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Knitter’s day out February 15, 2005

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Today was spent with the divine swine lovin’ Ann.  And Ricki and Peggy and a new friend Lisa too.  She keeps good company.  And the dogs…love the dogs.  Lucy is as goregous as ever and Poe is growing in leaps and bounds.  He has a shoe fetish!  Moe, one-eyed Moe, was kind enough to puke next to me but the sneezing whilst puking sprayed.  And we shall not discuss the backyard incidents.  Someone remind me to watch where I walk when we finally get a dog!  I am out of practice.

Enough of the grossness…onto some knitting.  Really, there has been very little going on.  I am getting into the organization of my stash.  And that is only the things lying about my bedroom.  It will be fun to get into the closet.  I started a sock using some Regia Cotton.  I am using US 2’s and I cast on 64 stitches as per The Twisted Sister Sock Workbook but they seem rather large.  I decreased 4 stitches but I am still not sure.  I have also decided to tink St. Brigid back to the increases.  Technically, it is a row and a half and the one whole row is the wrong side.  So it won’t be so bad.

Oh and fab soup, salad and coffee cake.  Yum!  Ann is a terrific host. 


12 Responses to “Knitter’s day out”

  1. ann Says:

    thank God for the baking — it’s the only way I can get people to visit me!! looking forward to our felting future!

  2. Vicki Says:

    Oh, sounds like a fun day!! I think you’ll be glad about tinking St. Brigid — especially since it’s not that far and it was bugging you. Go Katy!

  3. Margene Says:

    Glad you and Ann had fun. Wish I could be there!

  4. Norma Says:

    Not enough grossness. I have the doldrums, and I think something like a good “gross” story might perk me up!!! 😉

  5. Jean Says:

    Sounds like a blast of a day!

  6. Tracy Says:

    Yep, know what you mean about sneezing and spraying! I love the colour of your St Brigid, it’s showing up your handiwork beautifully. I may have to give this one a go, it keeps drawing me in!

  7. Dorothy Says:

    Shame on you for telling Ann that her sausage looks like poo (although it really does : ) Sounds like you guys had a great time. I’ll be anxious to see the finished St. Brigid – it’s on my list to do “some day”.

  8. Nancy Says:

    I’m with you on Ann’s fry up, it looks like poo!

  9. ann Says:

    you guys are supposed to be over here demanding that she knit me some toast!!

  10. Joanne Says:

    Yes, Ann is the best! I miss all my knitting pals. I am on another florida jaunt this week, even crazier than last week because half the people I was supposed to work with got detained up north on other work. So I just inflicted my managerial majesty on anyone else I could get my hands on. I took a long walk on the beach and put my toes in the ocean on the way to dinner. So don’t feel sorry for me!

  11. Angi Says:

    What a fun day!

  12. Orli Says:

    yeah, a row ‘n half isn’t too bad…at least tinking is safe.

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