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rambling on Monday April 18, 2005

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Kevin and I spent Friday night in the city.  We stayed at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.  They had fishbowls in every room.  It’s the small things in life that thrill me.  Of course we were fighting.  What night out is any good without an argument.  His mom was coming to babysit and did he help tidy up?  Nope!  Sure he picked his clothes–at least most of them–up off the floor but he left the change from his pockets.  And he left me with no gas AND asked me to return the keys to his rental car.  He offered to take me to Purl to make up for his trangressions but I will make him pay for it at Maryland Sheep and Wool. 

We had dinner with his friend from work.  This is the same friend whose party we went to at Christmas.  This Park Avenue penthouse apartment never ceases to amaze me.  Why doesn’t Kevin make that kind of money?  I could buy more yarn and donate to the rest to charities of my choice.  Saturday we went to breakfast at this cute place called Bubby’s.  Breakfast was pretty good but I was exhausted from the late night and my feet hurt from wearing shoes with heels.  Next stop…Niketown.  My feet and me were much happier afterwards.

Needless to say I went to bed very early Saturday.  Sunday was Gracie’s soccer game.  She wasn’t going to play this season as she is passionate about her swimming but we convinced her to give it another go.  The girls on her team are terrific and she will be in middle school with them next year.  More nice friends = good.  Gracie prefers goal but is usually a bit afraid of the ball.  Her arch enemy was the on the opposing team.  Gracie was phenomenal diving for balls, taking balls in the thigh.  I barely even knit the game was so exciting.  Yea, they lost but Grace had some good saves.

I am rambling here…I am three inches from completion of the baby blanket.  I need to string some more beads for pulsewarmers.  St. Brigid needs one more tink.  My mom has offered to do it but I really have no desire to knit on it at all.  Anyone else been working on St. Brigid?

I can hardly believe Maryland Sheep and Wool is just a couple of weeks away.  Granny has offered my mom use of her walker.  My mom refuses.  I suggested she use a cane.  At the very least, she can swat people away at the Koigu booth.  I feel like I ought to knit at least a bit more from the stuff I bought at Rhinebeck but it’s all quite wooly and I don’t feel like knitting wool.  I am working on a cute little bolero in the Debbie Bliss Cathay Cotton for the shop. 

Rambling still…gonna get to some interview questions.  Today’s questions are for Angi, the Spinning Doula.  Angi is a lovely spinner and terrific knitter.  Her doula stories are amazing.  I can’t even describe the feeling I get when I read them.  They are like magic. 

You know the rules, right?

1.  What prompted you to become a doula?

2.  Where does Khi’s name come from?

3.  How did the kids get into the circus program?  Do you and Benny ever get in on the act?

4.  Why did you start blogging?

5.  How many pets do you have now?  And how do they all get along?  Where do you keep the goat? 

I am adding Nancy’s questions too.  I encountered Nancy during the Devan Knitalong she hosted.  We became friendly via email discussing Early Intervention and Preschool speech services.  We are trying to hook up to meet in real life.  And we will at Maryland and some Monday in Soho.  Or perhaps the Bronx Zoo on a Sunday. 

1.  Do you have any siblings?

2.  Why did you drop out of high school?

3.  Do you think you’ll finish your degree?  Do you still want to be a school counselor?

4.  If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would it be?  By yourself, with the kids, a girlfriend or just Rinaldo?

5.  What’s your budget for Maryland Sheep and Wool?


Questions for Jody April 12, 2005

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I don’t know how I happened upon Jody’s blog…but luckily I did.  She is a fantastic knitter.  I swear, it seems there is no challenge she can’t face.  And she is a wonderful, fantastic person.  I have had the opportunity to meet up with her 3 times and I can’t wait to see her in Maryland.  So the rules are the same…here are the questions.

1.  How did you and Paul meet?

2.  You have set deadlines for sweaters for you and Paul.  Have you always set deadlines?  Are they only knitting related or work and personal too?

3.  If you were to open a yarn shop–and you may according to your 100 things–what would you name it?

4.  I have watched you knit.  I have even been fortunate enough to have you repair a mistake for me…I have great respect for your knitting abilities.  What knitted item are you most proud of?  And are there any knitting challenges you have yet to face? 

5.  You have a choice here…

a.  What is one thing you would love to do that you haven’t done as of yet?  (the question from Margene)

b.  How much are you budgeting for Maryland Sheep and Wool?

Major lack of knitting content here.  Owen had the dentist this morning.  Routine–but Kevin never told me about the appointment.  Owen did much better though.  Gracie is home sick again.  She’s going to school tomorrow!  And I bought more beads.  It is quickly becoming an obsession.  I have more beads than I know what to do with.  I will take a picture one of these days.  More interviews to follow. 


Socks and questions April 11, 2005

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My mother finished another pair of Koigu socks for me.Koigu_socks_2_002_1  I love her.  These socks are from Interweave Knits Summer 2003.  I picked up the yarn at Purl when I met Jody in the city in December.  I love this color blue and they are so soft.  Not to mention the socks are gorgeous too.  Thanks Mom.

I was pretty surprised by the number of requests for interviews.  Wow.  So it will take a bit of time to think of questions.  One blogger is from Finland and her blog is all in Finnish.  Does anyone read Finnish?  I am not sure what to do there.  I could just ask some general questions about knitting.  Today, my questions are for Emma.  The other interviews will come this week and possibly into next.  I have one sick Gracie home today.  Who knows who might be home tomorrow…

Emma, if you don’t know her, has been blogging for quite some time.  She is a fabulous knitter and spinner.  She lives in the UK, is married and has a goregous little boy–her chick.  Emma, like me, is the mom of a child with special needs.  She is also a remarkable advocate for her son. 

Emma, the answers must be posted on your blog and the rules as well.  Here goes…

1.  How did you and Allan meet?

2.  You have mentioned an impact (not necessarily the word you used) that Elizabeth Zimmerman and Meg Swansen had on you and your knitting.  Could you explain further?

3.  Prior to being a mom, what kind of work did you do?

4.  Being a parent to a child with special needs, do you make time to do things for yourself?  If  yes–and I hope so–like what and how often?

5.  And since I really liked Margene’s question…I am stealing it.  What is one thing you would love to do that you haven’t done as of yet?


someone…please! April 10, 2005

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I didn’t think I was going to participate in the interview meme going around the blogs–for multiple reasons–including a bit of a worry that no one would want me to interview them and fear of some hard to answer question.  However, when Margene said she would interview one person only–and I was the first to comment…well, it seemed like fate.  I adore Margene and have great respect for her and her needlework.  So, the rules are as follows…and someone, please request. 

  1. Leave a comment saying "Interview Me". I will list your questions on THIS blog.
  2. You will give answers on YOUR blog.
  3. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  4. You should ask 5 questions.
  1. You have lived in Alaska and speak of it often in comments on my blog. Would you like to live there again?  Simply, no.  It was the most beautiful place I have ever lived.  The beauty was overwhelming and brought me such peace.  However, it is a very hard and isolated life.  Irrespective of Owen’s autism, I wouldn’t want to raise any of my children there.  I always hoped Kevin and I would volunteer there after retirement and the kids were settled. 
  2. Your mother is a knitter extraordinaire and most likely taught you to knit at a young age. When did you decide you love to knit and that it would be a part of your everyday life?   While I did learn to knit at a young age and enjoyed it, I struggled with casting on.  Even in Alaska, I had the residents of the shelter cast on for me.  A few months after Owen was born a little yarn shop opened in our town, a friend got me into the overcrowded class and I learned the kindergarten cast on.  In my sleep, a few weeks later I dreamed how to do a long tail cast on and it has been a passion since the summer of 2000.
  3. We have the same philosophy on housekeeping. Does it bother you or (like me) do you think a ‘lived in’ house is A-ok? It doesn’t seem to bother me enough to do something about it.  I do wish I were tidier and enforced my children tidying as well.  The dust bunnies, crumbs and disorganization drive me crazy–especially since we have a teacher at our house Monday through Friday.  In MA, I tried to schedule playdates for the kids on cleaning person day.
  4. If you decided to work outside the home what would your dream job be?  I struggle with this thought quite a bit.  Before Gracie came along, I wanted a combined Master of Divinity and Master of Social Work.  Since then I have considered Library Science, Special Education and Law.  I think I am leaning toward Special Education advocacy.  I would love to advocate on behalf of families like my own. 
  5. What is one thing you would love to do that you haven’t done as yet? I have tossed and turned this question in my head many, many times.  I sometimes think a lot of doors are closed because of taking care of Owen.  I thought of travel related things…like Africa or New Zealand.  Thrill seeking things…like bungee jumping or skydiving.  One of the things that I most wanted to do in this life was adopt a girl from China. 

Margene, thanks for asking such fabulous questions and for being such a wonderful blog friend.

Added later…wow, I hardly expected one person to ask and now I have several.  I don’t think I can handle more than that.  I am quitting at 4, possibly 5 if I learn how to read Finnish.


this and that on Thursday April 7, 2005

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I wanted to say thanks for all of the kind words regarding the Locks of Love donation.  I am astounded by how many of us have done it or our daughters have done it.  It’s a wonderful cause.  It was made more special for me as Kevin’s aunt just lost her hair after chemo.  So thank you and good luck to those still growing.  It is such a wonderful thing to do.

I went to the gym today and it felt wonderful.  I remembered how much I actually like the gym.  I am excited to get back into it.  I just did cardio today but I think I will start lifting weights again next week.  Be on the lookout for the buffer me. 

Knitting…not a lot going on.  I am slowly working on the baby blanket and some pulse warmers.  Mariajeffbabyblankie Ivoryladiespulse Pewterpulse It’s the perfect knitting for where my mind is at these days…somewhat distracted. 

Owen’s school had their annual dinner dance last weekend.  While I wasn’t on the committee, Kevin got roped in to the A/V.  He was gone the whole night.  I bid on a pug again but didn’t get it.  Wah.  Kevin’s company donated the use of their SkyBox for Ringling Brothers this weekend.  He and Gracie will host the event with catering.  The knitting bag wasn’t a big winner last year.  I hope this raised more. 

Forgot to mention, the pewter pulse warmer is the Checkers pattern from Caryn.  Thanks for sharing. 


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The new Knitty is up!


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The new Knitty is up!