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Stitch, bitch, cook, knit April 21, 2005

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Just had a little chin wag with Ann.  Any one of those bloggers she emailed–who considered coming for the "home made coffee cake"–don’t bother!  She bought a cheese cake from Costco!  The horror.  I, on the other hand, am cooling the Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies that I made from scratch just before.Chocpeanutbars

I am not exactly sure what went wrong with the melted chocolate on top…a little lumpy.  I have done better in the past.  Hopefully they taste better than they look.

8obeads I have gotten back to some of the pulse warmers I planned to knit.  They are good inbetween knitting.  Beads are a lot of fun to buy.  eBay is my favorite source.  I really like the Miyuki beads as they are pretty uniform in size.  It can be a challenge pairing up the right color bead with yarn.  I am by no means a color natural.  I am not 100% sure about this latest pulsewarmer.Bluepulsewarmers  It may be to light a combo but it kind of reminds me of Wedgewood.  What do you think?  Caryn’s pattern is easy to do and the cluster of beads in the checkerboard pattern shows them off a bit more.

We had Owen’s meeting for school next year.  He will remain at his current placement and continue to receive home teaching over the summer.  While the district was happy with his academic progress, they are rightfully concerned about his maladaptive behaviors.  Lately, elopement–or running away/escaping–has been a bit of an issue.  Some new bolts has fixed that temporarily.  Why is itOwen can open any lock but not button his pants?  I would love to see him go back to district some day…maybe by 6.  I don’t know.

A question…the cat, Scooby, has been meowing about 2 minutes before Kevin’s alarm clock goes off to be fed.  We leave dry down for him.  He used to meow right after the alarm clock but now, 4:58am he is at it.  I want to shoot him with water.  Kevin thinks it is easier to feed him.  Monday through Friday maybe.  Saturday and Sunday–no!  Anyone else have a cat that is an alarm clock?


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  1. godsend Says:

    Well, I used to have a cat and he didn’t give us that kind of a problem. He more or less just got in the way when it was being put down so that half of it fell in the floor (and had to be cleaned up, of course, because he was too good for that 😉 )…but you should consider yourself lucky that’s all it is. I’ve heard of others having problems with a cat sitting on their face if he’s hungry and they’re trying to catch z’s! 🙂

  2. Caryn Says:

    Ah yest, the alarm clock cat….don’t give in to him, or the time will keep moving up! I like your idea…get a water gun and squirt him. That should work. What would work better is to move back his feeding time. Our boys are free fed all day with crunchies, but get the wet stuff when we get home from work. And man, do they beg the minute we get home, but hey, at least it’s not at 6am! 🙂

  3. caro Says:

    I like the idea of moving the feeding time. It keeps them from waking you up to eat. Our cat used to wake us up to go out to pee. For that we used the squirt gun. It took about a week for him to meow and then run out of the room instead of just meowing and meowing standing on the bed. haha. good luck!

  4. Vicki Says:

    Snnnnooooooorrre! I’m told that our cats dance around and upon our bed around 3:00-4:00 a.m. I wouldn’t know; DH does, though. I don’t get up for ’em; he does, and they know it.

    Lumpy chocolate tastes just fine, I’m sure. I had a good chuckle about Ann’s “coffee cake”! Have fun!

  5. Margene Says:

    Get a dog…they’ll sleep until you get up.. at least ours do.

  6. Nancy Says:

    Go with the squirt gun. I personally throw pillows but whatever works. If you give in he will just keep pushing it earlier and earlier. Valentine (our cat) gets on this kick every so often.

  7. Catherine Says:

    Re: Scooby. Most cats and dogs are “alarm clocks” and creatures of habit. Do something once and in their minds it has to happen forever! It’s just the way they are. I gave my pup a cherrio in order to get her to obey me and now she demands one every time I want her to do something, whatever that is. I do love your mom’s story about the dogs knowing when it was Saturday and Bob was going to the bakery. It was the only day that they would know to wait for him by the door.

  8. Nancy Says:

    One good thing about the animal alarm clock is that if your mechanical clock isn’t working, you’ll still be up on time!
    Cookies look good, regardless of lumps — maybe the lumps will give even more ‘personality’!
    On my monitor the beads are subtle — kinda remind me of soft winter snowflakes…

  9. Rossana Says:

    Mmmm! Those pb and chocolate cookies look so yummy! I’m sure they will taste absolutely perfect!

    As for alarm critters, Pocky never bothers me anymore because he knows my parents will give in to his early feeding frenzy whereas I won’t. If you give in once, it’ll be exponentially more difficult to sway them otherwise. Muffin just doesn’t like to eat anyway (explains why she’s about 8 pounds and Pocky’s closer to 18 pounds), but when we were trying to train her not to scratch at wooden furniture in the 3-5 AM timeframe, a groggily, but well-aimed toss of the teddy bear or pillow usually worked. Good luck! Be strong!

  10. Susan Says:

    I have had cats and dogs who were very particular about getting us up at the same time every day. You might find that Scooby is accustomed to waking you in order to have *company* in the morning and not because he is hungry. There’s probably nothing you can do to stop him, because he will find some way to express himself, and waking you up is probably one of the more pleasant ways he will do this. You will also find that it is possible to get up at an ungodly hour and let the dog our and/or feed the pets and go right back to sleep without any trouble — pets will train us to the best of their ability! 😉

  11. Annie Says:

    That’s why I put our cat in the basement at night. I don’t want to be bothered to even have to shoot her with a water gun (which I’m laughing at, by the way)! Have fun tonight!

  12. Uli Says:

    My cat Patchy starts sleeping on me, usually shortly before the alarm clock goes off. If I’m sleeping on my back at that time of the morning, I’ve got a cat stretched out on my chest purring away……… better than an alarm clock – the alarm clock I can ignore… the cat I usually can’t. Kicking her off me takes enough energy to wake me up. 🙂

  13. Kris Says:

    I have four cats, used to have five. One of ours (an alpha male) was doing this “feed me” thing at 4am, then 3 am, then 2 am, etc. I would leave a continuous feeder of some sort if you can. Its 4:58am that he wakes you now, this will gradually get earlier and earlier if he’s like ours. I finally caved and put a continuous feeder down. If he’s howling for wet food, keep in mind its not great for their teeth. But…if you want to give it to him, move his schedule bit by bit so that wet food comes in the middle of the day or middle of the morning. (A time when you want to be awake) A continuous feeder or one of those alarmed self feeders may make your life a bit easier. If you squirt him with water it will work for a few minutes IF you can hit him….but you’ll probably have to get up and chase him to hit your mark….then you’ll be awake. Kinda defeats the purpose! 🙂

  14. Jean Says:

    Who cares what the cake looks like! I bet it tastes YUMMY! We had a meeting at Daniel’s school yesterday too. Didn’t go so well. The boy is just a magnet for bullies. Makes me want to go to school with him every day! Grrr.

  15. patty bolgiano Says:

    Merlin our new cat has bonded with hubby who isn’t exactly a cat person. Yes the cat does head butting at 5 am, licking following, kneeding your pillow (while you are sleeping on it) while heavy purring. Don’t get up to feed him/her, squirt guns are fine. They will learn not to do it or find other ways to get what they want. One morning we found the cat food bag on its side. Our female cats (long since dead) were a whole lot smarter than this male cat.

  16. Margot Says:

    We call our cats ‘fuzzy little alarm clocks’. Definitely do not get up to feed him. And since cats can’t tell a weekday from a weekend, you need to settle on one feeeding time for the whole week. Just ignore him, even if he’s already woken you up beyond the point where you can drop off again. He’ll stop eventually. I fhe hops on the bed, toss [not throw!] him off. It will be a PITA, but it will be worth it.

  17. Rebecca Says:

    Hey there!
    Your dessert looks yummy and remember it all goes down the same esophagus!!
    I am going to try to go to the LiKnits meeting in May. Hope to see you there!!


  18. Oril Says:

    I wrote my Sister In Law, who has 3 cats and is a big expert…(about most things) 😉 I think cat’s just do that. I know my husbands cat’s when he was living with his folks used to do that, they knew when the person who fed them woke, so they just made sure of it. Our Cat Keiko also does that sometimes, only his biological clock isn’t all that…as he meows in various hours of the night.

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