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a little of this and a bit of that February 24, 2005

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Thanks for the input regarding Scooby.  He is fine.  Thank goodness.  I guess it was just a matter of adjustment.  He is really cute.  He almost seems thankful for his new home…very appreciative and sweet.  He’s really affectionate too. 

I have been working on Clapotis.  I am nearing the end of my 4th skein of 5.  I meant to note where exactly I finished the first but I didn’t.  Oh well, I am going to estimate and I hope I don’t have to rip back.  It’s not as short as I thought it might be.  The reality of Clapotis is better than I thought. 

Cameron, Gracie and I went to Jillians today.  They had fun.  I really enjoy the time I have with them when they are off from school and Owen is not.  It is a gift.  They are getting along beautifully too.  Gracie and I have been watching the autism series on the Today Show.  She especially enjoyed the piece on siblings.  I didn’t find it all that informative but today’s on the IDEA was okay.  And the lawyer they showed, Gary Mayerson, gave me some helpful input when dealing with Cameron’s educational needs.  He is a good guy.

I am anxious to get into the stash closet.  I want to take a picture for the blog but I am afraid to let Scooby see the contents.  He’s been pretty good so far.  I even knit with him in my lap.  He seems to prefer Mighty Beans. 

Kevin is in Canada.  I don’t know if he will be getting home with the snow coming.  Ordered some yarn from Elann for my mom yesterday and didn’t get anything for myself.  But I did order from Knitpicks.  I had to try some of their new yarn


8 Responses to “a little of this and a bit of that”

  1. Margene Says:

    I just started the FBS with the Baby Alpaca lace weight from KnitPicks. It is heavenly! Hope I can give it away. Good for you for staying away from Elann. I’m having a very hard time doing so.

  2. Amy Says:

    I put the clap on hold till the begining of March – until then I’m trying to work down my sock yarn stash. Your DH goes away a lot, how are you holding up?

  3. Mom Says:

    My order from Earth Faire just came, lovely new beads, patterns & sock yarn, I’ll be dragging this stuff home to stashaster, ugh.
    Count down is on, 8 more sleeps

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Hey there! I just got my order form Knitpicks today! Took only 2 days to get here! It is so nice and I cant wait to start my afghan. Hope to see you at S and B soon!

  5. Rossana Says:

    The Peruvian Collection Alpaca Silk was exactly what I was eyeing today on elann.com! Hee! But I’m being good, at least til Lent, and not buying any yarn. =)

  6. Angi Says:

    You sure are a fun mom! I have some new Knitpicks yarn too. What are you going to make?

  7. joanne Says:

    We watched the CNN autism thing on the weekend, and there was a piece on the gates that followed shortly thereafter. My husband had to walk away in disgust, 21 million on alleged art after the piece about the family incurring such financial cost to try to help their autistic son was too much for him to take…..

  8. Orli Says:

    I like the Today Show, it’s light and informative…we used to be able to get it here a few years ago but we no longer do, so I make do with bits and pcs. that I can watch online.
    Keiko, our cat does not behave around my knitting, nor does our son, so I can’t knit at home too much.

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