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Crazy days June 1, 2005

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Life has been crazy.  With the end of the school year approaching, it seems they are trying to pack everything in…field trips, bake sales, plays and assorted other assemblies.  Between that and work, there is little time for blogging or knitting.  I worked on my Lamb’s Pride baby sweater using the Green Mountain Spinnery pattern for Rosemary’s Little Sweater.  The Mountain Mohair one seems a bit tight in the neck.  I cast off loosely with a larger needle but it just seems too close.  It will be ripped.  The neck.  Just the neck! 

We went to a BBQ at a friend’s house on Sunday.  This was a mom from Owen’s program.  And they invited another family from the program.  Their kids are much higher functioning but the 3 year old, who has a huge crush on Gracie, says "Owen is fun".  That bit of streaking Owen did during the grown up portion of dinner sure was fun!  Never a dull moment I tell you.

Sadly, one of the gerbils died yesterday.  My mom thinks the other one sat on it and suffocated her.  I don’t know.  We weren’t very attached to either Luna or Fluffy as they aren’t friendly like Sirius Black, our beloved hamster, who passed away last year.  The remaining sister does seem a bit lonely…this morning she was sleeping in the spot where I found her sister.  They thumped and squeaked a lot, so they were obviously close. 

Pictures tomorrow…maybe…inbetween baking and assorted other household fun.  But a picture of Scooby–looking mighty cutie.

Scoobycise Wacky_kitty


12 Responses to “Crazy days”

  1. Chris Says:

    Ooh, I like the Rosemary in the book. That would be a good kid’s sweater. Will have to stock up on a good yarn for it.

  2. Joy Says:

    Sorry bout the gerbil. I hate when pets die. On a happier note, hope Rosemary’s neck works out better the second time.

  3. Mary Beth Says:

    Hang in there, sister. This end-of-year stuff sure tests your stamina! I’m living day-to-day, sadly, not knitting much at all!

  4. michele Says:

    I’m sorry about your gerbil, but I loved the picture of Scooby. I can totally relate to all this business and school is ending, not beginning right??? Be well and we shall knit again soon we hope 🙂

  5. Kathy Says:

    Sorry about the gerbil. It IS nuts now — I’m feeling it too. “End of the year” everything!

  6. Norma Says:

    Ah, yes…I don’t even have young children, but it’s a crazy time of year for me, too. Then again, I might just be getting O-L-D! Everything seems tiring to me nowadays.

  7. margene Says:

    You’ll be running all summer, too. Take care and thanks for all your good wishes. Love that cat…wouldn’t you like to do just that…the same as the cat…that would be phat! Sorry, time for bed.

  8. Scooby is a sexy pants! Too bad we can’t hook him and FutureMan up!!!

  9. sUsAn Says:

    With you on the crazy days! Sorry about your gerbil. Hang in there!

  10. ann Says:

    remind me to tell you the filthy comment I was going to leave about your thumping and squeaking line heh, heh!

  11. Rossana Says:

    Scooby’s just lovin’ life! What a lucky kitty! I’m sorry your gerbil passed on. What a sad way to go. =(

  12. Orli Says:

    I hope Scooby stays cute. Our cat Kieko is now almost two years old, and he is a foot biting monster. Funny how kids love being naked. I’ve been trying to get Gil used to his own bed, up untill now he has been bed sharing with us. He is quite tenacious about not doing this. When we put him in bed he takes all his cloths off diapre included and throws them out of the crib and in general he likes running around naked.

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