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April 5, 2005

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I had hoped to impress you with pictures of my latest Koigu socks that were knit by mom.  Instead, I present the anal retentiveness of my friend Ann.  Ann invited me and Peggy over for a bit of afternoon knitting.  As I often get lost on my way to Ann’s, I left a bit early and arrived a bit early.  Ann was unloading the dishwasher.  Being the hostess with the mostess, Ann quickly offered me a drink and went back to her housewifery.   I hear Ann mumbling, "blue, peach, green, yellow" as she unloaded.  Now last time I visited, I was not allowed to put my plate in the dishwasher, as Ann is a bit anal in her dirty dish organization.  She’s no Martha–I saw many knives and spoons clustered together.  I also saw the dogs lick the dishes.  However, in putting her dishes away, Ann likes her Fiestaware to be in order–so all the colors will be on her table when set.  The astute amongst you–like me–will notice her soup bowls are out of order.  The horror!  Knitting pics tomorrow…


Oh, if your LYS isn’t offering a product you love, try here!


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  1. Jackie Says:

    Funny! My Fiesat used to be in order…until the boys started emptying the dishwasher. Boys and dishes – I’m just happy they’re not broken! 🙂
    Hope you had fun!

  2. ann Says:

    Kathleen, just because you’ve never seen Martha’s dogs licking her plates, doesn’t mean they don’t!

  3. ann Says:

    and I forgot to add – it’s blue, peach, green and then yellow!

  4. Vicki Says:

    Why am I grinning from ear to ear? I can’t stop — it just keeps getting bigger.

    Our pup licks our plates, too, when she can; I think even Duncan was doing it the other day. I’m going to take the Fifth in regard to dish organization.

    I saw some of the knitting kits at Target the other day!

  5. sUsAn Says:

    Thanks for the tip about Target! I must check that out. Fiestaware fan here too! 🙂

  6. Susan Says:

    I must confess, I like my Fiestaware to be in order, too. I has nothing to do with having all the colors on the table, as half of my dishes are white (so they can be used as extras if needed to supplement the good china). I like the dishes to be used evenly. I grew up with Franciscanware and observed firsthand how clay dishes wear — the dishes we used often (from the top of the stack) were chipped and scratched, while the dishes on the bottom of the stack that rarely got used looked pristine. I guess it’s anal, but it bugged me that half the dishes looked awful and half looked new.

  7. Kris Says:

    OK, I have to confess….I’m also weird about my fiestaware. The sets are all displayed in individual settings and I don’t like any setting to have a repeat color. So…when you put the dishes away its like a puzzle….drives my husband crazy! I’m so glad to know that there is another person with F.O.O.S.-Fiesta Over-Organization Syndrome.

  8. Angi Says:

    It’s not just a Fiesta Phenomenom. Most of my dishes match in color. But they absolutely MUST be stacked in the cabinet in order by size. When my husband does the dishes, he’s just happy to make everything fit into the 1 small cabinet. I wonder why old homes never have enough cabinet space until they’re renovated?

  9. Miriam Says:

    Hi, totally unrelated to the topic, but I’m impatient and annoying… so I’ll just ask so you can thwap me. Did you get a chance to check at work for some Karabella Lace Mohair in the light gray color? *makes puppy eyes*
    Thank you for ANY effort!

  10. Christine Says:

    Yet another excuse to go to Target!!!! 🙂

  11. Orli Says:

    LOL…I fear I’m also a little “anal retentive” though not in every aspect just some. I get this way when hanging laudry with my cloth pegs. If I used two cloth pegs to hang something they need to be the same color. and when I take the laudry off the lines they are all sorted in rows by color

  12. greta Says:

    oh sweetie, I LOVE the new do! Daughter and I did the locks of love donation, and it feels like SUCH a good thing to do…
    I was amazed at how much LIGHTER I felt with the back of my neck shorn…

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