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St. Brigid KAL and a contest February 10, 2005

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First up, the St. Brigid KAL.  Vicki has been making phenomenal progress but is ripping back to add another repeat.  She is still way ahead of me!  Kim has almost 5 and a half repeats done on "Her Majesty".  We have a new member too–Margot–she is contemplating yarn choices right now.  And Chris, what can we say about Chris and her yarn choices!  Monday night (2/7) Chris had a dream that I dropped her from the knitalong.  And I brought my whole family along to toss her out.  Very funny.  Of course, this is all an attempt to distract you from my lack of progress on my own St. Brigid.  I did get through about 5 rows on my fourth pattern repeat.  I screwed up a bit too on those increases.  I am not ripping back though.  It is a design element now.  I will post pictures of my lack of progress one of these days.

Now, on to the contest… Lantern_moon_tote_contest_001

   Up for grabs we have one Lantern Moon Silk and Seagrass Drawstring Box.  I think it the perfect place to tuck a small project.  Leave a comment and one of the kids will draw a name on Sunday. 


41 Responses to “St. Brigid KAL and a contest”

  1. Donna Says:

    I’ve not knit a Starmore yet, but St Brigid is beautiful. I don’t think I have enough patience!

  2. Nathania Says:

    St. Brigid is on the list, but after St. Ciaran for my sweet Kevin.

  3. Rossana Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your St. Brigid progress! =) As for moi, I’m still struggling to finish all these socks and scarves started eons ago. Then it’ll be time to start on some baby knitting for friends. Wheee!

  4. Chris Says:

    I know what you can say about me, I need to get off my sorry butt and make a decision. I found the Silkroad Aran Tweed in Aussie for less than $6.00 American!! Woohoo!! And they have a green color similar to Skye Tweed. Now to wait for that paycheck!

  5. jody Says:

    well at least your progress is better than mine! i haven’t touched it since i last saw you in late december!

  6. Angi Says:

    Is there a link to see St Brigid? I’ve read what you’ve written about it, but I’m not familiar with the pattern.

  7. abby Says:

    I saw one of those basket/bags in person today at the LYS in Apalachicola, FL. It was gorgeous. And thanks for the reminder that I have to a) decide what the prize is for my contest and b) have hubby choose a name!

  8. Nancy Says:

    I have been coveting one of those baskets for awhile now! I’ll keep my fingers crossed all weekend.

  9. Kris Says:

    That basket is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the picture of your St. Brigid.

  10. Tish Says:

    I love knitting cables and I love the way the St Brigid looks, but I’m not sure I have the patience to tackle a project that complicated. Maybe I’ll make a gansey for my 4yo first to ease into it. I bought Leslie Anne Price’s “Kid’s Knits” way back in ’87 and kept thinking I’d like to knit Cornish Kid (a child’s “guernsey”) for my then almost 4yo son (now almost 23!!), but we were living in CA so I knit a lot of summery stuff and toys for my son and daughters. I still love the look of Cornish Kid and my 4yo girly-girl would love it in purple or hot pink…I think I just talked myself into it.

  11. Sara Says:

    pick me pick me pick me!

    pretty pretty sweater by the way 🙂 Sara

  12. travelita Says:

    Glad someone is blogging about St. Brigid again!

  13. Katie Says:

    Thanks Kathleen!

  14. Nickie Says:

    Love that LM bag! Would be wonderful for my Ruffle Scarf project! St. Brigid is on my list…

  15. Vicki Says:

    The dream with you and your family ousting Chris from the KAL is hilarious. And Travelita must not read my blog or it would be “Enough about St. Brigid already!” New members — that’s pretty cool.

    Do show us a picture of your progress soon!

  16. Norma Says:

    I hope to see you in St. Brigid at Rhinebeck 2005!

  17. Anna Says:

    Oh I’d love that basket!

    I love reading your blog, keep up the good work! :o)


  18. Lillium Says:

    I got the Starmore book from the library and loved looking at Na Craga – but – I’m not there yet with my skills. And don’t ask me why I didn’t have the heart to disobey the copyright laws – but I didn’t. I’m going to look around for something a little more simple in design for a hubby sweater. Any suggestions? Thanks for letting me know about Owen.

  19. Jackie Says:

    I’ve been drooling over everyone’s St. Brigid’s – I rreally want to give this one a try…I just have to find the book!!

  20. Mary Beth Says:

    I just had to do a major ripping of my aran. I wasn’t that upset though, just an “oh well” feeling. Can’t wait to see yours.

  21. Joanne Says:

    I need to have a serious talk with you about how to choose a good yarn for cabled patterns. I ripped out the clock vest because the cables were fugly. The yarn was a single ply, soft twist. Would a firmer four ply be a better choice for this?

  22. Laura Says:

    Lurker here! I love reading your blog and seeing how ferocious you are for your kids! Thanks for the opportunity to win the basket!

  23. Jean Says:

    I’d love to join the KAL but I’m in the Must Have Cardigan one and I can only do one cable project at a time. I’ll admire yours from afar though. lol. That basket is gorgeous!

  24. Caryn Says:

    Waiting, and waiting and waiting for my yarn for St. Brigid to come! BTW, I picked up A.S.’s “Fisherman’s Sweaters”. Aw man, another knitting obsession is born! The Lantermoon bag is sooo cute!

  25. diane Says:

    St. Brigid, or just about any AS sweater scares me… Maybe one of these years when I have enough patience. In the meantime I’ll knit vicariously through others!

  26. ann Says:

    Pick me Gracie!!

  27. ann Says:

    Pick me Owen!!!

  28. ann Says:

    Pick Me Cameron!!!!

  29. Margene Says:

    Look at Ann…brown nosing the kids! Love the basket and looking forward to seeing all the St. Brigids. Vicki’s is oh so pretty. Show us yours, Katy!

  30. Christine Says:

    Blue! My favorite color! Would be great to have in my new room! 😉

  31. Judy H. Says:

    I’ve been drooling over St. Brigid for years–some day I’m going to get my act together and *knit it already*!

  32. Jessica Says:

    I’ve always loved the St. Brigid pattern–I’m a huge Alice Starmore fan. This pattern is on my “things to knit before I die” list. Can’t wait to see updates on everyone’s progress.

  33. BobbieB Says:

    I love to read about your knitting and Owen, my own son is blind and autistic.

  34. Lisa Says:

    I think the LM bag is perfect for me, Lisa M.(LM), to carry around her Lantern Moon needles and a red scarf WIP. 🙂


  35. You’ve convinced me… after Cromarty, I’m on to St. Brigid!

  36. yvette Says:

    St.Brigid is so lovely, can’t wait to see yours.
    The Lantern Moon box is lovely.

  37. Orli Says:

    WOW, check out all these comments =) LOL. Cute bag!
    I love contests!

  38. I’m leaving a comment…I’m leaving a comment…pick me, pick me, please….hehe!

    It’s so nice to have new knitters in the knitalong!

  39. Chris Says:

    From Oz yarns
    Alas I may have to wait on the Wintergrass color. But I will wait for this luscious stuff. Bought 2 balls of the brown a month ago and need to find something that will use 2 balls!

  40. Susan Says:

    I love the basket and hope I win. It would be so nice to have something with a drawstring on it – so that I could put my knitting in and not have it jump out and get all nasty with dog and cat hair.

  41. Annie Says:

    I would love to win…I am a new knitter and totally new to blogs….your blog is awesome!

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