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Hrrummph… March 19, 2005

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Let’s say needle felting is not my thing.  I enjoyed myself.  The company was fabulous.  The food was terrific.  The bandaids and rubbing alcohol scared me.  As did the needles.  I also must have missed the part of the tutorial where Joanne said to squish the felt.  I only stabbed it with the needle–as gently as I could.  I believe I was the only person not to draw blood last night.  And my toothpick technique…fabulous.  No fingers harmed.  No felt needled either but that’s okay. 

Ann, Peggy and Joanne made fabulous bunnies.  While Ricki and I made bears.  Okay, Ricki made a cute dimensional bear.  I made something a bit more flat.  I like to call him Chubby–like Ann’s new Chibi.  Without further ado…

                        Needle_felt_with_scooby                 Needle_felting_on_the_thin_side_1                A_view_from_behind_1

My hat is off to Norm!  He is remarkable.  I have a finer appreciation of his hard work!


7 Responses to “Hrrummph…”

  1. kevin from NY Says:

    my only question – whats the flat bear doing? is that the universal sign for choking while asking for the waiter to bring the check? is he hailing a cab and covering a burp? illegal use of the teeth? five yard penalty? enquiring minds want to know

  2. Jackie Says:

    I, for one, think that little bear is pretty darn cute!!

  3. Angi Says:

    I agree with you about the fear factor. Bandaids and rubbing alcohol ~ Ouch!

  4. ann Says:

    the bear is adorable — he’s sucking his thumb and simply needs a ‘blankey’ to hang from his other hand!!

  5. Orli Says:

    Awwwww, McWiggles is so cute! yours is cute also, so that sleeping model.

  6. kristen Says:

    I think that those little creatures are pretty cute. They have me wondering if I should attempt some needle felting!

    Happy Knitting.


  7. Norm Says:

    Thanks katy. You should have seen my first bear. You did a great job, much better than my first attempt. And I’m still stabbing myself after 100 bears!

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