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June 21, 2005

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Today seemed like a somewhat productive day.  I finished all obligatory novelty scarf knitting.  I even finished one I am knitting for a friend–whose sister teaches at the school and is my dream 3rd grade teacher for Cameron.  Okay, I still need to fringe it but I can do that tonight.  I also finished the Scooby_and_pulse_warmers_006 black and white pulsewarmers I was knitting.  There they are soaking in a Euclan bath.  Cool picture, huh?  At least I think so!  Once they dry they will be sent off to their intended recipient.  I have two more on the needles. 

We have a new St. Brigid Knit Alonger.  Please welcome Felicia of Sweet Georgia to the group.  She takes lovely photographs and is currently trying to decide upon a color of Blackwater Abbey yarn.

I have Scooby sitting here in my lap–as he likes to do when I am at the laptop.  So I will end with a picture of him from the weekend entitled Kitty P0rn.