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MS$WF Mom’s report May 10, 2005

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Mssw_2 What I bought & why, 2 lbs of Koigu mill ends, 3 hanks of yellow Koigu from the Mannings, because I like it!

3 hanks of Manos, cause I need it for my next throw.

2 hanks of Socks that Rock from The Fold, I wanted to try it.

The Two-End Knitting Book by Anne-Maj Ling, a must have for me that I’ve been putting off.

Needles for the numerous empty Chibis floating around here.

Small MS&WF print, which I’ll have framed for small bathroom in FL.

I enjoyed meeting all you delightful young knitting women.The world of knitting is in safe hands, it’s not all scarves afterall.


9 Responses to “MS$WF Mom’s report”

  1. Margene Says:

    That’s a nice looking bunch of stash!

  2. carrie Says:

    It was so nice to meet you and Gracie! I hope you had a lot of fun in the sun! 😉

  3. Rossana Says:

    “…because I like it!” I think that’s the best excuse out there to purchase yarn and fibers! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you this time around, but hopefully one of these days I’ll get to see you and your lovely daughter Katy!

  4. michele Says:

    thanks for sharing your stash…I love it all and isn’t the logo for this year’s MS&WF so much fun…

  5. greta Says:

    So glad we FINALLY got to meet in person….
    we MUST do it again somewhere less crowded with
    No Traffic.

  6. Jean Says:

    I’d say you had a great time!! Awesome treasures.

  7. Orli Says:

    WOW…so many yummy purchases. What are scaves? (older people?) my best friend annoys me when every time she sees me she asks are you still knitting? like the grandmas…this is the problem with Israel tomany stigmas not enough people.

  8. Vicki Says:

    “The world of knitting is in safe hands.” That’s one of the best things I’ve read all week.

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