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Wednesday blatherings, part 2 March 9, 2005

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Just lost my post.  It wasn’t very good so I am not too upset but it is annoying…

Copy_of_scoob_and_cam_1 Okay, the Reader’s Digest version.  Granny closed the shop today due to poor roads.  Owen’s bus took 3 hours to get to school.  Long Island snow recovery stinks.  That The cat is adjusted.  Owen picks him up the wrong way–bottoms up.  We are working on that.  He can catch a paper ball.  Sometimes he even throws it back.  The cat.  Not Owen.  I want some black knitted socks.  I am thinking sport weight.  Faster and more readily available at Granny’s.  I bought yarn a few weeks ago.  Any clues what it is for?  How much do you usually feed an adult cat?  Scooby gets dry all day and two pouches a day.



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  1. Vicki Says:

    Like, closed up shop for good? If so, is this a big surprise to you, or did you know??

    I think most cats are good at regulating their own diet — we keep our dishes filled and the cats just eat what they want. The males, mostly, seem to put on extra weight in the winter when they’re not so active (kind of like all of us!). Every cat is different, though, and if they’ve ever had to fight for food, they may overdo it.

  2. Nancy Says:

    My cat gets two pouches a day, with an occasional treat of hard food and she is still overweight.

  3. Susan Says:

    My guess is that the DB yarn is for Lara. I love that yarn, but my husband covets it. He wants a sweater made out of it. At least this morning when I left for work he was out shoveling in his DB Baby Alpaca Silk hat I made for him. . . so that makes maybe three times he’s worn it so far. . .

    Scooby’s food requirements will depend on his size and activity level. Go easy on the pouches — that stuff can cause digestive problems in a lot of cats. (Oh, I just noticed you’re a Knitty Kitty now!)

  4. Caryn Says:

    Sucks to hear about your snow…but I’m laughing too because you are getting all the weather we are suppose to have. This winter in MN, we have had only about 15″ of snow total. Average is 70″. HA! (sorry to rub it in)…

    I agree with Susan…wet food isn’t the best for a cat. I have 2 persians, one who is a chunky monkey (14 lbs of muscle,not fat), and the other who is barely 6 lbs. They get free fed super-high quality crunchies all day, and they share a small can of wet stuff in the evening. I would prefer not even to give it to them, but as a kitten Sam (the big boy) needed to take meds, and the only way he’d take them was crushed in his cat food. We are now not allowed to withhold the wet food. We get yelled at if we do…really. Sam yells, not meows. It’s wierd… I find it odd yet funny that my 6 lb cat is the boss of the house, and often successfully puts the smackdown on the other cat who is twice his size!! Go figure…

  5. greta Says:

    teehee…the cat not Owen
    just CRACKED me up.
    Guess you’d have to be a long time
    VETERAN of developmental
    to get all GIGGLY
    over that….
    and ooooooo, that YARN is
    Third the motion on not too
    much wet food for kitties….

  6. patty bolgiano Says:

    adult cats generally get a cup spread out in the day. 1/4 breakfast 1/4 lunch 1/4 dinner and 1/4 before you go to bed. On the bags of cat food (meow mix) it give general amount based on age of kitty. don’e over feed, and be sure to have clean, clear water. (no milk or dairy, their stomach can’t take dairy)

  7. Eklectika Says:

    heh – who needs a post when you can gaze upon a boy and his kitty as well as DB Alpaca Silk…lol

  8. Ali Says:

    Scooby sounds relaxed. My two cats get one scoop of dry a day, put down in the mornings. Partway through the night they have a mental switch and decide not to eat anymore “old” food and wait for the new, there’s usually some left when I go down to feed them first thing. Cats eat, then I eat, then I play with the cats, THEN I go to work. I want to come back as a cat!

    I have a cat who plays fetch too! Until she gets bored and wanders off with the ball. She brings it back, goes “Brp!” and waits for it to be thrown again.

  9. Jackie Says:

    Love the Alpaca Silk – sooooo soft. What a great picture of Owen and Scooby!!

  10. Sara Says:

    ROFL – yeah, like Greta – I cracked up at the “the cat, not Owen”. Both are adorable. That yarn is scrumptious. There’s really not enough time in the day to knit all one wants to knitt….dang. – Sara

  11. jody Says:

    isabella gets just under a cup of dry per day (1/2 in the morning, and a little less than that at dinner). no wet. i’ve heard the same thing about wet being no so good. fyi, i had her on 1 cup per day but she seemed a bit bigger than she should be so we pared it down a tad.

  12. Nancy Says:

    Nikki my black persian mix gets about a cup of Dad’s urinary track food a day. Other foods really upset his system. No wet food for any cat I have now because I once lost a Siamese to kidney stones caused by a canned cat food no longer made.
    Have you made your decision between Paris and Wisconsin?

  13. Jenny Says:

    The condensed version was still darn cute! I can’t believe your son was on the bus that long! Why didn’t they have a delay or closing?? We wait until the salt trucks come around before venturing out. My kitty dear has a bowl of quality dry hairball control food 24/7. Occasionally she gets a small portion of plain grilled chicken breast. She is nice and slim. I took care of a nice lady who had a large chubby cat, over 16 pounds. I would dance with him on my shoulder, but vowed to myself that I would never let my kitty get that big!

  14. ann Says:

    what a cute picture!! looking forward to more Scooby stories!

  15. Jane Says:

    The two overweight ones (Moki & Callie) get a half cup each of dry low cal food at 7 a.m and 5 p.m. down in the kitchen. Tiger, who tends to be skinny, gets fed on demand up here on the desk (and where I can head off the other two getting into the high cal stuff). We usually feed Authority from PetSmart, but with all our bad weather and running out two weeks ago, we bought a bag of Science Diet here in town instead of driving over to the next town to PetSmart. Suffice it to say, that Tiger did NOT approve and today, with the roads clear for a change, we made the run to Rochester Hills to get a 17# bag of Authority hi-test. Tiger approves. We only feed soft (canned) food every couple weeks as a treat after claws get clipped. It makes them very agreeable to having it done.

  16. Joanne Says:

    The vet says my cat is a tad portly, we think he’s just right. A touch of middle aged spare tire, that’s all. He gets dry (low cal, mature cat version) IAMS kibble in a bowl all day. In the morning and evening he gets a small portion of wet food. We used to buy friskies but he started to go all finicky on that recently, so now he gets a half can of fancy feast in the morning and evening. No wait, his second meal is around noon because that’s when someone usually hits the kitchen for lunch and he refuses to be left out. He then goes all the way til morning without more wet food.

  17. Rossana Says:

    Oh yeah, Scooby looks contentedly adjusted. As for a 3-hour long busride, I better darn well have crossed state lines if I’m going to be on any bus for 3 hours! Poor Owen!

    Muffin (she’s about 8 pounds, full grown), eats a level quarter cup of dried cat food twice a day. A couple of times a month, I may substitute a small can of wet cat food for one of her two daily feedings. She’s not very interested in eating.

    Pocky would eat all day if we let him. At 17 pounds, he certainly doesn’t look like he’s starving! ;-p More to love, right?

  18. Wendy Says:

    I pick our cats up the wrong way too – and I’m 29! I’m not a cat person and never have owned them. My husband is slowly schooling me!

  19. Margene Says:

    Hummm, you’ll love knitting with the Alpaca and Lara goes pretty fast. I thought all lost posts were the best ever written. LOL

  20. Angi Says:

    What a great picture! Our cats want to come live with you. Scooby eats way better than they do!

  21. Orli Says:

    Kieko who is 18 mos old or so (born Oct 2003) just has dry all day. I don’t really monitor…we just fill up the bowl when it’s empty and he eats when he’s hungry.

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