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Stitch or bitch February 18, 2005

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How about both?  I went to a Stitch and Bitch meeting last night.  For those on Lawn Guyland interested–it meets at Panera Bread in Bohemia, Thursday nights at 7.  Nice group of women–some I had met at Granny’s.  There is a guy but he didn’t come last night.  Token guy knitter.  It always makes my feminist heart chuckle a bit.  I don’t know if I will be able to attend regularly.  Between Kevin’s hours and the Rail Road…shall we move on to the bitch?

Kevin has been late a lot lately.  Owen’s teacher cut back to 2 days a week.  I am disappointed in myself that I rely so heavily on this other person to get through the afternoon and evening but I do.  The amount of homework that Cameron receives…it is impossible for him to do alone.  And Owen will find trouble.  Currently he is into, again, stripping and jumping.  He wanted to watch Toy Story in his underwear yesterday in our basement playroom.  He kept leading me by the hand and saying, "Help me, Mommy."  Breaking my heart but NO!  I know it sounds rather harmless and it is kinda cute at 5 but at 15, a young man hanging around the house in his undies–not cute.

Anyway, knitting…I tinked a row of St. Brigid at Stitch and Bitch.  I have to undo another half row.  I think.  I am a little confused right now over the whole thing.  But it will be fine.  I did, however, find a somewhat screwy cable on the lower left hand side.  I don’t know what happened.  It is a nine stitch cable and maybe I missed my mulitple of three–by like one.  It is not very noticeable but I am a bit of a perfectionist.  Sigh.  It may just become the back.  But I think I will wait till my mother comes back to NY–she will give me a very honest opinion.  Thanks mom. 


My sock will be frogged.  It’s way too lose.  And I started Cameron’s Kitty Pi for his stuffed dog.  Cameron thinks we should save it for the kitten.  What kitten you ask?  I tried again yesterday to get a kitten.  I even went to Petco first and bought all of the supplies–we have litter pan, litter, bowls, mat, food and toys.  Next I went to the pound.  No kittens but a stripey grey/black cat was pawing and mewing at me.  I asked for assistance.  She told me she’d be right there and never came.  She helped someone who came in after me that was looking for a dog.  Cameron and Gracie will go with me next week to look–it’s their vacation.  And tonight, Gracie and I are going to see Because of Winn Dixie and dinner.  We listened to that on the way up to Rhinebeck. 


13 Responses to “Stitch or bitch”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Hey There! Glad you had a good time last night! Hope to see you at Panera again!

  2. joanne Says:

    Where exactly in Bohemia, and is it every Thurs? Because maybe I could manage that a time or two per month…..

  3. Jackie Says:

    Oh, a kitten – what fun! Have fun tonight!

  4. jody Says:

    i’m glad you were able to get out for a bit! st b – do what will make you happy. if it’s gonna bug you every time you wear, then fix it. if it’ll be ok if it’s on the back, then don’t 🙂

    btw, remember how we both bought the same color sock yarn last year at MDSW? well i laughed when i saw your pic because i just pulled the same color out this week for my sockapalooza sock. it does seem like this yarn likes to be knit tightly. i may have to go down to 1’s!

  5. Rachael Says:

    “Token guy knitter.” Love it. There’s always one, huh?

  6. Nancy Says:

    I know what you mean about depending on your spouse. If Rinaldo works late my evening feels overwhelming. Making sure Avery gets his homework done, making Ian do his homework (his vacation homework says “help your child to color in the lines” I’m 35 and I don’t even color in the lines!), plus getting dinner cooked and served is nearly impossible alone. I am obviously not cut out to ever be a single parent.

  7. Susan Says:

    Hang in there! It seems like when it rains it pours, doesn’t it? You’ve got so much to handle and you’ve got less help to do it — it seems like that’s always the way. Why doesn’t anyone tell you this *before* you become a mother? Feel free to bitch with me any time you like. . . I’m here!!

    As far as the underwear TV situation is concerned, you are doing the right thing, nipping that in the bud. (Of course, it’s too bad that you can see men in underwear watching TV on TV and in commercials, so you’re not getting any reinforcement from Madison Ave.) My daughter sometimes gets like that, and one solution we’ve worked out is that she can wear something special to watch TV. In her case, a princess dress will work, but for Owen, maybe if he had some special pajamas, sweats, or a robe specifically for TV that might keep him clothed. I don’t know if he’d get so attached that he wouldn’t let you “upgrade” if his special outfit got too small or worn.

    Hope you have an enjoyable and *relaxing* weekend!

  8. joanne Says:

    Where exactly in Bohemia, and is it every Thurs? Because maybe I could manage that a time or two per month…..

  9. Rossana Says:

    Kitty! I hope the new furry face will bring much joy into your home. Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Anita Says:

    Don’t feel wrong about needing other folks and their help! We do need others and it’s unfortunate that you’re at a period where the help you rely on is not as available. This may just be a dip in the road, with more help to come! Hang in there lady! I’m sending you Sustaining Thoughts and Hugs!

  11. Mary Beth Says:

    Enjoy the movie – I just realized that Winn Dixie was written by the same author as Tale of Despereaux – now there’s a classic kid’s story! Sometimes I feel off-kilter when my knitting is causing me a problem – maybe when you finish the tinking you will feel better.

  12. Catherine Says:

    Hi, Kathleen. You should come to Bay Ridge. There are always kittens to be had. Too many because people don’t get them spayed and let them out, etc. North Shore Trailers were here last Saturday and one whole trailer was full of cats and kittens. Best, Catherine

  13. Kevin from NY Says:

    trying to dig myself out of doghouse….any ideas? so far i have reorganized stash closet – looked online for a recipe for dinner we have not made in about 5 years called cheesy crescent chicken bake (we may still make this….stay tuned)….and i went along with the cat adoption – stay tuned more – pictures of scooby are sure to be posted soon – owen is pretty pysched.

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