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Ode to my mom and Gracie June 8, 2005

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Manos_by_mom_004 Manos_by_mom_texture It was tough getting a good picture of the Manos throw I blocked with my mom yesterday.  I was up against the pool fence–that’s why my shadow is there.  What was nice was how it was drying as we blocked.  Immediate gratification.  Except my mom has to fringe it–and it’s not for me.  Sigh.  I forget which book it is from.  Hopefully she will edit this post or comment later.  K’, mom?

It’s the Spring throw from Four Seasons booklet, Design Source Collections, I carefully followed the directions,and put the colors together wrong, it’s done in strips, easily sewn together.

After blocking, I hit the mall to look for a dress for Gracie.  It’s her Moving Up Ceremony.  I lost my keys.  Doh.  Thank goodness I had my spare set in my pocketbook–thinking on Monday–that anything could go wrong.  But still, I lost car, house, mom, and work keys.  I hope someone finds them.  Granny’s gonna kick my butt.  It is the second key I have lost.  The last one fell out of the door and disappeared while I was hauling boxes to the dumpster.  Please don’t think working at yarn shop is all glamour!

The Poetry Cafe was amazing.  The theme for the artwork was Vincent Van Gogh and there was a student made checkerboard awning over the classroom door.  There were tables and umbrellas.  We had tablecloths and napkins with poems on them.  Our place mats were poems written by the kids.

Some people like to play

Because it is a nice day

Little did they know about the snow.


                                                                       I found something

                                                                       Pink on my shoe

                                                                       It was as sticky as glue.

We gave our names to the hostess and were seated by a server.  The server took drink and dessert orders and poems were recited while musicians played quiet music.  Oh, and we "snap, don’t clap".  It was fabulous.  The poems were so imaginative and varied.  I Dreamed I Was Derek Jeter’s Sister.  Pa.  It was so sensitively yet humourously written to his great grandpa.  Some rhymed and others didn’t.  So, without further ado I present Gracie’s poem. 


I dreamt one night

That I was on a boat

I was surrounded by water

Shining in the night

I heard fish swimming

I felt the smooth water

Flow through my fingers

I saw the water glisten

The wind pushes me

I close my eyes and then open them

I am lying in my bed again

Waiting for the next dream to come


22 Responses to “Ode to my mom and Gracie”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Great poem. Good job Gracie.

    I lost my keys over the weekend, maybe there’s some malevolent force at work…

  2. Lou Says:

    Beautiful poem! The girl has talent. How old is she??!!

  3. Love the poems…it sound like you had a great time! Gracie’s poem is wonderful…kudos!

  4. Vicki Says:

    My thanks to Gracie for allowing you to share her poem with us. And of course it’s wonderful — look at the women in her gene pool!

  5. Cara Says:

    Great poem – great afghans! Thanks for the shot of the Manos – I love the idea of them drying on the grass.

  6. ann Says:

    wow!! I love Gracie’s poem – sounds like a charming evening!

  7. Margene Says:

    Gracie should be published! Oh, wait you did;-) It’s a lovely poem and brought to mind memories of the same thing happening to me. I shall keep a copy of it. Nice job, grrl!!

    You have to click on the pictures of the afghan to see how beautiful it really is! The squares are lacey. It’s beautiful.

    You reminded me of the time I started a new job and lost the key the minute I locked up for the night. I have NO idea to this day where that key could have gone.

  8. Norma Says:

    Write, Gracie, write! That is a fabulous poem.

    The throw is gorgeous too.

    I didn’t take your keys and I didn’t find them, either — sorry! 😉

  9. Jackie Says:

    Great job, Gracie – I love your dream poem. It is beautiful! I could feel the boat moving as I read it!! thanks for letting your mom share it with us! 🙂

  10. michele Says:

    That poem is so pretty…keep them coming on your blog! Great job Gracie!

  11. yvette Says:

    That poem is lovely, well done Gracie….
    I lost my keys this weekend too, apartment, both cars, mailbox etc…..nightmare!

  12. CAROLINE Says:

    WOW! what a beautiful poem, Gracie! I would love it if you made up a book of your poems.
    And the Poetry Cafe is a great, great idea. Thanks for sharing it all, Chica..

  13. Chris Says:

    Bravo for the Poet.
    Birthday parties this year. I was thinking to take 1 or 2 of their friends to Holiday World (local amusement park). But not sure I want to be resposible for 4-6 kids in a park! It has a water park and a ride park that you can do all day for one price. If not that, bowling party or swimming party will happen. So unoriginal, I know. Still not going that slumber party route!

  14. Donna Says:

    Well done on the poem, Gracie! 🙂

  15. Toni Says:

    You have a poet on your hands! Wonderful! The Manos throw is very cool–colors, textures, everything (except it not being for you 😦

  16. Mary Beth Says:

    Let’s just hope that the world of modern education doesn’t dampen Gracie’s poetic talent…I have a feeling her mom wouldn’t let that happen. I have a poet here at home too – I hope it never stops!

  17. Orli Says:

    Love the Manos. My Sister in law is currently working on a Manos throw as well.
    I love Gracie’s poem sounds like a neat dream!
    As for keys, the only advice I can give to you is what I tell my husband, always put them in the same place.. =)

  18. sUsAn Says:

    Go Gracie! 🙂 Poetess extraordinaire! The Monso throw looks so pretty!

  19. Jean Says:

    Beautiful job, Gracie!!

  20. chelsea Says:

    Lovely poem, Gracie. Great job!

  21. teri Says:

    Hi Kathleen and Happy Birthday Sue. Sue, it was nice to talk to you the other day. Looking forward to seeing you both. Love, Teri

  22. Hats off to Gracie’s teacher for immersing the children in poetry. I LOVE Gracie’s poem. I LOVE that it doesn’t rhyme.

    Very nice. That’s my professional opinion.

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