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May 5, 2005

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Pulsewarmers I finished the green pulsewarmers with the Ladies Enjoying Themselves and have one more orange one to go.  The orange ones are knit with a Finnish yarn, Takana,  by Helmi Vuorelma Oy.  It is a 2ply yarn–one ply worsted spun  and one ply woolen spun.  It is from my mom’s stash that ‘spilleth over’.  She stockpiled it in  her Latvian mitten phase.  I finally decided on a dark "Jet" bead and the pattern is Geometric Pattern by Susan Sternlieb from Interweave Knits Fall 2002. 

It’s been a crazy week.  I did make it to the gym on Tuesday.  I tried to knit on the recumbent bike but it didn’t work out very well.  Perhaps with one of those knitting belts or something.  I met with a personal trainer and was scheduled to see him again today but forgot that I am working the Book Fair at Owen’s school. 

Speaking of Owen’s school…we had a team meeting yesterday.  He is going through another nice spurt of gaining skills.  His self-injurious behaviors are down but his verbal stims are up.  He can identify almost all of his upper and lowercase letters and most of his numbers to 10.  And while his articulation on shapes isn’t perfect–he knows them too.  I met the typical peers at his school while at a parent training and I now agree they aren’t really "appropriate" peers for him.  But I still believe you can play parachute with anyone.  I suggested they use some of the higher functioning kids from the program.  We know one of those kids outside of school so I said we should start with him–and they agreed!  Yippee!

I can’t believe Maryland is just a couple of days away.  I have no wishlist to speak of.  I really don’t need yarn and I had hoped to knit a couple more things from my Rhinebeck yarn before I bought more yarn.  We had a bit of a problem with Gracie last night.  She has a problem with fibbing.  She got caught in one last night and I am on the fence about whether she is coming or not.  I want her to come.  But I guess I will let her sweat it out a bit longer. 


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  1. I love the pulse warmers…so funky. No wonder you’re addicted to them…lol!

  2. Norma Says:

    “I don’t need yarn and was hoping to knit up more of what I got in Rhinebeck before going.” um. yeah. that. I haven’t knit ONE STRAND of the yarn I got in Rhinebeck and I really have no business buying ANYTHING. If you see me whipping out my credit card, tackle me, will ya?

  3. Rossana Says:

    VERY cool beaded pulsewarmers! And it sounds like another victory at Owen’s school. Yay!

  4. Chris Says:

    Oh, that horrible fence. It’s such a difficult place to be when a parent. I find myself falling off of it way too often. And I fall on the side of caving in. But it would be so nice to have the memories of spending your time at the festival together. I don’t envy your decision, but know you will take the right path for you and Gracie.

  5. Chris Says:

    Hey, I just found your comment to me. Who you calling a Feminist? Sneaky girl, you are too funny. And so I am not misunderstood, I really do mean funny, like ha-ha you made me chuckle. Not like snarky funny. Is that even a word where you live? Oops, it’s not even a word, according to my very outdated Webster.
    Snarky: A colloquialism meaning short-tempered or snappish. Seems the online version has a “few” more updates than my old paperback. But hey, it got me through college!

  6. Margene Says:

    Have fun! boo hoo for me:-( I’ll be thinking of you grrls, too!)
    Good for Owen and all that good news!

  7. ann Says:

    what great news about Mr. Owen!! you must be on cloud 9!

  8. michele Says:

    I keep hearing about the MSW festival…I’m envious…I hope to see some pictures posted on some blogs…it’s always good to hear good things about your child’s progress and it’s always hard to ‘be the parent’ as you mention with Gracie (but if I can’t go to the MSW festival…someone should :). LOVE the wristwarmers. Take care.

  9. Orli Says:

    I’m sure you will know how best to handle the Fibbing issue…perhaps instead of Wool and Sheep, you can find something else like ommitimg pocket money…
    That is wonderful news about Owrn.
    Again love the pulse warmers.
    I forgot to ask. You mentioned the Ecco store…is that for organic / ecology friendly made thimgs?

  10. Maryann Says:

    Cute pulsewarmers! I am looking forward to trying beaded knitting. And yay for Owen!!! Eva is showing some good progress with her pretend play skills, and we just did her IEP for next year. It wasn’t nearly as painful as her first IEP!!

    forgive me, I have a dumb question: what are the purpose of pulsewarmers, or are they just decorative?


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