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a few good things February 8, 2005

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Today I will mail off my contribution to the Red Scarf Project.  I knit another drop stitch scarf.  This time I used Filatura di Crosa College.  It seems sadly neglected at Granny’s shop, so I figured I would give it a whirl.  It doesn’t have as much yardage as the Stacy Charles Rittrato that I used for a teacher gift so the fringe wasn’t as plush. 


In other exciting or scary news, the district is coming to observe Owen at his school today.  I cast off the last sleeve on his pullover last night but didn’t run the ends.  I showed it to him this morning and he smiled and put his arms up–to put it on.  He knew it was his sweater.  And wanted to wear it.  I ran a few ends and wrote a note to his teachers not to cut any strings!  Today, as the district observes my little boy, he will be wrapped in love and prayers and peaceful thoughts by me! 


12 Responses to “a few good things”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I love the vision of Owen wrapped in your love, prayer and peace.

  2. Chris Says:

    How sweet. Prayers are winging your way.

  3. lillium Says:

    I love it that he wanted to wear it – like now! Jbird and I are doing fine. We’re still trying to get into the swing of a routine – not yet there but getting there. The fact that I’m taking a class myself hasn’t helped. And the fact that I’ve discovered I’ve got to go back to college for recertification is going to be a major adjustment.

  4. Vicki Says:

    Oh, so sweet! Wrapped in love… what a lucky boy.

  5. Sara Says:

    Awwww – how sweet! He’s wrapped in your love all the time, but what a nice image for today especially 🙂

  6. Mary Beth Says:

    Your scarf is lovely! Lucky Owen!

  7. ann Says:

    yay for Mr. Owen! looking forward to Thursday at the diner!

  8. Rossana Says:

    Looks like Owen knows a great sweater when he sees it! May it always bring him warmth and good luck!

  9. That’s so sweet that he knew it was his sweater…what’s better than that! I hope all goes well with owen at his school, wrapped up in his sweater! :0)

  10. Lisa Says:

    Hi, Katy.

    I love, love, love the beautiful red scarf you created for the Red Scarf Project. I was ecstatic to open the package and find such a delicate treasure. Thank you so much for your lovely contribution!

    The Red Scarf Project

  11. Jean Says:

    Okay… I’m not a mushy person, but that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Hope all went well, Katy.

  12. Orli Says:

    As you can see I’m catching up on blogs. That red scarf projects looks good and what a preety scarf. I’ll need to try that pattern one day.
    Good luck to Owen, and AWWWWWWW to his sweater story.

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