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Digressing May 18, 2005

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I was all set to write a post for ye olde blog and alas, Typepad is down.  No big deal…Microsoft Word to the rescue.  It was a crazy day yesterday but crazy fun.  First, it was Staff Appreciation Day at Owens school.  I missed the luncheon.  It is the first time I have missed it.  I was, however, on a field trip to Police Headquarters with Cameron and his class.  I was in charge of 4 kids and let me tell you—it wasn’t Cam and the other boy that were the problem.  It was the two girls–talk about know it alls–they didn’t listen to me at all.  The teacher had to intervene a few times and I felt like a complete idiot but how hard can you push (figuratively) a kid that is not your own.  I thought of Rachael as we passed the 911 dispatchers.  I wanted to take a photo but they were behind glass and those girls were still being pesky.

Last night was “the movie” for 5th and 6th grade girls.  Gracie and I went.  It certainly has changed a bit from the cartoon version I saw in elementary school.  Unfortunately, we sat in front of some immature girls who kicked seats and laughed every time someone on the film said “p*nis”.  Their mothers were behind them and they giggled and hooted worse than their daughters.  It was kind of pathetic.  I admit, I did laugh once but I didn’t laugh loud.  I was just a bit caught off guard when one boy in the movie asked about “boners”.  I was impressed that they now show the same film to girls and boys.  I think, when I was a kid, girls saw the girl film and boys saw the boy film, right?  Even more impressive they touched upon homosexuality, forced interactions and other touchy subjects they said to ask your parents about. 

I voted for the school budget.  It passed.  Yippee!  I knew it would though.  And took Gracie out for an ice cream so we could further discuss the movie and any questions she might have.  She killed me…should I post this here?  What the heck!  She said, “Will any boys ever like me?  You know, will I be able to mate someday?”  I don’t think I heard them say “mate” in the whole movie.  Geesh Gracie, you are a girl not a monkey.  She is so cute.  I reassured her that she was beautiful and boys would be beating down the door someday (and I wasn’t just saying that because I am her mother).  I also told her what my mom always told me, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet a prince”.  And one of the best things to do was to work on being a good judge of character.  Surround yourself with good people and you should be okay and to not get herself into a situation where she wasn’t in control.  I tell you this parenting thing is scary!  I am so glad it is Kevin who has to go to the next movie in a few years.

Knitting, is this a knitting blog?  I brought my knitting to the movie and worked a bit on Ann’s pulse warmer. I worked on it at the middle school orientation on Monday night too.  And I am off to work today at Granny’s.  It feels like it has been ages since I worked there.  Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday and we are off to the Knitting Corner in Huntingtonfor Manos.  And I am awaiting some Koigu I ordered.  I wasn’t going to have enough for my alligator wrap/scarf. 


12 Responses to “Digressing”

  1. michele Says:

    I loved our post today…chaperoning those field trips can be challenging, and speaking from experience (because I have a girl and a boy)…girls can be very challening…loved your chat on ‘the movie’. Kids grow up so quickly now…my third grader already knows most of what goes on. I enjoy reading your posts. Have a great day and post your Koigu when you get it. I’m dying to get some, but I can’t decide on a color (and when I get close to one I like, it’s usually out of stock on the site I’m looking)…oh well, not like I don’t have enough yarn to knit through. Take care.

  2. michele Says:

    oops…me again…just wanted to say I liked your answers to your daughters questions and your words of wisdom. I think you were very eloquent. I think it’s good we have a dialog with our daughters (and sons) early on. now that’s all..see ya

  3. ann Says:

    you know, I still giggle and kick seats when I hear the word p*nis …. tee-hee! I love your conversation with Gracie — she is too, too cute!

    When I was moving out of my parent’s house, going through the very messiest of drawers I came across the pamplet that they gave us when we saw the fifth grade movie. the title? Growing Up and Liking It I just about died laughing …

    ps. I was just telling Norma that those pulse warmers are magic – when I tried one on the other night it made my wrist feel better, the wrist that didn’t even hurt in the first place! keep knitting!!

  4. Vicki Says:

    You and your mother are both very wise. Gracie just cracks me up with her talk of mating! Kevin should probably start reinforcing the door this weekend, too, because you WILL have boys beating it down someday!

  5. Kate Says:

    I agree with you about those pesky girls! I work/live at an all boys school and in the summer we used to have a girls camp come in. Let me tell you I would trade the whole year of the boys for those four weeks of girls screaming and cackeling around campus… oh and the disrespect… don’t even get me started!

  6. Kris Says:

    When I was a kid they showed that movie one day in 5th grade. The girls saw one movie and the boys saw another. I secretly suspect the boy movie had some girl info because all they boys were pointing at girls and giggling for the rest of the day. They didn’t have our parents there so no post discussion and ice cream for me. Just the usual attitude of “lets not talk about this, shall we!” I hope I handle this okay with Anna Grace. Actually, I’d rather not think about it just yet.

  7. Margene Says:

    Movie? We had pictures drawn with magic markers and…well, I’m too old to remember it all.

  8. Mary Beth Says:

    You are just the best mom doing all that chaperoning and treating Gracie to ice cream and your wisdom. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  9. Teehehee. We were watching Nova the other day and I told Rob that I thought it was more pornographic than watching humans. The narrarator was sooo over the top!

  10. lillium Says:

    Did they make movies when I was young – LOL! I tell you what I get into some mighty interesting discussions with my son. But I’m so glad that he’s open and asks questions. Ah – hubster’s coming up the driveway. Blessings to you.

  11. Chris Says:

    Nice thing about the shop I help out at is, I am not a “real” employee. I teach there and just cover the floor when they are out of town. Once the shop is straightened and stock is out they don’t mind if you knit while there when not helping customers. I try to work on things that are from books or yarns they sell, even if they are for me personally. Most of the time though, they find their way into the shop for display when I am not using them.
    School is almost out for us, how long do you guys have? We start the middle of August, yuck, and get out about a week before Memorial Day. August anywhere else isn’t bad, here in the humidity capital of the world it’s torture.

  12. Sharon Says:

    It was hard enough to get my own kids through their sexual awareness years in the 80s/90s. Today’s moms have it even tougher. Our society steals the innocence of youth. The sexual mores and misconceptions (not to mention conceptions) that take place among my middle school population is appalling. And heart-rending. Keep your Gracie a kid for as long as you can. Communication is the key.

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