to go so quickly.  Owen is home with me today.  His school was closed.  The other two were greatly disappointed.  We will go play with his little girlfriend after.  He is quite the ladies’ man.

I am still floating on air with his progress.  He is so obviously intelligent–yet locked inside his mind.  The expectations of his progress have always been high.  Except for the first neurologist who diagnosed his autism.  She told us he would go to school till he was 21 then move into an apartment style residence and we were lucky because in the past, they would have just institutionalized him right away.  At 2.  She was an idiot. 

There are still no guarantees that he will talk.  But his ability to learn–even without being formally taught–opens so many doors for him.  We may have a fight ahead of us with our school district to keep Owen at his school.  As his progress was slow, we were concerned they would send him to a less intense school or decrease the academic learning and focus more on the life skills.  But we now have a powerful argument to keep him where he is.  I guess I used to feel cautiously optimistic.  Now I have thrown all caution to the wind and I am just optimistic.  And I will end with a final picture of Owen geared up for the snow.Owen_blizzard_105


7 Responses to “Finally Owen”

  1. Mary Beth Says:

    Hang in there Katy – you always know what’s best for him. Now tell him to go play in the snow so you can work on his sweater! 🙂

  2. Margene Says:

    Parents are the only ones who should make decisions about their children. There is so much unknown about austism and each case seems so different.
    The sweater looks marvelous and Owen looks like his about to have a great time!

  3. Vicki Says:

    Here’s to unbridled optimism and determination — you have every reason! My sister has done the same thing in regard to expectations for her son with Down syndrome. She set his goals, rather than let other people tell her “how it is.” Plow ahead, win most of the skirmishes, roll with the setbacks, and always keep an eye on the goal.

  4. Anita Says:

    Keep going with that optimisism and never give up! Although, as I’ve gathered over the last year or so of reading your blog, you don’t give up. And that’s why you were chosen to be Owen’s mom–he needs you in his corner!

    Take care and have fun knitting that sweater!

  5. Angi Says:

    How fun to have a mom to knit with! I haven’t knit from the top down yet. I want to try it after seeing yours.

  6. Jean Says:

    You’re a very brave mom, Katy. Owen is a very blessed little boy. I know from experience it’s not easy fighting the school system. Hang in there!

  7. Orli Says:

    Sounds like me with knitting for Gil. The thing is, he has plenty…my great aunt (she’s 93) knit for him when he was born and a year later. Now my mother inlaw has knitted for him and my dad and cousin bought him sweaters as gifts…I do really want to knit my little guy something, this year I just managed to make him a hat…but it’s not practical right now and I have so many other projects going on. I hope to make him something nice from cotton for the summer.

    As for own. What a cute pic. My younger brother says that optomistic people do better, so you are doing great! =) When I hear that he even has a friend, I have to say to myself, maybe he is just slightly autistic and not a whole lot…so he does not talk much, some people are just like that. You’ve never met my husband, he never says much. =) I’m glad you found a different doctor…some of these so called professionals should be “dis barred”…it’s like my older brother who is VERY dyslexic, when he start 1st grade the teacher told my mom he was stupid. Huh! NOT, he is VERY inteligent…never mind, as my parant’s moved and with time more help was avilable to help my brother cope with his dyslexia (he was diagnosed at age 10)…today he has an MSc degree in Agricultur and is living in England and learning to read and write in English (as opposed to hebrew), he is doing well.

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