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Happy Birthday Mom May 19, 2005

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Happy Birthday Mom!  We are off for a fun-filled day of yarn shopping and lunch.  Granny will be accompanying us.  I tried to rope a certain swine lovin’ knitter into coming but she already has birthday lunch plans. 

I_am_no_photographer I came home from work yesterday to a rather large parcel of Koigu.  I didn’t think I would have quite enough for my modified Alligator Wrap.  I am not exactly sure what happened.  I placed the order over the phone and, well, I got me a lot of Koigu.  The service was great though.  I think I ordered it late Monday afternoon and it was here by Wednesday.  The ladies at Ewe Knit Kits were super helpful and patient with me.  I admit I am a sucker for free shipping.  So I bumped up my order to get it.  Not_so_great_pic I am not sure how I feel about this other batch of colors.  I am going for turquoise.  You know, the variation in screen colors!  But I am bringing it over to my mom’s and we may do a swap.  If not, I can probably piece together a scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

I am continuing to work on pulsewarmers.  I mentioned in an earlier post that I finished one pair.  They need to be mailed.  They are subtle but I think the recipient might appreciate that.  They are Not_just_for_anniebody super soft knit in the Elann Peruvian Cashemere with Miyuki 8/0 seed beads again using Caryn’s patternAnn, at her request, is getting the same pattern.  I finished the first and was working on8_beads_short_for_ann  the second watching Lost.  Doh.  I am 8 beads short of finishing.  I hate when that happens.  I started another pulsewarmer last week in the green Baby Ull.  The pattern The_wave_maybe is something I saw online and charted.  I am not sure how well I like it as it doesn’t seem to have enough beads.  Can you see the wave pattern?  There is a fine line between too few and overkill! 

Earlier in the week, Norma posted a picture of the pulsewarmers I knit for her and there was a question about the yarn I used.  It is a Finnish yarn called Takana by Helmi Vuorelma Oy.  It is a 2 ply yarn–one ply worsted and one ply woolen spun.  Sadly, it is discontinued.  A good replacement, says my mom–the mitten maven–is Satakieli, available from SchoolHouse Press.

Oh and I am tagging Kati for the meme


18 Responses to “Happy Birthday Mom”

  1. Vicki Says:

    Happy Birthday “Mom”! I’m sure you will have a nice day together.

    Nice yarn, Katy. The pulsewarmers are really cute. ; )

    Darn bloglines isn’t updating; found you posted just before me at needlecase.net! I haven’t forgotten about the meme…

  2. As a life long knitter (and new blogger) I love your blog.

  3. Margene Says:

    Happy Birthday Susan!! Spending the day with your beautiful daughter and shopping for yarn must be heaven.

  4. Rossana Says:

    Happy Birthday, Katy’s Mom! It sounds like you ladies have a perfect day planned. Yay! And Katy, your pulse warmers are all so pretty! Um, you think you could leave some Koigu for the rest of us?? ;-p J/K.

  5. michele Says:

    Tell your mom happy birthday…I hope you had a wonderful day together….I’m drooling over the KOIGU…I took the leap and ordered a couple of skeins from Kaleidoscope (sp) yarns….color 107…the pulesewarmers are lovely too. Take care…

  6. Norma Says:

    Happy Birthday to your mom! Thanks for posting the wool sub info — I must get some. It is firm, yet soft, drapey yet…um…FIRM. Just a wonderful, wonderful yarn. (and of course I LOVE my pulsewarmers! It’s been amazing: Of course knitters adore them — we would expect that. But you should see all the compliments and exclamations I get from non-knitters, both female AND male. It’s wonderful!)

  7. ann Says:

    Happy Birthday Sue!! where did you guys go for lunch?

  8. Christy Says:

    Sending best birthday wishes to your mom. I got The Opinionated Knitter for my birthday and when I started looking for the sweaters your mom knitted, I realized that I don’t know her name. Care to share?

  9. Kati Says:

    Ooh, I am tagged. πŸ˜€

    Nice to see that youΒ΄re using Finnish yarn again. It would be nice to hear some comments about it as well.

  10. Cassie Says:

    Having seen Norma’s pulsewarmers, I know how beautiful your work is. Thanks for the info on the yarn, I was one of the people who was wondering. And happy (belated) birthday to mom!

  11. Rachael Says:

    best to Mom! Yay! (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my pulsewarmers…..)

  12. greta Says:

    Happy Happy Birthday….and wow! KOIGU…
    yummy πŸ˜‰
    The birds are SO funny together…someday we’ll
    have to figure out how to get all of the bloggers
    and their kiddos together…

  13. Joy Says:

    Good to see you tonight. Boy, I’m soooo jealous of all that Koigu!

  14. Tess Says:

    I’m a sucker for free shipping too. Also a stasher of koigu. Love your pulsewarmers…now I’ll have to find some beads and knit up a pair or two. πŸ™‚

  15. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

    On a completely different not, I too am a sucker for free shipping. All on-line stores should offer it…hehe!

  16. Kris Says:

    Like your checkerboard pattern. Very crisp and cool. Happy birthday wishes to your mom!

  17. Happy Birthday Mom!


  18. Kati Says:

    I saw your comment in my blog, and I think so too. πŸ™‚

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