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Ramblings on Wednesday March 23, 2005

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I had intended to write about St. Brigid and my lack of attention to it.  Has anyone else been knitting on it lately? I am not the knit along hostess with the mostess!  I did have my mom take a look at mine and my mistake and she agreed I should leave it.  It will be tacked down–or whatever it requires later. 

I am sitting here typing with sticky fingers.  The dishwasher is full and  needs to be run.  I am treating myself to waffles this morning and all we have left is a little Lion King fork.  When we bought this house, over 2 years ago, we intended to remodel it right away.  It didn’t have a dishwasher…so 2 years later we are still rolling the dishwasher around the kitchen and hooking it up to the sink.  Of course, that is better than no dishwasher at all.  So, I should just quit complaining. 

I had a parent training at Owen’s school yesterday.  I tried to stay mad with Owen’s teacher but I couldn’t do it.  He is such a nice person and Owen adores him.  Owen is off tomorrow and Friday.  We will have to think of something fun to do as Cameron and Gracie will be in school tomorrow.  Bowling…Tiny Town…Chuck E. Cheese…

I finished a pulse warmer.  They are actually kind of fun to make.  There is the problem, like socks and sleeves, of having to make 2 but they go fairly quickly.  And I actually like the monotony of stringing the beads. 

The dinner dance for Owen’s school is a week from Saturday.  Doh.  I meant to lose weight.  I meant to knit something nice to donate.  I will try to whip up a pair of the Ugg booties and a foofy scarf.  The waffles don’t help with the weight.  I must start exercising.  I will start exercising.  Paris is on for the fall.  And a friend is getting married in October.  And it is the healthy thing to do. 


9 Responses to “Ramblings on Wednesday”

  1. Chris Says:

    Just like me, wait until the last minute to get something done. Good luck with the knitting, but don’t sweat it if you don’t get something made. Enjoy life!

  2. Rossana Says:

    Paris in the fall! Wow! As for moving toward a healthier lifestyle, you can do it, Katy! I think it’s a wonderful goal.

    As for the waffles…yum! It reminds me of a girls sleepover at our friend’s home last year just outside of Boston. We had road-tripped it all night from DC and in the morning, her very terrific husband treated us to homemade waffles!

    Now I’ll be dreaming of waffles all day!

  3. Norma Says:

    Oh, let’s not talk about the losing weight thing, ok? I don’t know (well, except for the however-many pounds of chocolates I ate during the Valentine’s and Easter season, one right after the other) how all this weight has crept on. Argh.

  4. Margene Says:

    The one way you don’t want to loose wait is constant pain (10 lbs off here). SO go to the gym now if for no other reason than to protect your back (and your heart and your…)
    Hugs, Katy.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Ha! We bought our house 18 years ago, and there is still no remodeling in the kitchen! By the time I do get a dishwasher, the children will have all flown the nest. I took my youngest for a check-up today (he’s nearly 18) and he had lost 27 pounds since the last check-up. I was thrilled, but the Dr. was NOT impressed. Well, he said, it’s a start. I sure would be impressed if I lost 27 pounds. Figures that the Dr. is one of those wirey little guys who eats air……….I am always thinking of nice things to make to either donate, or give as gifts, but truth be told, production here is slow.

  6. Mary Beth Says:

    I had to laugh at your weight comment because that’s what happened to me last reunion time – the weekend snuck up on me and I forgot to lose 20 pounds! Oh well – at least I wasn’t the only one!

  7. ann Says:

    I am laughing over your Lion King fork!!

  8. Orli Says:

    A girl I work with in the office has a degree in special ed. (only a degree no expirence) she told me you shouldn’t take it it too hard, that the teachers are just waiting for Owen to be ready for it…I dunno, I supposed it’s much easier for her to say, since she is just quoteing text books. It’s good he likes his teacher.
    As for weight loss, one sure way to loose weight fast, maybe even a week is the low carbohydret diet and date I suggest it as I don’t belive in it, the Atkins diet…but be warned if you don’t watch what you eat once you stop this sort of a diet it will come back and bite you. So it’s a dillema, because you do end up gaining more when you choose the fast weight loss programms. Did you ever see BBC’s Diet Trials it was quite a hoot.

  9. sUsAn Says:

    I am right with you on the “I meant to lose weight”…just never seems to happen here for any considerable length of time. Mmm…waffles…

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