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I have to brag January 19, 2005

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I had a team meeting at Owen’s school today.  It was wonderful.  Amazing!  I went into it thinking nothing they could say would upset me.  The last meeting said it all.  However…Owen has been expressing quite an interest in letters lately.  His teacher decided to probe the upper case alphabet letters and wouldn’t you know–Owen knew them all!  Yup, his brilliant mom said, "All 24?"  They told me it was all 26.  And they think he knows his numbers up to 20–if not higher.  They will have to probe the lower case letters.  And when he has all of them–if he doesn’t already–get this!!  Spelling. 

I had to phone everyone and anyone on the way home from the meeting and brag.  My mom said he will probably read pretty easily too.  And I suspect he will.  He loves to look at books.  The amazing thing is that Owen has not been formally taught letters–he learned it on his own.  I could cry. 

Knitting.  I have been working on Clapotis.  I will upload a picture later, after the kids go to bed.  I have dropped 2 stitches  so far.  Fun.


Pulse warmers all done January 18, 2005

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Pulse_warmer_all_done_004They were fun to do! I started another pair in Dale baby yarn, this time from the book, gunmetal gray beads & aqua wool. They’re for Katy, so no picture until she gets them. I  am waiting for black crystal beads to come for Gracie’s, blue wool with black dogs.

I’m working on Heartstrings beaded socks, not as much fun, I prefer  working with a zillion beads not just a few.


Finally…St. Brigid updates January 16, 2005

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Kim, as of 1/7,  had finished 1.25 repeats on her St. Brigid with only six to go!   Jody has started hers again and has chosen a lovely creamy color.  I was lucky enough to see it up close and personal when we met up in the city.  It looks beautiful.  How are the rest of you doing?  I finally finished the 3rd repeat last week.  My mom insists I should get back into it as my lack of interest in knitting maybe due to all of the mindless scarves I knit over the holidays…

Last night Kevin and I went out to dinner.  It is was our wedding anniversary again.  We got married in November by a JOP at the beach.  We got married again in the church in January.  We have a babysitter–and she lives right next door–and Owen likes her!  Dinner was so so but we had a great time anyway.  Copy_of_katykevdooda I wanted to scare up a picture and this was the only one I could find.


Best Google search yet January 13, 2005

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Best Google search yet.  Is this any indication that I need to pick myself up and out of my funk?  Apropos, maybe?  Thank you all for your supportive comments and emails.  To say I appreciate them would just be an understatement.  The knit blogging community is such a remarkable place.  Thank you.

As far as Owen’s 2 year anniversary at school…he had a great day.  His bus broke down on the way home and he was 45 minutes late but in a fabulous mood.  Can’t ask for much better than that. 

I have been knitting.  I finally started Clapotis but forgot an increase and  had to rip.  Ripping just a little bit didn’t work so I ripped the whole thing.  I am not thrilled with my yarn as it is haloing.  I will upload a picture later.  I feel the call of a sock.  But Owen’s sweater really needs to be cast on.  I considered starting a quilt as it would remind me just how much I love knitting and hate sewing.  Clapowhat

I was trying to be artistic with my photo editing.  Ha.


Anniversaries January 11, 2005

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January 12th is my one year anniversary blogging.  January 13th is Owen’s 2 year anniversary at his school.  These two year anniversaries really do me in.  Sigh.  When we left MA, it was with the promise of a better life for Owen and, subsequently, the rest of us.  His school program is top notch—one of the best—based on the studies of children with autism.  They follow the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) approach that was shown to recover 48% of children with autism—to teach them to be indistinguishable from their typical peers.  The rates at this school were even higher. 

Among the first parents I met was another family from our town.  Her son, 5 months older than Owen, was nonverbal when he began the program.  A year into the program he doesn’t stop talking.  At 5, he knows over 200 sight words and goes to a typical preschool 3 afternoons a week with a shadow.  This was my baseline. 

Owen started off with some difficulty.  While he had a 35 hour work week in his home program, he had never been to school or day care.  I put him on the bus and he was gone from 8am to 3pm.  After school he had another hour of home teaching.  Now he receives 2 hours of home teaching.  I can’t blame him for being overwhelmed and a bit resistant.  Sitting for lunch, with his classmates was one of his biggest challenges.  He even came home with bruises on his back from being held in the chair. 

Of Owen’s progress, one of the teachers said she had never seen a child “skyrocket” like him.  I smile now thinking about it.  Owen, my nonverbal child, had all of his vowel sounds in isolation and the majority of his consonants—less the more difficult ones like “f”.  Next they would build up consonant-vowel combos and consonant-vowel-consonant and then words.  I couldn’t believe they could teach a child to talk using this method.  It seemed like it would take forever at this pace.  But I had heard from other parents this method worked.  And I believed.

I don’t know where or when things changed.  When the “skyrocket” changed to a “speed bump”…but it did.  Owen would gain a word and then lose it.  Kevin and I reinforced the best we could and can the teaching at school.  We try to generalize it in our natural environment.  No one would admit Owen was at a plateau.  

Owen should have begun preschool this September.  If he had gone down that expected path…at the very least, we hoped he would start this month.  I asked them to lay it on the line and they said he most likely won’t be returning to district anytime soon.  Now I must begin to formulate my arguments for keeping him at his school rather than sending him to another school that costs less and isn’t as good.

How does any of this relate to knitting?  Knitting was my solace after Owen was born.  Even before he got his diagnosis, I needed the knitting to get through the difficulties of life with this little boy.  I honestly feel like knitting kept me sane as I blamed myself for my failings as a mother.  I had raised two pretty well behaved children—Cameron and Gracie.  Why couldn’t I do the same with Owen?  We have some of the answers now.  Owen is not like his siblings.  Of course, he is also like them in some ways too.  However, I don’t feel like knitting.  My passion for knitting is waning.

Wow, I wrote that a week ago but didn’t post it.  The feelings are pretty much the same right now.  Owen surprised his teacher today with his ability to spell his name using Alphabet train cars.  It destroys me what is locked in side that mind of his.  I wish I could find the key to let it all out.  To let him out.  He is a remarkable child.  I wish I knew him better.


Progress January 7, 2005

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Pdrm0114 I’m happy with the product! Next time I would not string all the beads at once, duh, I waste more time moving beads, I have to do things the hard way first.

It’s garter stitch, so it’s stretchable, Pdrm0115_1 here’s a close up.

I’ve ordered thousands of beads, not a lot of money, I’ve researched, it seems the ones from Japan are the best.I wish I had my Takana(sp?) leftovers here, shall I ask Katy to look in stash aster for some?

Thank you for you comments, my poor laptop is loaded with conflicts, 2 cable accounts, I can’t answer directly, it’s a mess, when I get home I’ll ask Kevin to help it out.


New Year, New Book January 4, 2005

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Bead Knitting is fun

I have the Pulse Warmer book, about 1000 beads, beading needle, wool, and size 0’s.

Today I spent the day slipping 500 of the 896 beads I need to knit the one I want to do.  It wasn’t easy but I finally got the hang of it–after dropping a few beads.

I did knit a sample before committing to this endeavor.  Katy asked what I was going to do with them.  I have no idea.  I’m a process knitter, that’s why I’ve got piles of things all knitted, never used at home.  There must be at least a dozen doilies, as many pairs of mittens too pretty to wear…I did use them for workshops…way back when.