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Paris, je t’aime June 20, 2005

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I wish I had some decent knitting to show.  However, I have been knitting novelty scarves for teachers.  They love them and it is unique and much better than a candle or a coffee mug.  Not that I ever gave either of those as a gift. 

Anyway, Gracie just called.  She forgot her lunch money.  Way too distracted this morning writing a flowery thank you note to her teacher.  She kills me.  It said something like, "I have gone to many schools and you are one of my favorite teachers…". 

We had a lovely visit with my friend Brian from Paris.  He showed up yesterday with his brother.  We were all still in our pajamas.  Oh well, we jumped on the trampoline a bit.  I feared for my children’s lives as Brian is a bit of a wild jumper.  (Kevin was out golfing with his dad).  And we discussed my upcoming trip to Paris.  Big grin  here.  I am going the first week in October. 

Kevin booked my trip Tuesday night.  I love wireless internet and laptops.  I won’t be flying business class this time but I think I will survive.  Just kidding, of course.  I know there was more that I wanted to say but I am distracted by thoughts of Paris just a few months away. 

Time to go finish a few more novelty scarves.  And a question.  The crossing guard is a crocheter.  But not a passionate one.  Do I give her a gift certificate to the yarn shop?  I knit her a hat for Christmas and gave her a gift card to Target.  She’s not a novelty scarf kinda woman, you know?  Any thoughts?  I love her–she’s a doll.  She really throws herself in front of those cars that aren’t paying attention when the kids are crossing to save them.  I am serious!


13 Responses to “Paris, je t’aime”

  1. yvette Says:

    I say yes to the gift certificate for the crossing guard, maybe it will inspire her!
    I love crossing guards (lollipop ladies in the UK) who put their lives on the line.
    Have fun planning your French trip.

  2. Nancy J Says:

    A gift certificate to a yarn shop would be really lovely for the guard. They don’t get many thanks and for you to think of her pleasures and to give her a gift for her summer break is wonderful!

  3. Vicki Says:

    I’d definitely give her a g.c. to a yarn shop — she can spend it on fiber, tools, books, gizmos, and I think it would be a nice treat/splurge.

    Woo for you and Paris!!

  4. Margene Says:

    Whatever you do make it easy on yourself. The GC sounds gerat. It’s so exciting to hear you’ll be going to Paris!

  5. Norma Says:

    Yes to the g.c. to the yarn shop! Ahhh, Paris. I can’t wait for you!

  6. ann Says:

    time to start knitting a beret! and yes, a gift certificate for the guard.

  7. Andrea Says:

    Nothing like a visit to a yarn shop to turn a non-passionate crocheter into a passionate one… 🙂

  8. michele Says:

    oh Paris…that sounds fabulous…I agree with the gift certificate idea too.

  9. Rossana Says:

    What an angel the crossing guard sounds like! It must be reassuring to you as a parent to know such a good soul is helping to look out after your children. Yes, go for the GC. And Paris–yay!!!

  10. Orli Says:

    Why not give her a giftvoucher to a general store where she can find from crafts to apparel etc.,
    In Israel the kids take part in being the crossing guards they do it when they are in the 6th grade.

  11. Kate Says:

    Oh yes, give that woman a gift card to a yarn shop!

  12. Kathy Says:

    Woo hoo — Paris! Yes, to the gift certificate — how about some place like A.C. Moore/Michaels. I’m interested in what other types of knit gifts you give to teachers? I haven’t done that, but am thinking it is a great idea for next Christmas. How do you decide what gift/color to do? I’m doing the gift card thing for the end-of-the-school year, although I do have mixed feelings about it — some people like them, but some find them impersonal.

  13. Angi Says:

    You are SO KIND! I never thought to give the crossing guard a gift when my kids were in public school. The gift certificate could be just the ticket to get her creativity flowing. She’ll have time off to really enjoy it.
    I’m excited for you about Paris! What a treat! Will you be knitting something special for the event?

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