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Clapotis c’est fini February 27, 2005

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Clapotis_is_done_010_1 Has that title been used yet?  I Googled it…didn’t want to be completely unoriginal!  Clapotis_cest_fini

Alright, the specs…Clapotis by Kate Gilbert from Knitty.   I used Spirit Trail Fiberworks 50/50 Merino/Silk that I purchased at the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool festival.  And from Jen’s website as I didn’t buy enough!  I used a little less than 500 yds so I didn’t do as many increases as specified.  I also didn’t keep track of the actual amount of increases which was problematic when I was concerned I was running out of yarn.  Here I am wearing the coat Kevin bought me after Christmas.  I love it.  And the yarn color–which Gracie chose–looks terrific with it.

Clapotis_is_kinda_goofy Now onto the Flower Basket Shawl and the organization and documentation of my stash. 


The ree-al-o-tee of Clapotis February 25, 2005

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Lifeline Sigh.  Can someone tell me what I was thinking when I decided to add a lifeline to Clapotis and begin the decreases?  Why didn’t I do the extra straight repeat and use the lifeline if I ran out of yarn for the decreases?  Now it seems as though I have enough yarn to knit another repeat…maybeClapotis_and_sheep

Here is Clapotis perched atop the sheep doorstopper I received in a swap with StichinGirl.  Sorry for the bad photo.  It’s quite sunny with the glare off the snow.  Speaking of snow…everyone is home today ‘cept Kevin.  We had a great time playing.  I whipped Cam and Owen’s butt in a snowball fight.  Sure, I have the natural advantage of my age but it was two against one.  We tried to build a snowperson but Owen kept squishing the balls.  But he kept his mittens on so I didn’t care.

Scooby_sleeps I will end with a picture of Scooby, asleep in his bed,  next to the Mystery Machine. 


a little of this and a bit of that February 24, 2005

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Thanks for the input regarding Scooby.  He is fine.  Thank goodness.  I guess it was just a matter of adjustment.  He is really cute.  He almost seems thankful for his new home…very appreciative and sweet.  He’s really affectionate too. 

I have been working on Clapotis.  I am nearing the end of my 4th skein of 5.  I meant to note where exactly I finished the first but I didn’t.  Oh well, I am going to estimate and I hope I don’t have to rip back.  It’s not as short as I thought it might be.  The reality of Clapotis is better than I thought. 

Cameron, Gracie and I went to Jillians today.  They had fun.  I really enjoy the time I have with them when they are off from school and Owen is not.  It is a gift.  They are getting along beautifully too.  Gracie and I have been watching the autism series on the Today Show.  She especially enjoyed the piece on siblings.  I didn’t find it all that informative but today’s on the IDEA was okay.  And the lawyer they showed, Gary Mayerson, gave me some helpful input when dealing with Cameron’s educational needs.  He is a good guy.

I am anxious to get into the stash closet.  I want to take a picture for the blog but I am afraid to let Scooby see the contents.  He’s been pretty good so far.  I even knit with him in my lap.  He seems to prefer Mighty Beans. 

Kevin is in Canada.  I don’t know if he will be getting home with the snow coming.  Ordered some yarn from Elann for my mom yesterday and didn’t get anything for myself.  But I did order from Knitpicks.  I had to try some of their new yarn


St. Brigid news February 22, 2005

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Vicki has finished and it is goregous!  Kim is going to begin her seaming!  Wow, two finished in one week…I am jealous.  While I am tinking back my increase error, I am letting my screwy cable–near the bottom–stew until my mother returns from Florida.

In the meantime, I may start on a sleeve if I can find another US 7 addi.  This stash organization is making it difficult to find things.  Like many other bloggers are doing, I think I may categorize my stash and even post an album.  Perhaps it will keep me honest.  Do I really need 19 pairs of socks worth of sock yarn?

Thanks all for the kitty well wishes.  He and Owen were so cute this morning demanding breakfast.  Scooby was louder and more annoying and thus ate first.  He’s got me already!  One problem–for the squeamish–avert your eyes from the following text–he hasn’t had a BM yet.  Am I supposed to worry about these things?  I actually called the shelter and they said if he doesn’t have one in the next 24 hours to bring him to the clinic.  Unfortunately the hours are from 2-9pm and Kevin is going out of town.  I am NOT bringing all three kids.  Kevin will bring him on Thursday if he still hasn’t done the dirty deed.

Cameron, Gracie and I went to Boomers this morning before Parent Training with Owen and Cameron’s peer modeling.  I wish I had brought my camera.  Between Gracie on the rock wall and the two of them on Dance Dance Revolution…I had some great blog fodder.  Parent Training was fun.  Gracie worked with Owen and I.  When asked, "What do you like to play with?" Owen is supposed to say "trains".  It is what he has been taught.  Today he said, "Gracie".  So cute.  Cam did peer modeling with one of Owen’s former classmates.  Owen’s old teacher came charging into my training and demanded to speak with me regarding Cameron.  She proceeded to tell me that Cameron was teaching her student, a kindergartener with autism, how to armpit fart.  I asked what the prompt level was and we both cracked up.  No doubt his mom will be thrilled.  What the heck?  It is an age appropriate behavior. 

And from Vicki:

1.  How much space is left on your TiVo or Comcast box?

About 40%.  We love this thing.  It’s kind of expensive though.

2.  Have you ever bought a DVD of a TV series and, if so, which one?

        Kevin has Band of Brothers and I bought him Father Ted but it is in PAL format, from when we lived in the UK and can’t be played on our VCR.

3.  What was the last TV show you watched before reading this message?


4.  List five TV shows you won’t miss…

      I am not a big TV fan.  I do like to watch Lost.  24 is pretty good.  Desperate Housewives is okay.  Buffy reruns while waiting for Owen’s bus is always nice.

5.  Name three people — pass the stick.

I think I will pass this on to Kim/Curlie Girl ’cause she didn’t do the last one I sent her way.  Load the guilt on.  And Donna ’cause I passed the music one to her too and she didn’t do it.  And last to the other Donna, ’cause she passed the music one to me. 

And I saw this at Margene’s:

bold the states you’ve been to, underline the states you’ve lived in and italicize the state you’re in now… Alabama / Alaska / Arizona / Arkansas / California / Colorado / Connecticut / Delaware / Florida / Georgia / Hawaii / Idaho / Illinois / Indiana / Iowa / Kansas / Kentucky / Louisiana / Maine / Maryland / Massachusetts / Michigan / Minnesota / Mississippi / Missouri / Montana / Nebraska / Nevada / New Hampshire / New Jersey / New Mexico / New York / North Carolina / North Dakota / Ohio / Oklahoma / Oregon / Pennsylvania / Rhode Island / South Carolina / South Dakota / Tennessee / Texas / Utah / Vermont / Virginia / Washington / West Virginia / Wisconsin / Wyoming / Washington D.C / Go HERE to have a form generate the HTML for you.


Knitting Kitty February 21, 2005

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The better part of yesterday was spent at the North Shore Animal League looking for a kitten.  When life is chaotic, I am a firm believer in adding a bit more.  We have been talking about a pet for some time and have come away emptyhanded a couple of times but not yesterday.  Meet our new cat.


We had planned to get a kitten but got talked into a cat.  The kittens were a bit squirmy.  This guy was quite docile.  And when I asked Owen what he thought of him, he said, "Scooby".  And when asked, "Do you want him?"  Owen said, "yea".  How could we not?  The adoption process took much longer than we expected.  I’d say at least 1.5 hours with the phone references.

He is really quite sweet and calm.  But he also has an upper respiratory infection, plaque, dry skin and is a "picky eater".  Three different meds for him.  I made the vet assure me that his special needs were temporary.  He said definately.



Kevin put shelves in my stash closet. I can’t wait to get in there and reorganize. It’s the kids week off from school though…so I don’t know when I will get the time.  And Scooby needs our attention too.


Stitch or bitch February 18, 2005

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How about both?  I went to a Stitch and Bitch meeting last night.  For those on Lawn Guyland interested–it meets at Panera Bread in Bohemia, Thursday nights at 7.  Nice group of women–some I had met at Granny’s.  There is a guy but he didn’t come last night.  Token guy knitter.  It always makes my feminist heart chuckle a bit.  I don’t know if I will be able to attend regularly.  Between Kevin’s hours and the Rail Road…shall we move on to the bitch?

Kevin has been late a lot lately.  Owen’s teacher cut back to 2 days a week.  I am disappointed in myself that I rely so heavily on this other person to get through the afternoon and evening but I do.  The amount of homework that Cameron receives…it is impossible for him to do alone.  And Owen will find trouble.  Currently he is into, again, stripping and jumping.  He wanted to watch Toy Story in his underwear yesterday in our basement playroom.  He kept leading me by the hand and saying, "Help me, Mommy."  Breaking my heart but NO!  I know it sounds rather harmless and it is kinda cute at 5 but at 15, a young man hanging around the house in his undies–not cute.

Anyway, knitting…I tinked a row of St. Brigid at Stitch and Bitch.  I have to undo another half row.  I think.  I am a little confused right now over the whole thing.  But it will be fine.  I did, however, find a somewhat screwy cable on the lower left hand side.  I don’t know what happened.  It is a nine stitch cable and maybe I missed my mulitple of three–by like one.  It is not very noticeable but I am a bit of a perfectionist.  Sigh.  It may just become the back.  But I think I will wait till my mother comes back to NY–she will give me a very honest opinion.  Thanks mom. 


My sock will be frogged.  It’s way too lose.  And I started Cameron’s Kitty Pi for his stuffed dog.  Cameron thinks we should save it for the kitten.  What kitten you ask?  I tried again yesterday to get a kitten.  I even went to Petco first and bought all of the supplies–we have litter pan, litter, bowls, mat, food and toys.  Next I went to the pound.  No kittens but a stripey grey/black cat was pawing and mewing at me.  I asked for assistance.  She told me she’d be right there and never came.  She helped someone who came in after me that was looking for a dog.  Cameron and Gracie will go with me next week to look–it’s their vacation.  And tonight, Gracie and I are going to see Because of Winn Dixie and dinner.  We listened to that on the way up to Rhinebeck. 


Knitter’s day out February 15, 2005

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Today was spent with the divine swine lovin’ Ann.  And Ricki and Peggy and a new friend Lisa too.  She keeps good company.  And the dogs…love the dogs.  Lucy is as goregous as ever and Poe is growing in leaps and bounds.  He has a shoe fetish!  Moe, one-eyed Moe, was kind enough to puke next to me but the sneezing whilst puking sprayed.  And we shall not discuss the backyard incidents.  Someone remind me to watch where I walk when we finally get a dog!  I am out of practice.

Enough of the grossness…onto some knitting.  Really, there has been very little going on.  I am getting into the organization of my stash.  And that is only the things lying about my bedroom.  It will be fun to get into the closet.  I started a sock using some Regia Cotton.  I am using US 2’s and I cast on 64 stitches as per The Twisted Sister Sock Workbook but they seem rather large.  I decreased 4 stitches but I am still not sure.  I have also decided to tink St. Brigid back to the increases.  Technically, it is a row and a half and the one whole row is the wrong side.  So it won’t be so bad.

Oh and fab soup, salad and coffee cake.  Yum!  Ann is a terrific host. 


The winner is… February 13, 2005

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Lantern_moon_contest_004 Please email your snail mail address and I will get the basket off to you.  We pulled a second and third name out of the basket too–just in case the first winner didn’t get back to me.  My mom has kindly offered to donate a second basket to BobbieB.  So, Bobbie please send me  your address too.  And the third name, well she attempted to fill the basket, so to speak.  Who am I talking about?  A certain pig/pug loving blogger, Ann.  Will we disqualify her?  Nah…I’ll find something for her!

A disclaimer, Gracie was not thrilled with any of the pictures we took but agreed to let me post this one.  She’s a doll.

In the you asked for it, you got it world…here is my progress on St. Brigid.


I am rather disappointed with my increase error.  It is a triple increase on the right and wrong side row in the middle pattern.  I must have forgotten one increase on the right side.  So, I tried to fudge it on the wrong side.  It looks pretty crappy.  Sigh.  I am not so good with ripping the aran’s off the needle.  I could tink back.  But that is very time consuming.  I am not sure I can drop it down.  If I decide to fix it properly, I will give the drop down a try first.

In other exciting St. Brigid news, Kristi of Needlefingers finished her St. Brigid.  Go ooh and ahh.  She spun the yarn too.  What an accomplishment.

This weekend was fun at the yarn shop.  It was busier than I expected and filled with Irish women buying 4-ply.  Joanne came to visit too.  She will be Clapotis-ing soon.  Unlike other knitters I know–myself included–she’s got plenty of yarn.

Today we visited Kevin’s family and left the kids for a few hours while we hit the outlets.  I got two pairs of cashmere lined Coach gloves.  Granted the colors are funky–Shrek green and turquoise.  But they will match the lovely coat Kevin bought me at the After Christmas sales.  And we went to Lowes.  We are organizing closets–including my stash closet.  Maybe I will even get a doorknob.  Oh, the excitement.  I was digging through the other day and am contemplating the Kid Classic I won in the Mason-Dixon Knitting Afghanalong for Rogue.  Anyone know of a good reason why I couldn’t use it? 

                               Happy Valentine’s Day!


St. Brigid KAL and a contest February 10, 2005

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First up, the St. Brigid KAL.  Vicki has been making phenomenal progress but is ripping back to add another repeat.  She is still way ahead of me!  Kim has almost 5 and a half repeats done on "Her Majesty".  We have a new member too–Margot–she is contemplating yarn choices right now.  And Chris, what can we say about Chris and her yarn choices!  Monday night (2/7) Chris had a dream that I dropped her from the knitalong.  And I brought my whole family along to toss her out.  Very funny.  Of course, this is all an attempt to distract you from my lack of progress on my own St. Brigid.  I did get through about 5 rows on my fourth pattern repeat.  I screwed up a bit too on those increases.  I am not ripping back though.  It is a design element now.  I will post pictures of my lack of progress one of these days.

Now, on to the contest… Lantern_moon_tote_contest_001

   Up for grabs we have one Lantern Moon Silk and Seagrass Drawstring Box.  I think it the perfect place to tuck a small project.  Leave a comment and one of the kids will draw a name on Sunday. 


February 9, 2005

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Owen_playing Owen_on_the_tramp_2 Owen_on_his_back_with_train_videoOwen_outta_here

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Here is Owen in action with his Knitting Pure and Simple Neckdown Pullover.  I knit it with Sirdar Denim Sport Aran.  I think it took about 2 skeins.  I used size 9 and 7 needles.  The pattern called for a 6 rather than a 7 but Owen wouldn’t have been able to get his hands through the sleeves.  I made the size 6-8.  I hope it still fits him next year.  And I lengthened the sleeves and body.  He is quite pleased with it and I am pleased that I finally knit him a sweater.  He did wear it yesterday when the district came to observe him.  However, the observation didn’t go as expected.  They were late.  They said morning and they showed up at noon–lunchtime.  They didn’t see any programs being run–not the letters or his social questions.  Sigh.  Owen’s teacher didn’t get the impression that they are interested in his returning to district.  That doesn’t mean he gets to stay at his current school but we’ll just have to see.