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With great thanks January 29, 2005

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It was a quiet day at the shop yesterday.  Kind of the lull before the sale.  Ann from Purling Swine stopped by to show us her fab Farmhouse Poncho.  When she took out her camera I told her she was grasping for blog fodder.  But she presented me with thisGift

It was a gift card for a spa in the city and a lovely card.  Organized by Nancy, several bloggers had gotten together and gave me this very generous gift to a fabulous spa in the city!  I was shocked.  Stunned.  And oh so grateful for their kindness, generosity and caring.

Reflecting back on my year of blogging, I am not really sure why I started blogging.  It has certainly brought more to my life than I ever expected.  There are so many remarkable women who knit–who share a passion.  And yet, we share even more.  It has been a far greater blessing than I ever would have imagined. 

Nancy, Ann, Laurie, Kerstin, Annie, Karen, Rachael, Norma, Joanne, and Susan.  Thank you for your incredible kindness in not only this gift but your words of support, encouragement, understanding and friendship.  And all of the remarkable people who have helped me through some pretty dark days and often helping to show the light and light-hearted.  Thank you.


9 Responses to “With great thanks”

  1. ann Says:

    who loves ya baby?!! sale??? what sale?!

  2. Kerstin Says:

    Have fun at Haven! Don’t forget to come back! 🙂

  3. Angi Says:

    What a thoughtful gift! Enjoy!

  4. Laurie Says:

    I’m thinking vicarious massage–I’ve got a tight spot just below the base of my neck. Could you get him (let it be a him–hmmmm) to work on that spot?

  5. Susan Says:

    You deserve it! Enjoy!

  6. Jo Says:

    Enjoy! And do keep me posted about the sale.

  7. Vicki Says:

    Aw. You deserve a treat, girl! What a great bunch of friends you’ve got in your corner.

  8. Cyndy Says:

    A lovely well-deserved treat. Even lovelier friends.

  9. margene Says:

    That is so cool! Have a wonderful day just for you! You always need something like that to replenish your soul.

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