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April 5, 2005

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I had hoped to impress you with pictures of my latest Koigu socks that were knit by mom.  Instead, I present the anal retentiveness of my friend Ann.  Ann invited me and Peggy over for a bit of afternoon knitting.  As I often get lost on my way to Ann’s, I left a bit early and arrived a bit early.  Ann was unloading the dishwasher.  Being the hostess with the mostess, Ann quickly offered me a drink and went back to her housewifery.   I hear Ann mumbling, "blue, peach, green, yellow" as she unloaded.  Now last time I visited, I was not allowed to put my plate in the dishwasher, as Ann is a bit anal in her dirty dish organization.  She’s no Martha–I saw many knives and spoons clustered together.  I also saw the dogs lick the dishes.  However, in putting her dishes away, Ann likes her Fiestaware to be in order–so all the colors will be on her table when set.  The astute amongst you–like me–will notice her soup bowls are out of order.  The horror!  Knitting pics tomorrow…


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