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Who forgot to cross their fingers? March 16, 2005

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Just kidding.  But he didn’t get into the integrated program.  It was heartbreaking and I am so very disappointed in the teachers and the program.  I was a bit shell shocked.  A little part of me, maybe 25%, thought they might say no but flat out NO!  The worst part was when the coordinator told me they don’t teach beyond the child’s next level of placement…or something like that.  I said even if his placement is self-contained he lives in this world, among typically developing people.  Well, I was told they are there to educate him and not concern themselves with what is beyond that.  That was the most shocking and disappointing thing of all.  They have bascially compartmentalized my son.  I argued till I was blue in the face but it was useless.  Our expectations of Owen, it seems, are quite different from theirs.   

But there is hope.  Owen’s home teacher, whom we have had with us for about 2 years, wants us to call another meeting.  All I was asking for was 15 min a day, 2-3 times a week.  She wants to fight to give him this chance.  Kevin teleconferenced but he will come to the next meeting.  I had my tape recorder in the car–just to make me feel better but I will bring it in next time.  However, at the end of the day, if we don’t like what they have to offer…we can leave.  And we don’t really have anyplace else to bring him. 

It ain’t over.


21 Responses to “Who forgot to cross their fingers?”

  1. Amy Says:

    Hang in there, you are a fantastic advocate for your son (all your children, actually) and I know you will find the perfect place for Owen.

  2. Emma. Says:

    It’s never over ! You will find a way.
    The chick’s teaching assistant went home sick.We discovered that he’d been left sitting all day,and not offered a drink ! When I explained that this was unacceptable,that none of us like sitting in the same position all day and that just because he doesn’t complain the head teacher informed me that they’d done the best they could [yeh right !] and it is a main stream school.So offensive !
    You know what is best for Owen,for his whole life.Don’t let ‘experts’ undermine you.You are the only experts on your son.

  3. Norma Says:

    Oh, how horribly frustrating. You must be broken-hearted. But don’t let the bastards get you down!

  4. Christine Says:

    I am confident that Owen will get EXACTLY what he needs thanks to his mother! You amaze me wtih your focus and fortitude. Motherhood makes us strong, eh?

  5. jody Says:

    oh that’s stinks. i’m amazed at your attitude. it’s got to rub off on everyone and it WILL make a difference. owen’s benefitting from your positive thoughts and perserverence, and gracie and cam have such a great role model. keep it up!

  6. Sara Says:

    ack ack ack! I’m happy to help brainstorm advocating against their decision if you like – I don’t claim to know all the answers but we’ve gotten them to agree to some against-the-grain stuff for Toby.

    I’m so sorry – it’s a never ending battle though eh?


  7. Michelle Says:

    Keep fighting for Owen. Public School tends to see no further than the lowest common denominator so unfortunatly we have to keep pushing the schools to make sure that our children receive the education they deserve.

  8. lillium Says:

    Dear Katy – I’m so sorry. I was hoping for the best and I do expect that your appeal will be heard. We are going through a situation here with Jbird. I was also so discouraged yesterday. But I will not give up – if I’m blocked in one direction I’ll find another. Blessings to you.

  9. Mary Beth Says:

    So frustrating for you! Don’t give up, Katy (I know you won’t!). You are breaking ground not only for Owen but for other families.

  10. Rossana Says:

    You said it, Katy! It ain’t over. You keep fighting for Owen. My friend and her husband often have to duke it out on their son’s behalf. It’s frustrating as heck and time-consuming, but somehow they manage to get somewhere with the school folks. You are an awesome MOM!!!

  11. Vicki Says:

    Oh, darn it. I’m glad you have the opportunity to appeal, and someone who knows Owen encouraging you to do so. Fight the good fight for your son.

  12. Carrie Says:

    Hey Katy,
    What’s Owen’s story? I’m a therapist (talk, play) and specialize with sped kids. Do you have an advocate? That helps A LOT in team meetings. I’d be willing to help you out with suggestions, etc. What state do you live in? Email me…

  13. Margene Says:

    You go grrl. The things we believe are right are worth the fight. Never give up.

  14. Melissa Says:

    Grrr… keep fighting – you know what Owen needs, either work it out at your current place, or you’ll find other options! Owen is lucky to have you on his side. Praying for you both. (all)

  15. ann Says:

    I second Norma — don’t let the bastards get you down!

  16. Joanne Says:

    Stay mad enough to fight, and hopeful enough to win. Hope you’re still up to coming Friday night. The house is a mess, it’s been twelve hour days all week at work. You like dustbunnies and clutter I hope.

  17. sUsAn Says:

    Oh, Katy, I’m so sorry about the way the meeting went. I’m incredulous that they don’t want to look beyond what they are teaching him-that is so wrong. I have had experience in this area in the days before I had my own children and really disagree with that type of compartmentalization (even without knowing all the details). Keeping a good thought for you all!

    Lighter note…love those wrist warmers below!

  18. Wendy Says:

    Argh! It’s so hard to advocate for something that should be status quo. Good luck, good luck, good luck.

  19. Orli Says:

    Hang in there, mabye next semester if that’s how it works.

  20. Annie Says:

    Oh Kathleen, I’m so sorry that you had to hear disappointing news. I’ll keep sending positive thoughts your way.

  21. Merna Says:

    Sorry I read this a little late. There’s usually a way to appeal to a higher level of authority so hang in there. My experience is a little dated, but I developed some guidelines (as a parent). 1. Stay calm but firm. 2. ALWAYS bring a notebook and take notes while the meeting is in progress. 3. Don’t take no for an answer — appeal. Worked for us!

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