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The ree-al-o-tee of Clapotis February 25, 2005

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Lifeline Sigh.  Can someone tell me what I was thinking when I decided to add a lifeline to Clapotis and begin the decreases?  Why didn’t I do the extra straight repeat and use the lifeline if I ran out of yarn for the decreases?  Now it seems as though I have enough yarn to knit another repeat…maybeClapotis_and_sheep

Here is Clapotis perched atop the sheep doorstopper I received in a swap with StichinGirl.  Sorry for the bad photo.  It’s quite sunny with the glare off the snow.  Speaking of snow…everyone is home today ‘cept Kevin.  We had a great time playing.  I whipped Cam and Owen’s butt in a snowball fight.  Sure, I have the natural advantage of my age but it was two against one.  We tried to build a snowperson but Owen kept squishing the balls.  But he kept his mittens on so I didn’t care.

Scooby_sleeps I will end with a picture of Scooby, asleep in his bed,  next to the Mystery Machine. 


9 Responses to “The ree-al-o-tee of Clapotis”

  1. Joanne Says:

    Don’t understand your term adding a lifeline, what is that?

    We own a similar pet bed. Our cat does not use it. He prefers to lounge in a size 14 Nike shoe box. We say he picked the right family, with so many sized fourteen feet here, he gets a new bed regularly. Scooby looks quite cute, maybe I will post the picture to shame Caesar into using his?

  2. Margene Says:

    No more yarn? RATS! I did just bind mine of a few rows short when I ran out but you might be too far away from the end to do that. Sounds like you’re having fun in that snow!

  3. Vicki Says:

    Clapotis sure is pretty — love the color. None of our pets ever sleep in anything that was made or purchased for that purpose. The dog’s bed is basically a toy box now for all her toys…

  4. heather Says:

    aww! scooby looks so comfy.

    eck. no yarn left.

    clap-o-tee will be fabu even if you do run out!

  5. Jackie Says:

    Love the color of your Clap! So feminine. Scooby looks happy!

  6. Judy H. Says:

    Such a lovely Clapotis. I love the blue. I have the yarn ready to start mine, but I’m still telling myself I have to finish something else first. We’ll see if that lasts until I actually *do* finish something else! 😉

  7. Tina Says:

    Your cat!! SO CUTE!!..I like your Clapotis too, that color looks almost shimmery.

  8. Christine Says:

    Your scarf is sooo pretty! and I LOVE your coat!!! Such a becoming color on you! (and my favorite color as well!). Your kitty looks like he’s settled in just fine!

  9. Orli Says:

    Oh what fun! I’d love to make a snow person one day. I guess yours was more abstract. Scooby is very pretty.

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