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the other shoe drops April 26, 2005

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Alright, I know that Ann is trying to destroy my reputation as a nice and caring person in the blogworld.  First I am flinging cake domes.  Now I am shattering her foot self confidence!  Couldn’t she just be grateful that she has a permanent marker of where to start her toe decreases? 

Look_ma_no_bunions_001 I know a thing or two about bunions.  Not from personal experience but familial experience.  Kevin’s got them.  Should I add that to my 100 things you didn’t want to know about me–or my family?  A good friend had them and had surgery.  She said it was horrible.  I have acutally been researching holistic approaches to the treatment of bunions–’cause I am that kind of nice person.  Supposedly massage can help! 

As for Ann, I rather helpfully suggested she short row around her bunion on her Spearfish socks!  And made some other helpful suggestions about running out of yarn–including an alternate color toe.  I also checked Granny’s for some coordinating Jawoll.  Am I really as awful as she makes me out to be?  Huh?  Of course, Cameron had to get he and Scooby in on the action.  At least they like me and my feet…nail polish by Gracie!



9 Responses to “the other shoe drops”

  1. Vicki Says:

    You guys are hilarious!

    Did you really cackle?? ; )

  2. Rossana Says:

    Thanks for the afternoon chuckle! BTW, is Scooby wrinkling his little feline nose at your bunionless feet?? J/K

  3. Margene Says:

    I have never seen feet that look that unnatural…er, perfect.

  4. Jean Says:

    What’s with everyone showing off their toe polish on their blogs lately?! lol. There is no way I’m posting a pic of my feet. I have an ugly “B” on my right foot. I hate my feet. Now I’m going to check out that massage link….

  5. Jackie Says:

    I love the picture with Cameron and Scoob!! Too fun.

  6. ann Says:

    hey —- did you just offer to massage my toe bone?? gee, you really are a terrific person!!

    ps. your feet look kind of nekkid without a toe bone …

  7. Love the polish! I know someone who had bunion surgery as well, and she totally regretted it. She was in pain and hobbling around for weeks, and wished she never had the surgery. I seem to remember her saying that giving birth was easier…but don’t quote me on that!

  8. Oril Says:

    Wow. Kewl toes and polish. Good job Gracie. I just had to laugh about that bunions post.
    I have them. Two different ones. One is on top and sort of flat, the other sticks out more and to the side.
    I’d love to be able to put nail polish on my nails and toes but first I must be able to grow them a little and file them nicely…which means getting over one very nasty bad habbit I have. Cameron is really cute.

  9. sUsAn Says:

    Look at those tootsies! I’m not brave enough to let my girls polish my nails yet (they’re 4 & 5). Gracie is a pro!

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