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February 7, 2005

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Caryn, our latest St. Brigid knit alonger, passed this to me.  I admit my music tastes are a bit dated but I mostly listen to what my kids listen too.  It is not uncommon for me to be driving to work and notice as I pull in that I am singing Hot Potato by the Wiggles.

Speaking of Australia, Donna tagged me too.

1.) Total amount of music files on your computer:

          374 on the laptop with more downstairs on the desktop and more on Kevin’s laptop.  Kevin is the ace CD burner in the house.

2.) The last CD you bought was:

          The last CD I actually bought was the Shrek 2 soundtrack—for Cameron’s birthday.  The last grown up CD was purchased for us by Kevin and it was U2, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

3.) What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?

          Particle Man, by They Might Be Giants, in the car with the kids, on the way back from the dentist.

4.) What are your five favorite songs and why they mean the most to you?

          a.  In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel.  It was our wedding song.  Technically, it was my song with my best friend and we promised each other we would use it as our wedding song…we were supposed to love our husband’s as much as we loved each other.  Pretty lame, right?  I didn’t really want to use it but we did.  Of course, she had a very non-traditional wedding and just played it as everyone was leaving.

          b.  It’s a Hard Life Wherever You Go, by Nancy Griffith.  I just love this song and her.  I think I heard her on the Today Show when I was in college.  It is such a beautiful song and so expressive of so many of the things I fought for when I worked in


.  One of my favorite lines…”Cafeteria line in Chicago, fat man in front of me, is calling black people trash to his children and he’s the only trash here I see.”

          c.  Boss of Me (Theme from Malcolm in the Middle), by They Might be Giants.  I have been listening to this song a lot lately.  Technically, it is one of Owen’s favorite songs—and I think it suits him as it is hard to boss him.  But I think I have adopted it for my feelings about his autism and the people who have told me there is little hope.  Your not so big!

          d.  Running up That Hill (A Deal With God), by Kate Bush.  I love Kate Bush’s haunting voice.  My degree is also in Theology.  There are many times I would have liked to make a deal with God and swap places.

          e.  A toss up between This Charming Man and How Soon Is Now, by the Smiths.  Can you tell I was a maudlin new wave girl?  They were probably my all-time favorite band as a teenager.  I loved Morrissey and saw them at the Pier for their Meat is Murder tour.  Sigh.

What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why?

Well, this thing sure has been passed around and I am not sure there is anyone left to pass it too.  I think I will pass it to Jody, I am sure she has great taste in music—especially what she listens to on her commute.  Kim, ‘cause it’s cold up there and I am sure she listens to music while knitting and making her fabulous bears.  Last, I will pass this to Sarah—between she and her husband, I bet they have great taste in music too.