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Maryland, the purchases May 10, 2005

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Maryland_sheep_wool_by_gracie I love this picture that Gracie took.  I noticed that there was a complete lack of animal photos in yesterdays post.  It was a Sheep and Wool Festival, right?

Unfortunately, we did not get a rabbit.  We had heard from a reliable source–or so we thought–that they were difficult to maintain.  Besides Scooby does not like other animals.  Heck, he hisses at my mother every time he sees her because she owns a dog!  We’ll see…maybe another time.

So, what did I buy?  Really, I don’t think I bought all that much.  There were lots of things I liked but–like all of us–I already have a lot.  Nonetheless, I couldn’t go all Mdsw_goods that way and get nothing!  From the top:

1.  3 skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery Moutain Mohair in Lupine with Rosemary’s Little Sweater pattern.  2.  Koigu Alligator Wrap Pattern. 3.  A little print of the logo for this year.  4.  A lamb for Owen–which he threw on the floor. 5.  Socks that Rock and a pattern (thanks Christy for the heads up).  6.  A toy for Scooby that he couldn’t care less about.  7.  Two skeins of Zephyr Wool-Silk from Mannings and extra Chibi needles.  8.  A llama, I think–that’s what is says but so does the sheep–for Cameron. 9.  Koigu millends.  10.  A t-shirt.  The color choices were limited on Sunday.  Gracie got the same color but hers is in the wash–she wore it to school yesterday.  11. Oh, and a little alpaca finger puppet for Granny.

Here’s a cute picture of Gracie relaxing amidst a pile o’ Koigu.  Gracie_with_koigu She was a bit of "nag" the whole trip.  I don’t know if it was because Grandma was there or because it is so much more overwhelming than Rhinebeck.  She just wasn’t as easygoing as she was in the Fall.  I love you dearly Gracie…but if I go back…you are not. 

16_day_soay_in_diaper I have seen other photos of this little 16 day old Soay goat on the blogs.  I guess everyone was taken with him.  Adorable, isn’t he?

It was a nice way to spend Mother’s Day.  Although a cruise might have been nice too.  I met a new to me blogger, Sarah.  Check out her beautiful Birch–lovely photo of Sarah and the front of Birch in her gallery too.  I will end with a close up of my Koigu millends.  And then I am off to Owen’s school for a parent training.  Maybe we can ride the scooters!                                                                                                                                                         



9 Responses to “Maryland, the purchases”

  1. Nancy Says:

    My friend Tisha was supposed to go on a one night mother’s day cruise but it was canceled. It seems there was a horrible storm in the Bahamas so it never made it to NYC. Seem like this year Maryland was a safer bet.

  2. lillium Says:

    Shoot – I like the Tshirt – cute! The blue yarns are yummy! Gracie just might be at “that” age. What’re you going to do with all that Koigu?

  3. maggi Says:

    I think y’all hit Koigu before I did, because those good blues were long gone ~ but I’m happy with my burgundy spread ~ and happy to have met you and your generations!

  4. Rossana Says:

    A very respectable bit of stash enhancement! And I’m particularly impressed that you braved the hordes at the Koigu booth to nab those pretty mill ends!

  5. sarah b. Says:

    Mmmmm…Koigu. 🙂 We did not brave the booth and I am really impressed that you did! Thanks for the compliment and the shout out. 🙂

  6. Jackie Says:

    Would you beleive I could not find the Koigu booth!! What a knucklehead. I love the picture of Gracie!

  7. Angi Says:

    What an amazing time! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Cassie Says:

    Love the picture of Gracie swimming in Koigu. I also somehow missed their booth. A good thing, in retrospect.

  9. Orli Says:

    http://WWW…take me next time =) Gracie looks like an advert for stash enhancing! Scooby might appreciate toys that make a noise more. I noticed that at least with our cut. if it jingels or moved he runs after it.

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