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June 3, 2005

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Rosemarys_little_sweater I finished the second sleeve on Rosemary’s Little Sweater last night at Ann’s.  Is it "hostess with the mostest" or "hostess with the mostess"?  Peggy and Joy came as well and a great time was had by all.  I spent some quality time with Lou.  Alright, she was in it for the cookies but I enjoyed her company.  And Poe.  Gosh, he is so cute.  The sweater on top of the blue Mountain Mohair is my second Rosemary’s Little Sweater in a more "masculine" color.  Lamb’s Pride is working up quite nicely as a substitute.  I did have a bit of breakage with the Mountain Mohair when I was knitting the neck but I get a second chance when the neck is reknit.

I am a bit bored with my knitting.  Yea, I ought to get back to St. Brigid but it is hard to find the time to commit to it with all of the end of year things going on.  And I am dragging on my end of year scarves for teachers.  BORING! 

My mom and I went to a yarn shop in Commack yesterday, Wild and Wooly.  I had been there before and they were nice enough.  But not so yesterday.  And their prices, which were a bit high to begin with are a lot higher now.  Many yarns, like Lamb’s Pride Worsted and Cotton Fleece, were $2.00 above retail.  That adds up quick.  And Manos, my mom’s latest addiction, was $4.00 above retail. 

Thank you for all your kind thoughts regarding the gerbil.  I do feel bad but I did some retail therapy for her at Petco and bought her new snacks and a smaller house.   I have been giving her a paper towel torn into strips and she is making a little nest.  I can see her struggling to get comfy when falling asleep…they always slept on one another. 

Well, I supppose I must get the kids off to school and me off to work.  Oh, we had Cameron’s education meeting and it went pretty well.  He tested out of Occupational Therapy and will continue with speech, Resource Room and reading.  I am glad it went so well.