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The winner is… February 13, 2005

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Lantern_moon_contest_004 Please email your snail mail address and I will get the basket off to you.  We pulled a second and third name out of the basket too–just in case the first winner didn’t get back to me.  My mom has kindly offered to donate a second basket to BobbieB.  So, Bobbie please send me  your address too.  And the third name, well she attempted to fill the basket, so to speak.  Who am I talking about?  A certain pig/pug loving blogger, Ann.  Will we disqualify her?  Nah…I’ll find something for her!

A disclaimer, Gracie was not thrilled with any of the pictures we took but agreed to let me post this one.  She’s a doll.

In the you asked for it, you got it world…here is my progress on St. Brigid.


I am rather disappointed with my increase error.  It is a triple increase on the right and wrong side row in the middle pattern.  I must have forgotten one increase on the right side.  So, I tried to fudge it on the wrong side.  It looks pretty crappy.  Sigh.  I am not so good with ripping the aran’s off the needle.  I could tink back.  But that is very time consuming.  I am not sure I can drop it down.  If I decide to fix it properly, I will give the drop down a try first.

In other exciting St. Brigid news, Kristi of Needlefingers finished her St. Brigid.  Go ooh and ahh.  She spun the yarn too.  What an accomplishment.

This weekend was fun at the yarn shop.  It was busier than I expected and filled with Irish women buying 4-ply.  Joanne came to visit too.  She will be Clapotis-ing soon.  Unlike other knitters I know–myself included–she’s got plenty of yarn.

Today we visited Kevin’s family and left the kids for a few hours while we hit the outlets.  I got two pairs of cashmere lined Coach gloves.  Granted the colors are funky–Shrek green and turquoise.  But they will match the lovely coat Kevin bought me at the After Christmas sales.  And we went to Lowes.  We are organizing closets–including my stash closet.  Maybe I will even get a doorknob.  Oh, the excitement.  I was digging through the other day and am contemplating the Kid Classic I won in the Mason-Dixon Knitting Afghanalong for Rogue.  Anyone know of a good reason why I couldn’t use it? 

                               Happy Valentine’s Day!


10 Responses to “The winner is…”

  1. Judy H. Says:

    Whee! What fun. 🙂

  2. Mary Beth Says:

    Gracie is a doll! Your St. Brigid looks beautiful, I cannot see a mistake now matter how hard I look! Being highly experienced in RIPPING arans, it’s not so bad to pick back up as long as you do it on a wrong side row, ie, picking up the stitches that have just been worked-as-you-see them, vs. stitches that have just been cabled. Plus, I use a smaller needle just to get them back on – it slips through easier. I HATE the slow tinking back, ripping gets me back on my way quicker, I think. Oh well, I really can’t see anything there but some beautiful and elegant cable work!

  3. Margene Says:

    Gracie looks great with that nice smile. If you get gauge you can use any yarn…go for it. St. Brigid is awesome…you are doing a great job so don’t be hard on yourself. And that Ann is just plain Lucky!

  4. Vicki Says:

    St. Brigid looks great — I can’t really see anything weird. I fudged one or two of those increases along the way, too.

    Gracie looks cute — what a cute way to announce a winner!

  5. ann Says:

    wow — cheaters sometimes do win!! can’t wait to see what you did up!

    is the coat you mention the one you wore the other day? I meant to tell you how lovely you look wearing it! hope to see you tomorrow!

  6. Angi Says:

    Gracie you are beautiful! Kathleen, the St. Brigid is lovely! I had a friend in High School named Brigid. When I see that name written on your blog it makes me think of her and smile.

  7. Kim Says:

    Beautiful St. Brigid — I’ve got some cable envy goin’ here!

  8. Jean Says:

    What a doll! Can we have a drawing for Gracie?! 😉

  9. Orli Says:

    Love the Gracie pick. St. Brigid is lovely. I’m doing my first cable project. It’s Mariah from knitty…it’s certainly is rewarding though I’m just at the begining, will have to see how those triple increased go.

    My collegue is sick all week, so I’ve been crazed at work and exahusted at home…my only solice is knitting in the car.

  10. Tina Says:

    St. Brigid looks awesome, I don’t have the patience to even get halfway through anything majorly cabled. I can’t see any mistakes, and besides when you wear it, most people would never pick up on things that like.

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